Friday 4th of December 2020

Dear Zara, Are You Going to Stop Exploiting Uighur Muslim Prison Labor to Make Your Products? We're Waiting to Hear Your Action Steps to Divest Yourselves From The Uighur Muslim Cultural Genocide.

Republicans are freaking out bc we dont use slave-wage labor for merch that funds grassroots organizing. But whats the difference between Trumps merch and ours? Ours is made in the US. (& for GOP who joke that we shld give for free, we actually do - just volunteer ).

Thank you realDonaldTrump for banning cotton produced by forced Uyghur labor. The U.S. will not support companies that profit off of slave labor.
The U.S. banned imports of cotton products from China's Xinjiang region, saying evidence suggests the products are made with the forced labor of Uighurs.
They are so blatant because nothing happens to them. If it has been Dan Andrews or any Labor leader they'd be screaming from the roof tops.
Marsha Blackburn: China has a history of cheating and stealing. Marsha Blackburn represents Tennessee, which used slave labor from Africa on land stolen from the Cherokee, Muskogee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw, and would now like to ]checks notes] lecture China on history.

This case will be dropped once Biden is sworn in. Labor arbitrage will continue and American workers will get stiffed.
People are used to buying $5 sweatshirts from Forever21, with a stolen design slapped on a piece of fabric made by exploited workers in slave labor conditions.
You understand its $58 dollars because thats how much a sweatshirt costs without slave labor, right? lol These sweatshirts were made in the states, by Union labor where people make enough money to feed their kids and pay rent. You make enough gritting though, $58 is nothing.

A GOP that never delivers shit for its voters but passes a bill to all corporations to flood the labor market with H1B visas while Americans are losing everything bc they cant get work is why people will sit out the GA runoff and why the GOP deserves what it gets.

Labor will drift under any leader unless it resolves these differences. It would like to pretend it has Morrison's number, but that delusion will only keep it out of power longer.
Mentally ill, autistic, without family or friends, surviving by manual labor, but longing to use his mind and help others, Steve finds in books and social activism a measure of meaning and self-acceptance. Just Being Alive, an 85K word memoir.

Hey remember when US secretly bombed Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam Imperial Invasion, just in case they got any ideas to run their own country and control their own labor?
Meanwhile, MikeLeeforUtah & SenateGOP just gave big tech all the imported cheap labor they could ever dream of.
OAK HILL AVE-Named for the StLouis plantation where the labor of enslaved people supported James Russell and his wife Lucy Bent Russell.
Couple things: 1. Unions are often unproductive, tbd on whether union labor is more efficient (in philly, seems the opposite is true). 2. This is America, not Denmark. Americans as a whole think with their wallets before they think about other things. $58 for this is ridiculous.

This is why they wanted to get rid of Trump so they can export jobs out of America for cheap labor.
The Fair Labor Standards Act,passed in 1938, sets the minimum wage that must be paid and mandates when overtime must be paid. Learn More.
Its an unpopular view but Labor laid the seed bed for what LNP has been doing since 96, (minus the RGR interregnum). Hawke, Keating and the crew. The chasm between Whitlam and Hawke eras is wide. I lived through both The oil crisis was both symptom and cause; we werent alone.

A potential indoor shutdown, a lack of stimulus aid, and other hospitality industry restrictions couldnt come at a worse time.
So,Putting Citizen's of other Countries before US Citizen's. Bending US over and Screwing US on the other end. Back and forth it goes. Tax cuts for the Wealthy Establishment. Then cheap Labor destroying wages and Benefits. Duopoly Establishment Oligarch Crooks.

They keep pushing this Walmart shirts are from sweatshop labor narrative without considering poor/fixed income family dont have the privilege to care about where a shirt comes from.
Disgusting. scientology ignores labor laws claiming all employees are volunteers. Pay them way less than min. wage. They pay no taxes. Then get taxpayer funded PPP money to preserve jobs. Any lie is OK if it is for the benefit of Scientology. Wake up.

Its important to also share posts like this that arent so feel good because people need to know the things Shirley has to face in order to do this work. Helping those who are in need & vulnerable can come at a painful cost sometimes. Its more than just her labor, its a risk.

Shoppers Beware: DHS Warns Americans of Cotton Products Made In China from Uyghur Slave Labor.
My Dreams are finally coming trueI manifested this moment , IM A LABOR & DELIVERY NURSE God said trust his plan and that's What I Did, this is just the start of my journey in Women Services , My heart is so full I Thank God for Everything9 days until graduation.

And here we are ~160 years later; theres STILL opposition to removing slave labor from this perverted form of capitalism. Only now, instead of the nasty racist rhetoric of the 19th century, its called rehabilitative job training Please. It is white supremacist profiteering.

For Law Enforcement Officers. CALEA standards 4.2.5.Assault on sworn Officer. Section 1006 serious injury and death. 11.3.5. OSHA US Department of Labor I would file all Division. Job. Safety Health. The OSHA Officer is the Judge and Walking courtroom.

Youre right Ms. Blackburn. Liberals dearly love China. China gave their bullshit colleges unreported billions, control Hollyweird and their basketball players can mske millions selling shoes. Without a thought to the slave labor that made them.

Employees of Mexicos public museums and theaters are remixing famous portraits to denounce the ongoing exploitation of cultural labor.
A graduate of Harvard Law School, Su served as the states labor commissioner before becoming its labor secretary. Before that, she spearheaded litigation at Los Angeles Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

With no rights or freedom of speech, for anyone who stepped out of line would be disciplined or re-educated. One leader, one world government. As there will be no middle class, it'll be a select few elite get vastly wealthy off the slave labor of...

Federal Labor Agency Says Google Wrongly Fired 2 Employees -- The workers were involved in labor organizing at the company and participated in walkouts last year. -- Kate Conger -- Noam Scheiber.
SERVPRO is proud to support veteran careers and was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipient for our commitment to recruiting, employing, and retaining veterans. Learn more by visiting .

WE LABOR Supporters are with LABOR but we definetely need a STRONGER LABOR LEADER IN PARLIAMENT ! Albo is not that person !
The 13th Amendment does not abolish slavery. It extends slavery to all being applicable. It's your jail system. It doesn't state jail though, it applies labor to those that commit crime. You are a slave, all of you. You commit against the constitution. Double and new taxes. Coin.

The CBP barred import of all cotton products produced by the Xinjiang Production & Construction Corps (XPCC). The Chairs continue to call for passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act to address all imports made with forced labor in Xinjiang.

Another solution may be to reexamine if college is still the best path to a good lifestyle. The data would suggest this but in some skilled labor areas - software development in particular - college is no longer as useful as a great portfolio of technical work.

Come on Liberals... get your act together! A lot of people don't want Labor re-elected 2022.
Want to know where your voters are Labor ? How about standing up for $3/hr farm workers or your run over and dying $10 / hr Uber eats workers. Who has lost connection with who here?
Haha if you want a "free" shirt just do unpaid labor for my campaign imagine simping for this.
The biggest factors in Labor's loss last election were the Murdoch media and Clive Palmer's $80mil anti-Labor ad spend. Of course the media ignores this in every article about last election because they don't want media reform.

The state Senator Blackburn represents literally seceded from the Union in order to continue to have the right to steal labor from Black people.
U.S. bans cotton imports from Xinjiang firm over "slave labor".
The comments by SwannyQLD about Labor needing to focus on kitchen table issues are correct! Our ClimateCrisis is the biggest kitchen table issue for Australians. In terms of suffering, jobs and the economy. Why cant AustralianLabor not stand by science & economists!?

Theyre saying you shouldnt be working 60 hour weeks to make due and to not struggle, and that your labor is worth probably far more than what you make lol.
NEW: NILC is circulating a letter among immigration and workers' rights groups to send to Biden's transition team backing JulieSuCA for Labor secretary. Su "has shown herself to be a visionary and innovative leader who will be able to maximize the impact" of DOL, it reads.

US Labor Board Alleges Google Retaliated Against Activists.
Tomorrow! NewberryLibrary Labor History Seminar welcomes bonilla823, who will be talking about the League of Revolutionary Struggle, plant closures, and Reaganomics. Email to RSVP and request the paper!

In response to neoliberal university policies and increasingly unaffordable housing, graduate student-worker labor organizing has exploded over the past several years.
The largest labor movement in history has been unfolding in India. Over 250, million people fighting for better conditions. A massive inspiration to leftists internationally.
Remember the Labor Day Jerry Lewis MD Telethons? One of my favorite childhood memories. Dont miss the hspva MusicFest 2020 telethon this Friday!
Pay 40 years ago Richest 0.1%: $649k Poorest 90%: $31k Pay now Richest 0.1%: $2.9M Poorest 90%: $39k So with all that extra education and debt we got an extra $8k With nothing but extra labor exploitation the super-rich got an extra $2.2 million a year.

Voluntary assisted dying debate is back on in Tas House of Assembly, with Human Services Minister Roger Jaensch declaring hes in support - by my count thats 5 Liberals in support plus all Labor and Greens MPs. It wont be a close vote.

"...commit all profits from my forthcoming book to the charity you suggest because it's not like I had rent to pay or anything like that. Sure, I'll just give away a year or two's labor for free because I said something stupid on Twitter. Sounds like justice to me!" Christ.

Agreed. And I am thoroughly over the vacuous 'got to be electable' trope. The notion that Labor are playing 4d chess with their election strategy is just nonsense. Theyre pandering to the same big money interests as the LNP. Its all about the $$. Sitting on their sinecures.

Doesnt seem to matter to LNP or Labor.
What are the lessons for Federal Labor in Bidens victory? My big take away: Joe Biden likes people and the people like Joe Biden. My piece in dailytelegraph Also apologies to murphymike and HelloFrankLavin I told you I was going to borrow the priests v maths bit!

A tale of two doctors: how EB works without equity. Fereshteh and Deepa started as physicians at the same hospital in July 2012. They quickly grow close because both of their sons are 9 at the time. Their hospital goes through the PERM Labor Certification process for them. 1/.

Practices for an equitable and just transition to clean energy . (I loved working with Ceres colleagues, labor friends and partners Harvard on this.).
"The U.S. Department of Labor has confirmed to CNN that between 2013 and fall 2015, Trump's Mar-a-Lago club posted 250 seasonal job openings and filled just 4 of those jobs with American workers.".
Using capitalism to support Socialism while bringing up humane labor practices probably using a phone to tweet that happened to be assembled in a Chinese sweat shop seems 2020 to me.
Stoked to launch The Write Stuff a book of essays from leading Labor thinkers with dyrenfurth A handy write up here: Buy it HERE: There is SO much gold. Thanks so much to the contributors. Brilliant minds.

On Keswick Island, 30km from Mackay in the Whitsundays, locals have been kicked off the beach by the Chinese lessee. The airstrip has been closed and the public jetty removed. This is what happens when state Labor governments sell out to foreign interests.

It is such a shame how AustralianLabor are becoming. I agree, Labor and LNP will be at the bottom of my voting paper next election.
The thing that kills me is defund has one meaning lower funding. Its remarkably clear. Matt says the signs below are better, but I could feign ignorance abt them too. Jobs for all?! Does that jobs for kids? What if I want the job of president? Does this mean forced labor?!

Congressional Democrats want to amend a section of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, to end what they refer to as another form of slavery forced prison labor.
Chris Bowen says Labor needs to win back supporters who have been 'looking elsewhere' No kidding...
In this week's KumaBear we learn that child labor is the cure for most problems.
The USA is literally sitting completely on land stolen from Natives and much of it was built from labor stolen from Black slaves.
Is that even legal? I think that can be challenged in standards and labor laws..I think Joe can strike that down just like Trumpanzee struck down the mandate right?
The TN Dept Labor and Workforce Development making a 65 year old man apply for three jobs a week during a deadly pandemic in order to qualify for a $247 unemployment benefit, sorta feels like the outlaw in the westerns who makes the sodbuster dance while he shoots at his feet.

Burberrys new sustainability bond raises issues about fashions relationship with Chinese cotton and forced labor.

What You Really Think

Seriously ZARA ? This is ridiculous that I have been using such stuff which is actually made by Uygur Muslims in concentration camps. Disgusting.

It's time to take action. There is nothing above Human Life. you can't support this.

And Apple CocaCola and Nike , how do you sleep at night knowing your supporting genocide for the sake of objects?

I wont be buying anything from zara and il make sure everyone knows until they stop.

Noone looks good in modern day slavery!

Dear ZARA will you stop empowering slavery and ethnic cleanings?

Never was a fan of their products anyway but the others are equally responsible as well.

My one of the favourite brand.