Sunday 30th of August 2020

After The Shenanigans Between Kidd & Erica Last Night, Guess Who Came in to Comfort Erica? That's Right it's Laycon.

Social Media Says

Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd wants the 76ers coaching job, according to multiple league sources.
Nothing is more stressful than someone you arent in a relationship with stressing you with relationship energy. I feel for Kidd. Lol.
For what its worth,Kidd has been consistent.
Sometimes I feel you distance yourself for me Nengi dropping game for Kidd Kidd with the dapada Sometimes I get bored of people Golden Boy Szn!!!!
BPO doesnt necessarily mean call centers.
Kidd is like my brother thats why you walked in when he was helping me zip my dress. Nothing more. - Nengi to Ozo Ozo seems disturbed by Nengi closeness with Kidd.
Dont you think if something actually happened between them the whole conversation about kidd distancing himself wouldnt have gone that way. Neo said when he saw kidd going to the toilet too her called ozo and they followed if they fucked are neo and ozo that slow to not catch?

Laycorn and Erica never had a thing! He was NEVER in any position to be jealous or feel disgusted when they do PDAs On the other note,Erica and Kidd has a thing going on, we all see it, even if its not boyfriend/ girlfriend thing,she has the right to be jealous!!

Lol, but Kidd lied to Erica and said he was teaching Nengee how to flirt. Why wasn't he honest?
Kidd :will go bck being flirty as usual bcos he was bath with it Erica :will revisit the disrespect issue again bcos her emotional situation is what dey wore her first Stans will go back to defending agn,bcoz its our full job N dey will be back agn Till 71 days, u cnt give up.

Hear me out Nengi wins HOH & picks Kidd as DHOH. They invite Ozo & Erica as guests. Nengi & Kidd eventually make out in the HOH lounge and Erica walks in on them. The dramaaaaaaa -nulb.
Kidd is getting frustrated with the entire situation...Erica needs to remove herself before she sees real disrespect.
DeAndre Hopkins in the Air Jordan 1 cleats. No more Teamadidas?
Quick Reminder: Erica & Kidd arent in a relationship. He never asked her out, neither did she. A relationship without verbally committing into it, is a Situationship, regardless of the love languages displayed through daily actions.

Is this not how all girls behave ?? To me its pretty normal . Without patience and maturity your relationship can never grow.if she sticks with this guy in the house, he would never abandon her outside.

For the records No one says if you are STANNING/SUPPOING kidd for BBN. The tweet says, if u are supporting his behaviour, especially from the party to after party. Read to understand, dont read to defend.

I really want to commentate a match just for fun. The only time I did was during Cap Kidd and I charity stream and that was a lot of fun but I couldnt give the full pf9 vibe ya know.
Is that why Ozo should be dragged for not taking it at first at least give him chance because I Ozo knows Kidd no be better person if you dont , the guy knows but still wont change from the good person he is.

If Erica and kidd kiss and cuddle tonight, Ill disconnect my DsTv from the roof.
Ozo saw Erica crying and hes probably thinking that Kidd broke up with her because of Nengi and he is thinking of his own problem now. Lmao.
How Peter Phillips a move him hand like him wah tek weh Toni job so?
I dont support their relationship anymore cuz Erica likes to be forming tears whenever Kidd doesnt give her the answer she wants. Its getting annoying. But they are not going to break up anytime soon cuz they one kind of ghetto relationship.

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But then he knew she was drunk. Me I dont like that fact she says shes not mentally attracted to Kidd like Kidd is dumb.
When Kidd was calling Erica "my madam", you people said it was cute. Now Erica is asking to be treated like his madam, you people now have a problem with Erica as per Kidd never gave exclusivity vibes.

Still my favorite moment.
NENGI: KIDD I feel a certain way about you and Im gonna tell you know. Sometimes you distance yourself from me and I feel like were friends. KIDD: I got bored of you. Everyone has their time.
You should read the entire poem. So now my question is, if Erica knows all of this, what exactly is she up to? Or ... I don't even understand. Well... We'll keep voting so that we'll eventually understand BBNaija Erica Kidd.

Erica and kidd wouldnt give us high BP .. At this point Im not shipping kiddrica again. Let the ship capsize. Im focusing on ERICA ALONE nulbVnulb.
LAYCON: I still care about you but For now, it has to be this way. Every time you come back to meet me and talk about this, its like me having a relapse and I dont want that. Its the same thing as me telling you not to be with KIDD and thats wrong. I dont hate you.

Id pay to watch this in theaters.
I cant forget this day, I remember the way both of them looked at themselves and laughed! The understood what she was doing but she thinks shes playing smart . From the comment kidd made, I feel he knew her before.

Ima come harder everytime ..
AI is the way fam.
The fact that kidd is trying to act dumb and make it look like Erica is the one making things up. Hes even telling her to confront the girls and Erica said she has a problem with him not them. Youre calling her controlling and that she doesnt reason. Abeg free her.

Yall missed the part in cater 2 u when bey said when I ask you, you provide it.
So all this Nengi fans expect Ozo to be cool with what happened btw she and kidd helping her zip up her jumpsuit in the bathroom!.. Y'all are sick! imagine it's Ozo zipping Erica jumpsuit in the bathroom and Nengi happened to see it... What will happen next??

Should be out west rn deadass.
Wait, y'all are saying Erica should run... run to where?? Kidd said he doesn't care, next minute he's on her bed waiting to talk to her! Going to talk at the bathroom! He's all up in her space and y'all says she should run? Wait till day 71 abeg and leave my girl alone!

Kidds letter to Erica immediately after the BBNaija house.
Funny thing is that Kidd is too possessive and obsessed for all these nonsense things hes doing Let Erica try to move on now you will see him goan mount where she is ordinary task with Neo he was there like a bodyguard.

So Kidd confirmed that Nengi came out of the bathroom with her zip down and he had to help her with it, all of a sudden the streets are quiet? Agendrists are no where to be found? Your celebrities and influencers have all disappeared? Wawu!!!!

Nengi:sometimes I just like you distance yourself from me Kidd:sometimes I get bored with you,it's nothing serious I get bored with people Forget player get levels.
So nobody saw when nengi lie to ozo again this night She said Kidd said Erica would be worried that was y he is distancing himself from her Meanwhile Kiddwaya didnt say that he said He his bored and tired of nengi This the 2nd time she is lying to ozo today.

Nobody: Peter Phillips: ...fundamentally...
Beef with who ? scared of who ? jealous of who ? lmao i just be chillin.
Yesssss!!!! Kidd is the reason she doesnt like Erica. Secondly, she knows Erica is a STARnulb SHE SEES HER SHINE SO BRIGHTnulb.
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Wait .i don't know what to do. Uh next best is wendys????
Kidd also now knows he will always get away with misbehaving. Erica is lost in the sauce of a dude thats lost in the game.
Kept stopping me from getting ready for work so I gave her some backshots to leave her satisfied.
Kidd does something stupid Erica gets pissed Erica tells Kidd shes pissed Kidd gaslight TF out of her Erica cries He consoles her Nothing gets resolved cuddle, choke, and make up. The cycle continues. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Honestly speaking I just think Kidd was helping Nengi with her zipper coz that outfit needs someone to help.
When laycon said he can't just get over the feelings he has for Erica because they are in the same place una say him dey mad u see Erica said she can't too because she and Kidd are in the same place... This life na turn by turn.

Dm me for.
A who thief out the sugar? andrew.
So there are rights in a "situationship" esp when the Kidd has continually stated that Erica can't fit in his world? Una must choose wetin go suit una narrative shaa ***nulb.
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Random BBNaijalockdown facts you might not want to believe but IDC. Prince doesn't like Tbaj the way Tbaj does. Nengi has no feelings for Ozo. Kidd doesn't have relationship plans for Erica. Nengi and Kidd are physically attracted to each other Laycon has moved on *Drops mic*.

Im so sexy i'd hate me too tbh.
She didnt find the need to strengthen the bond btw her and her old friend Erica but shes complaining about distance with kidd.
Tom poor but Tom nuh fool.
Make her come on my dick and then eat her pussy and make her shake . Dm me for full vid.
This is whaa happens when u love ur job and stay motivated.
If Erica drops Kidd, shes not losing anything.
Side view..been ah min ***nulb.
Her bf was getting on her nerves so she came here to release some stress. Full vid comin soon and on.
I'm more disgusted that these 'analyst' & 'activist' don't face ahead with UMNO & PAS telling them that their party is irrelevant and outdated. Go try lah! Don't dare right?
Go to Kidd for what? Loool. When you try to get clarification and actions still dont align with words.
LmaoGOOD TIME NA HIN KIDD GO USE KISS NENGI better tell her to run.
Kidd said relationship severally today, not even friendship. Kept going back to meet her when she was obviously trying to be done? But Nigerian Patriachy Princes and Princesses are accusing her of manipulating the same guy and stressing him out? Are you people mad?

LeBron averaged 17ppg vs the Mavs when fadeaway Dirk and old Jason Kidd took him to the fucking cleaners LOL.
Rare interviews Phoenix Kidd.
Nah Kidd is actually mad for telling Erica there's nothing wrong with what he did with Dora and Nengi and for telling her she's paranoid and exaggerating after she said she's hurt.
Yo Philly... why yuh nah answer the questions dem Killy?
Shes saying what she said to kidd to him.
See Im tired of this BBN ships... no one get head. Biggie should just end the show and give Laycon the money already... if not I fit burst cry for the heartbreaks Im seeing everywhere BBNaijalockdown2020 BBNaija Erica / Kidd / Nengi.

So Kidd really enjoyed himself this night ooooo chai he is the king of this Saturdays party only him, 3 different girls Dorathy for breast licking Nengi for yansh and chocking and bathroom shenanigans And Erica for kissing.

Na person like Kidd Nengi like, person wey no send your papa... na that type she like ... lmao shes always telling Ozo that hes too soft and calm for her.
See how Kidd is talking to Nengi with confidence. Ozo would have said sorry 10times .
Erica and kidd can make it through.
Keep on listing and breathing from those wounds I don't know why y'all behave like Kidd is the ultimate price of this show when we know it's 85 mulla, chill na.
Ladies and gentlemen Kidd is your basic Nigerian man. Gaslight, Claim ignorance and make you look crazy.
During Wathoni's DS a couple of weeks ago, she said Kidd is fake, does things for highlights & she also implied that he likes to be controversial but people didn't believed her. I guess we can all see that he's playing games.

We are trending worldwide at this hour !!!!!! Whos the show again???? BBNaija kidd and erica.
Kidd doesnt understand how Nigerians do their own relationship. Foolish fights are part of foreplay.
Dora baby came to lead her name jeje. Erica abeg just leave Kidd.
Kiddrica sorting issues(6) TrikkyTee: I think you have a right to be angry Kidd: I won't say sorry, what am I sorry for TrikkyTee to Dora: you see what you caused, go inside Erica to dorathy: dorathy come, if...

The funniest thing is the cane used in beating the wife is on the rooftop waiting to be used to beat the new wife to be. Kidd can never be with a girl that don't replicate his kind of story about life. Nengi will turn another Erica, I trust Kidd, the player/flirt.

What You Really Think

Guy see speakings..

Thank u laycon.

Shebi she couldn't talk again, abi she no fit keep up with laycons vocs.. Confused girl.

Nomatter what situation push us into... nomatter how hard.. the heart always remember where it belongs... I feel so much for both of them.. to me.. this is the real meaning Love.. not a fantasied type Shes having with BBKiddwaya ImAPreacherOfTrueLove Vnulb Icons Laycon.


Is it that people now have problem hearing or what? Watch and listen, Laycon moved on,he's comfortable with his present state of mind.. But as usual,they must twist to feel relevant.

Take this lie down! take it down before you lost the last of the credibility you have.

Close down your nonsense blog.

Misleading tweet, she went to meet him and he wasn't comforting her, they were trashing out the fact that she feels Laycon now hates her.

Pulse you must be very stupid, was it not Erica can went to meet him, rubbish.

This tweet is misleading. Erica actually came to Laycon twice. He didnt call her or go to her. Lets not try to twist this. Erica was trying to hurt the two guys bcus she feels hurt. Making Kidd jealous and emotionally manipulating Laycon (get ur fact right).

Don't let thunder fire you . Change that your stupid caption now.

This caption isnt right at all!! Did you see what went down at all?? She came to him,plus he didnt comfort her ,youre a blogger I expect you to do better than this. Stop spreading lies to get traffic!! Comfort my ass..Mtchewww.

Aswear Erika don dey fall inlove back with those vibes oo HiHpop Shit itslaycon Oba ICONS.

Laycon my kpawa na damn sweet My G.

Thunder fire u for this trash.

Unah set answer 247 and still give this shit Please work on the accuracy of your news Always be in the fore front and not 2mins video publishers.