Kremlin Asserts Desire Peaceful Diplomacy Details

Friday 2nd of December 2022

Kremlin Asserts Desire For Peaceful Diplomacy Details.

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Kremlin asserts desire for peaceful diplomacy Details.

What You Really Think

Le peuple ukrainien souffre, Il est temps pour Zelensky de negocier, et la fin de l'aide occidentale approche..

Russia invades, murders, destroys, attempts to grab land and then says it desires diplomacy? Nothing more than another a cynical statement by peskov uttered to further anger everyone.

Okay? How about Putin takes his military out of a country that IS NOT HIS and this war could end today.

Ukraine should not negotiate with terrorist occupiers.

Remeber every time a Russian diplomat talks is the opposite.

Phase 1: Leave all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

It won't come, unfortunately. There's only one way to end this, complete Russian victory.

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