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Wednesday 13th of May 2020

La County

If County does decide to extend stay at home orders for another 3 months as the LA Times is reporting, I can only imagine the blowback from the public. The protests we ve seen so far will be child s play. Unemployment will be astronomical, businesses are collapsing. Oh man.

If Los Angeles County has stay at home orders until late August, there may not be any small businesses left when it finally reopens. Absolute insanity. LA County + the state of CA voted for far left Democrat tyrants and now they have them. You get what you vote for.

NEW: The LA County Sheriff says video surveillance shows inmates at a jail in Castaic sharing a water bottle, then rubbing the same mask on their faces to purposely infect themselves w/ because they thought it would force their release. 21 ended up infected.

LA county will keep the stay at home order in place until July/August. honestly, are y all surprised by this? Cause Im not. Now if we can just get everyone to follow the fucking rules & practice social distancing, that d be great. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

LA County watching the rest of America with another 3 months of stay at home orders.
Me: I just wanna go to a bar and get drunk with my friends LA county:.
LA County has no scientific data to back up this ridiculous three month extension of the stay-at-home order. None at all. This is angling for a federal bailout and it MUST END!
Do they want LA County s economy to be killed with their outrageous 3-month stay-at-home extension? What will LA look like after this? Will it be a sanctuary city with just illegals as most people with any brains will have moved out, and relocated to RED States!

If they d just extend it to Nov 3, it would be clearer for those in the back LA Countys stay at home order will likely remain in place for next 3 months, officials say And Gruesome Newsom wants the rest of the country to pay for his financial idiocy.

come after me all you want. but y all are the reason why la county and a few other counties are not moving onto phase 3 of reopening california.
A statement made during todays LA County Board of Supervisors meeting concerning "Safer at Home" orders caused a great deal of concern and hysteria throughout the community. Officials now saying that the statement was taken out of context.

Videos showing inmates sharing containers of water and breathing into a single mask in a scheme to INFECT themselves with the coronavirus so they can get RELEASED the sheriff says. Put SICK ones in quarantine- don t release these criminals to the public!

Stay at home in LA County for 3 more love you CA but this isn t working out.
Countys stay-at-home order will likely remain in place for the next three months unless there is a "dramatic change to the virus and tools at hand," officials say.
wait la damn that sucks.
Garcetti just said on CNN that the extension of the LA County stay at home order DOES NOT mean we are staying as we are for 3 more months. We WILL be opening businesses and restaurants between now and July. Media needs to stop with misleading, clickbait, panic inducing headlines.

When liberals realize what happens when liberalism is ACTUALLY enacted instead of just picketed and LA county closed for 3 more months Democrats are so bad at everything that they are about to turn one of the most blue states.

update (5/12/20): reports 961 new cases and 45 deaths. Total confirmed cases in LA County= 33,180 Total deaths= 1,613 (Thread 1/3).
All the celebrities living in LA County will have to stay put No Beaches.
County officials are recommending that the order be extended for 3 more months, until August, to control the spread of :.
LA Countys coronavirus stay-at-home order may drag on through July or August, official warns **** state already bankrupt - what morons ****.
BREAKING:LA Countys stay-at-home order will likely remain in place for next three months, officials say. On lockdown through August!!
Half the people upset about LA county possibly extending stay at home orders aren t even staying home in the first place.
Do these numbers add up to locking down LA County (population approx 12M) until August? Your thoughts?
Ok, Now I want to be s neighbor. LA County just declared 3 more months of Lockdown.
THE REGULAR HUMAN ILNESSES ARE ALSO HIDDEN > LA Countys coronavirus stay-at-home order may drag on through July or August, official warns.
Both of these are true: 1) LA County is correct in extending Stay-At-Home for another 3 months. This pandemic is far, far from over. 2) Stay-at-home is reckless if people cant afford the rent for their home. Stay-at-home cant exist without rent relief and food stipends.

I use to think corona was like the flu until my neighbor was in critical care for it and their roommate died from it. So I think LA County is right to keep us on lockdown for another 3 months.
Wow. LA announcing another 2 months of stay at home, through July. Still nothing more or new in Bay Area to announce yet. LA County with all certainty will keep stay-at-home orders in place through July.

Well you don t have to hear TW because La County is now saying 3 more freakin months!
LA county locked down until July, minimum. That s 10m people. Economic costs of all this are so much higher than US govt presently prepared for.
Uhh there are people on twitter actually supporting the LA County 3 More months of lockdown? You ve either got to be ignorant of the facts , or just trying to get a reaction out of people ...
Someone should remind LA County that they vote blue no matter what so theres no need to remain closed.
Gavin Newsom basically took a giant shit on all of California by closing LA county down for the next 3 months. How would any business survive this? How will citizens survive on a mental level? Watch CA.

If you live in North LA county or East Ventura, you have an election to get to! Vote for Mike Garcia!
How does this make sense when 51% of deaths in LA county are in nursing homes? How does this make sense when data shows dry and warm weather is the best tool to kill off the virus? How does any of this make sense???

LA County will go broke and business will move elsewhere. A blanket stay at home order is not a plan. Garcetti is a joke, meanwhile the streets by me are lined with homeless people. Fucking shithole. Gross mismanagement from top to bottom.

I was following the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting that generated this "three month extension of stay-at-home" me take a minute to say context matters here. DPH Director Barbara Ferrers comments came in a discussion of eviction.

Reminder: LA County beaches are reopening tomorrow for ocean activities & exercise *with these restrictions* Gathering, sitting & sunbathing are NOT allowed At least 6 feet physical distancing required Face coverings are mandatory when out of the water & around others.

Countys stay-at-home order will likely remain in place for next three months, officials.
Cali Updates Today: 1) LA County could keep stay-at-home orders for 3 more mos. 2) All 23 Cal State schools won t return to on-campus instruction in the Fall. 3) The CCAA (D2) suspends all Fall sports. I m reading a lot of criticism, but safety is priority in my opinion.

LA county extending stay at home orders for another 3 months - what businesses will even be left to open?
LA county is looking out for the health of vulnerable communities, why would anyone be angry about this?? yeah it sucks we don t get to party but at the end of the day the health & lives of people is more important.

Gov Newsom s criteria to reopen counties in California: - No more than 1 COVID-19 case per 10,000 in the past 14 days. - No COVID-19 death in the past 14 days. About 95% of CA fails the above. Just for reference, LA county has ~200+ deaths every 14 days from Flu/pneumonia.

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