Thursday 21st of May 2020


I am sure Joe Biden doesnt care, but I will publicly & forcefully oppose Amy Klobuchar as Vice President. She literally framed a young Black boy for a murder he did not commit. Myon Burrell is still in prison because of her. This is spit in our face.

Remember when Amy Klobuchar railroaded a black 16 year old into a LIFE SENTENCE despite a literal confession to the murder she was prosecuting him for from someone else altogether? Because hes still in prison:.

Amy Klobuchar, who finished a strong 5th in the Iowa caucuses, is prized for her ability to win Midwestern voters, said very smart people.
Amy Klobuchar Can Make a Tasty Casserole, But Can She Make Joe Bidens Mushy Politics More Palatable to Voters?
Joe Biden Asks Amy Klobuchar To Undergo VP Vetting Process.
I have really mixed feelings about this. I would prefer Kamala Harris, she scores on two essential metrics, a woman & person of color. But I also think her skills would be better used as AG. Hate to see her wasting away as VP. Klobuchar was an excellent AG for MN. I accept either.

I see Amy Klobuchar trending but as Rep Val Demings confirmed on my show last night- she is also on Joe Bidens short list for VP.
Dear , Pick Amy Klobuchar for Vice President and make enemies out of the entire justice reform community. Fuck around and find out.
Amy Klobuchar shouldn t be the VP nominee.
Right-wing neoliberal Klobuchar supported the imperialist war that destroyed Libya (making it a failed state with slave markets) and wanted to do the same to Syria Klobuchar is an anti-China / anti-Russia hawk who supports the new cold war She and Trump agree 99% on imperialism.

My VP preference, by a very very long shot, would be Kamala Harris. But would I fully support a Biden/Klobuchar ticket? Youd better fucking believe it.
Wow, Joe Biden just decreased his chances of winning this Presidential S-election, with this pick, Neoliberal, owned Zionist Tool, Amy, "Beat em to a pulp" Klobuchar, as it relates to her campaign staff, maybe everyone? He went from a 1% chance to Zero! The Dumb-ocrats, Useless.

So is Klobuchar the WOC he promised y all? KHive bout to get real funny.
Klobuchar as VP is a stunningly inept strategic move, like sitting blinking at a chess board and then throwing oatmeal at it.
No one is going to NOT vote for Biden if he chooses Klobuchar but few people are going to be enthusiastic about it. In an election that could come down to slim margins no enthusiasm could would actually be fired up to vote for ticket w/ Harris, Warren, Rice, or Abrams.

An example of just one case: In 2004, 15-year-old Courtney Williams was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, Scott Mars, as he held his hands up above his head. Amy Klobuchar never charged the officer.

Deepest sympathies to the interns in a Biden/Klobuchar White House.
BREAKING: Whoever Joe Biden picks as his VP, whether its Amy Klobuchar, Warren or ...Im STILL voting for him. Because trump is not an option.
Klobuchar is a great VP choice because its crucial for Democrats to lock down a state they havent lost since 1972.
Did we learn nothing from the Tim Kaine pick?
Amy Klobuchar is the Karen of the United States Senate. Joe Biden could not possibly find a more annoying running mate.
So you prefer a popularity contest to a job interview out of all of the potential nominees that Biden has, except for Gretchen Whitmer, Amy Klobuchar has been in the senate for longer she has passed much more legislation than any of the alternatives, and the legislation she.

So Biden is vetting Amy Klobuchar for vice president? You know what should be immediately disqualifying? The fact that she sent a 16-year old child to prison for a crime he didnt commit. Oops I forgot, we live in a country where Black lives dont matter.

4 Americans died in Benghazi. The GOP was outraged at Obama, had TEN investigations. 95,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. Wheres your outrage now, GOP? Where are all the investigations? Craven assholes. Tim Kaine Klobuchar Ratcliffe George Wallace.

I see people freaking out about Amy Klobuchar. Relax. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Biden always planned to vet her. I ve been told that Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Catherine Cortez Masto are all in the mix. No need to panic.

Im in the Midwest. I dont know anyone who finds Klobuchar remotely exciting as a candidate.
I m curious does Biden s VP choice impact your vote? Is there a VP choice Harris, Abrams, Klobuchar, Warren, Whitmer, Demings that if selected would make you not vote for Biden? Not if you think the VP choice would impact others. Would it change your vote?

Obama vetted 7 people for VP before selecting Biden. Joe has to vet several people as well, but he knows not to pick Amy !
I trust Klobuchar to throw staplers or coffee mugs at Biden if he tries to touch or sniff anyone.
So I guess Amy Klobuchars hair smells really good?
Why are folks acting surprised that Biden is vetting Klobuchar for VP? I am confused. This has been in the works for months.
I cannot believe Joe Biden is vetting Amy Klobuchar for VP when he has the option to choose a qualified, well-known progressive woman of color: Elizabeth Warren.
folks, when you have a far left radical like Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, you need to bring in a Klobuchar-like figure to appeal to those moderate swing voters. the adults in the room understand this.

BREAKING: Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be running mate.
8th week in a row. Ranking 1, Kamala Harris She hit Trump for his attacks on Michigans mail-in ballot efforts in an interview with MSNBC, praised Bidens judgment in a speech to American Asian Pacific Islander Victory Fund summit.

A live look at Joe Biden floating the idea of Amy Klobuchar as VP:.
Amy Klobuchar is the PTA mom who made sure that the school banned birthday cupcakes.
This is what a Biden/Klobuchar ticket feels like.
need Donald Trump out of there. For everyone who wants Donald Trump Biden selects m rolling with Biden/Klobuchar. Ill struggle but I want Trump out BAD. we know who else hes approached but she(he) is choosing to remain silent?

Adding Amy Klobuchar to a Biden ticket is like pouring soy milk on cottage cheese and calling it a sundae.
Stacy Abrams an hour after hearing Joe Biden is vetting Klobuchar.
Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be running mate - CBS News.
..or need a national reputation. Plus, there is a far better choice for AG: Preet Bharara. So, my choices: / AG: Bharara. State: Rice So be smart Joe. Inspire. Klobuchar is a great senator, but she would be another Tim Kaine unforced error. fin.

Biden Vetting Klobuchar For VP: What About The Binder, the comb and Staff members, Oh My Yikes! Can you imagine her as Vice President?...
I can t wait for the takes to start about how Amy Klobuchar will be the most progressive VP in history.
biden picking klobuchar is exactly why he never shouldve been the nominee. same fucking mistake Hillary made in 2016 picking whats-his-face the moderate. buckle up for the end of the world, kids, because that orange fuck is gonna get reelected.

Right-wing neoliberal war hawk Biden has right-wing neoliberal war hawk Amy Klobuchar as his VP Anyone pretending Biden can be "moved left" is either a political con artist or just hopelessly stupid The Democratic Party is a right-wing cesspool.

Hes right. This is exactly why I am ambivalent about Klobuchar as Veep.
Cheese and rice. Just when I think hes on the correct track, he jumps the tracks again. Klobuchar is almost as bad as Harris.
So Biden/Klobuchar does that excite anyone? It s literally the zero charisma ticket.
The article says and names others, so maybe she won t be the one? Whomever it is, I am gonna learn her good points and sing em loud!
BREAKING: Joe Biden Asks Sen. Amy Klobuchar To Be Vetted For VP Consideration - CBS News.
Klobuchar/Biden ticket may be the most boring ticket imaginable.
Joe Biden will be a caretaker President, if he wins, and if his running mate is a woman, US will likely have its first woman POTUS if/when Biden steps down. Klobuchar, Harris, Warren will all be vetted as running mates. Another pick could be Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan s governor.

president biden s dentures fall from his open mouth as an aide holds his hand to help him sign a bill that will allow prisoners to remotely pilot drones. vice president klobuchar, growing impatient, grabs the dentures & throws them at the aide, blackening her other eye.

someone please tell me klobuchar doesnt suck.
Some folks will say that wanting Biden to pick a black woman is identity politics. They will also say that Amy Klobuchar will appeal to the midwestern voters which Biden needs to win back. Please know that this is also identity politics.

Potentials: Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren Stacey Abrams Gretchen Whitmer Amy Klobuchar.
Hahaha seriously amy dems are going to win on watching paint dry 2020 ticket?
If Klobuchar is the VP nominee, despite thinking it was an impossibility, Im even less excited about voting for Biden. Still going to do it, but ugh. I hope it aint her at VP.
How much you wanna bet If Joe Biden picks Amy Klobuchar, she gets Epsteined by Abrams.
If Joe Biden nominates Amy Klobuchar to be VP, Trump very well could convert 45% of Bernie primary voters to either MAGA voters or to sit out.
Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be running mate - . . . . In other news, Stacey Abrams had the shortest supermodel career in history which lasted 3 days.
Im glad Joe Biden is balancing the ticket with Amy Klobuchar. Its important to highlight that not only can bosses sexually harass their staff, they can also verbally berate and physically abuse them. Democrats 2020: Its your fucking job to vote for us and you better like it.

I literally could not imagine a less inspiring ticket than Biden/Klobuchar. Of course, the cable pundits will LOVE it.
Amy Klobuchar showing up to the VP debate in blackface.
There is nothing exciting about Amy Klobuchar!
And make no mistake about it, picking Amy Klobuchar would be a big fuck you to progressives. Don t get mad. I m just stating a fact. That is exactly how it will be perceived by millions of progressives. Don t yell at me. Water is wet. Fire is hot. The sky is blue.

Bill Maher just took a fistful of gra so he can jerk-off to this. Joe Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo VP vetting process: report.
smiling serenely as I imagine Klobuchar bouncing a stapler off Bidens dome.
Klobuchar definitely leaked this, right?
Just wondering, why is everyone acting like Klobuchar is a shoe in? She is being vetted. As are many others. This isnt a done deal.
Wait it would actually make sense for Biden to pick Klobuchar because theyve both been caught taking credit for someone elses work (Biden with a speech in his first presidential run and Klobuchar with her bills).

What You Really Think

all the way!

pls pick her so this party can fucking die. That s an excellent nail in the coffin.

Noooooooooooooooooooo, ! No!


No, no, nope.

Just as unliked as clinton so go for it.

She s a great choice. Bravo!

no no no!!! is who we want!!!

No Klobuchar.

Man they really don t want progressives to vote for them.


or , . You don t need the female version of you.

Wow off all the discussed candidates he might be picking the one progressives like the LEAST. That questionable.

Too vanilla. There are better options.

Dear God No.

This ones done, time to look ahead to 2024 independents. Clearly the democrats aren t interested in winning the majority of votes they just want white, middle aged, centrist voters.

DON T DO IT unles you don t want to.

Oh yay. I m even less excited now. They d still OBVIOUSLY get my vote but JFC, can we get more vanilla than this ticket?

Bruh, they about to lose like hell.

No! Not her!

fucking yikes,

The ABSOLUTE FUCK DID YOU SAY?! Biden I will actively spend my life trying to find a way to set you on fire if you select Amy "Slimeball" Klobuchar!

This is a disaster! This changes everything he does this.

Other poss running mates may have failed the initial vetting process 2b Bidens VP. W/the way Trump runs his campaign, I have no doubt they eliminated ea poss candidate that Trumps, his lackeys n Fox could drag n make a case against, no matter how long ago it was. Im okay w/her.

Amy? The one who was ready to cry at the debates? Too emotional.

Amy is like Joe and Obama. An empty smile.



You should see his vetting IN A BLIZZARD.

Sen Kamala Harris Sally Yates Sen Elizabeth Warren Susan Rice.


This makes someone s job a lot.

Well known snake on suicide watch.

Two absolute duds. The Dems definitely dont want to win, especially with people of color and young people.

Stacy is gonna be pissed.

Should be or.

The BLACK community will vote for anyone who prints 25 of these JUST for the BLACK community.


Fuckin sigh.

one will care, but then realize she will be president and I know thats the angle - another woman in there no matter whom. Sigh.

you need a black women. is the perfect VP Biden/Harris 2020!

Go Amy!!

He s vetted different people. Why is this one making headlines?

Vote Green or vote for your favorite equal of two evils.

so its a bland white woman to go along with the bland white man?

The two choices are and . So this choice is not a surprise. Does Not Change.


Angry Amy is being considered?

You have a choice between Trump, Biden, and Klobuchar to get you out of an Escape Room before poison gas is pumped in. Who do you choose?

I don t see how he ends up being the candidate. There must be a plan B going around.

FFS. What, Tim Kaine not available?

Thank fucking god. I was so afraid it was going to be that awful Kamala Harris and I would ve been forced not to vote for . Here s some advice Joe - start acting presidential now and stop blaming Trump for everything. This was the appeal.

No. They will not win. Kamala Harris. Period. Abraham s, in my opinion does not have enough experience. God. Don t pick Klobuchar(I like her too), we won t win.

Democrats doing what they do best, grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

It s just It s NOT a done deal.


Clinton/Kaine 2020.