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Sunday 5th of July 2020

Daily Telegraph: "a Savage Byelection Swing Against Labor" Current Figures: a 0.1% Swing to Labor.

Packers RB Aaron Jones brought his PS4 to the hospital to pass time while his girlfriend was in labor brgridiron BRGaming ( CrystalMolina_).
Nike removed all Redskins apparel from its website but still uses literal slave labor to make its clothes in China...
1. This is a lie 2. The Union was losing the Civil War until they started allowing BLACK SOLDIERS TO FIGHT 3. After the war, Union soldiers killed tens of thousands of newly freed Black ppl in Natchez, Miss 4. The wealth from free Black labor has been passed down 5. Pay us our $$.

America: our slave labor is too sick from the plague to fight forest fires on independence day.
2...Swarms of Beijing's spies and cyber-espionage agents steal our technology and trade secrets the property of our citizens and the fruit of our intellectual and physical labor.
Whenever Liberal Sussan Ley starts talking about fake Labor preference deals, remember this.
Whether Labor wins EdenMonaroVotes or not, since were going to hear every spin possible on whether KristyMcBain and AlboMP overcame their challenge the media set for them, here is my thread on what the end result means for state of Morrisons leadership. A thread.

This is skilled labor.
Rex honest question: how do you feel about the nba and stars profiting off of slave labor in south/East China? And do you think they know and or care about it?
.David_Speers asks if fitzhunter still believes that Labor should embrace the Government's 2030 emissions target of 25% to 26%...
Dear abcnews, Last night's EdenMonaroVotes coverage was disappointing. DavidSpeers & JaneNorman rptedly pushed SussanLey's Liberal spin that ScottMorrison was successful (even if they lost) & Albo failed (even if Labor wins). Minimal discussion of the electorate's issues.

On July 4, 1901, socialist luminary and labor agitator Eugene V. Debs proclaimed in a fiery speech: "I like the Fourth of July. It breathes a spirit of revolution." We reprint the fiercely anticapitalist address here in full.

How could investing in Education, and healthcare, hinder growth? The opposite is true, lack of investment in education and healthcare hinders growth. Without skill labor you cant compete.
Will be another farce today. David_Speers is already prefacing his content on a silly notion that the Labor win is bad news for AlboMP. If you like SkyAfterDark, you now have an extended viewing slot.
Looks like labor has won this country seat Take that miss nasty Susan Ley. What a disgraceful mean & twisted panelist you turned out to be. You did no favour to the coalition at all Very poor effort indeed.

Feels odd to celebrate Independence in a country with legal slavery/prison labor...
The media smash up of Labor today isnt objective. Despite losing Kellys personal vote, the PMs record high approval & a massive Lib spend, its a winning result for McBain.
Kinda makes sense why you didnt even wanna discuss payment for your writers editors and creators at TheAffinityMag who are all highschool and college students for their labor.
Since Frederick Douglass is trending... Many folks are rightfully pointing us to Anna Murray-Douglass, the Fred Black woman who was his first wife, purchased his freedom through her labor, and has been largely written out. My girl Stevie breaks it down.

So Labor looks to have won the EdenMonaro by-election. With 5,000 postals included, and with the preferences counts for the Queanbeyan pre-polls reported, Labor has 51.2% with only the Narooma and Jindabyne PPVCs plus remaining postals to come.

Qualified American worker can do the work of 3 h1b blindfolded with 1 arm tied behind their back. Where is the cost saving? There is no cost saving. It's all about subservient labor. We don't go for that here in the U.S.

Oh insiders what hilarious little propaganda joke you are. Labor look like they might win EdenMonaro so David_Speers Morrisons Minister for Damage Control focuses on Labors drop in primary vote even when theres 14 candidates, many of whom wouldve drawn Labor votes.

More than one million Uyghurs and other minorities are in internment camps in China, subject to forced labor, disappearances, sterilization, torture, and abuse. All because of their religious beliefs and ethnicity. Why doesn't the Human Rights Council take action?

"...some entertainment companies & professional fans have used young student fans as their stepping stones recently, using playing lists, low-cost paid job punching cards, reporting, etc. "Student fans" act as cheap labor...".

Huge morning in auspol - Labor set to win Eden-Monaro (McBain currently up 51 to Libs49 on AEC count), latest from.
Why is it only Labor & Green voters who don't want to present ID when voting? Strange, eh? -nulb.
If supporters of nominally conservative parties are casting their second preference votes for Labor over the Liberals, ask yourself what that means for public perceptions of ScottyfromMarketing amid his supposedly finest moment - theres your news angle.

"The Forest was shrinking, but the Trees kept voting for the Axe, as the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his Handle was made of Wood, he was one of them." Turkish proverb. Then Axe was in Hawaii as Trees burned.

I guess Labor winning Eden Monaro is all Labor's fault?
The Narooma and Jindabyne pre-polls are yet to be included, but with Labor splitting the postal vote, much better than in 2019, Labor has 51.2% after preferences and there aren't enough outstanding votes to turn the result round.

My uncle works for Nintendo and he sAys a vaccine for r*na is due by Labor Day.
Do you know what forced labor is? Its when people are compelled to provide work or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Learn the indicators of this crime.
Looking good for Labor in Eden Monaro. Well done Kristy and Albo, hard work and a great candidate pays dividends. If Morrison cant win at the peak of his popularity then he has major problems as hard liners push to spend less and abandon stimulus.

Just to name a few. Shame on you!!!! JuneteenthDay is no more real to you than your financial statements. This is why.
McBain ran a great grassroots campaign focusing on the needs of local communities. I think that message cut through the rehashed Liberal propaganda about "Labor's Big New Taxes" (which kept appearing in my letterbox) & Morrison's set-piece announcement.

Honestly, all the most important problems get complicated once you start getting into the details of the solutions. There's always going to be competing interests. Even something as simple as ending slave labor in prisons has people that are against it.

1. The claim that Israel trains US police is a complete and total lie 2. This is rich coming from AJ which is a project of the Qatari regime, a terror sponsoring regime that is using slave labor to build its World Cup infrastructure.

Daily Telegraph: "a savage byelection swing against Labor" Current figures: a 0.1% swing to Labor.
Just like the hospital administrators are using it as a weapon to suppress the power of labor.
DO NOT RE-ELECT JOE ARPAIO. Lets not forget that this MONSTER built Tent City in order to basically enslave Hispanics into labor in conditions worse than the military and then ADMITTED TO TARGETTING AND RACIALLY PROFILING ANYONE WHO SEEMED TO LOOK HISPANIC.

Thank you, CarnegieCorp. This country was built on risks, dreams and labor of many immigrants, among others. Regardless of who likes it, who acknowledges it or not, immigrants are American and we love our country just as much as anyone else. Today, we celebrate our nation.

Girrali lynlinking georgina_116 CapesJoy janettj777 RachelQuayle08 denniallen AnimaeOK IRAG_NT _STICS_ NT_Greens anne_clothier RobRobbEdwards rjstrikers RightsLGBTI JonesHowdareyou BakchosGlass bugwannostra Maintenonmadame murtupuni JennyPineapple2 LarissaBehrendt BethanyinCBR GreenLeftOnline themarkjacka jezheywood robynlesley3 OddemocracyA KaushalyaFem YaThinkN xskinn ulurustatement vmp9 THEVOICEOFVOIC3 L_DeWeaver virgotweet rationalbitch JaneCaro AustralianLabor Oh drat, & oops. See it as disappointing flaw in all Labor govts since that theyve continued2 keep the secret, failed2 challenge lies abt existence of budget based on taxLiked2 think Gough wouldve if he had time. Oh he would smashed it.

Why not recall that Corman couldn't even count numbers in a leadership spill? That he weaponised whataboutism (a favourite of the Insiders) with his "but Labor" go to. That he chomped down on a cigar after a budget that seprated Australians into leaners and lifters.

Good morning. just a reminder that america is sitting on stolen native land, the founding fathers were thieves, and slave labor built this nation.
Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's office temporarily detailed up to 33 government employees to the Guam Department of Labor, some with hazard pay, so they can help the now more than 33,000 workers get their unemployment aid program.

Labor would not have won, it was only the Shooters and Fishers preferences that will get them over the line.
Scott Morrison threw everything including kitchen sink at EdenMonaro yet same journalists solemnly declare narrow win to Labor going to preferences (in a preferential voting system!). Different rules for different teams continue. auspol 2/2.

Remarkable Labor to win EdenMonaroVotes given Scott Morrison got same easy ride from many in the media as he did 2019 Election. There were journalists expecting/wanting the PM to win putting focus on Anthony Albanese not Govt. auspol 1/2.

Pretty crazy giving Labor was leading all night. Yes there was a primary vote swing against them...but seriously do the math.
Just imagine if Labor were in government and had a Minister missing for over 7 months with no information. Do you think there would have been as many media crickets as there has been over David Coleman?

So insiders if Morrison is such a popular leader riddle me this, why did the Libs lose the EdenMonaro by-election??? & dont give us the rot on labor relying on preferences-pretty sure Libs only got in on preferences from Hanson & Palmer.

By 2030, its estimated that only 35% of time will be spent on manual or physical labor.
Set to win the NSW seat but you to claim victory. The people of Eden Monaro have voted good government , good policies and restoration of ABC funding cuts , with Kristy McBain ahead of Fiona Kotjvos.
Can anyone explain why Nationals would rather Labor in the seat than Liberal. What is wrong with these so called Nationals????
Please explain why Alex Acosta gave pedophile Epstein a slap on the wrist & then Trump named him as the Labor Secretary? Trump was involved in a "modeling" agency, with access to many young women. Get your facts straight.

Hello Peter If you can't pick the winner 24 hours out from closing time, how can you envisage ALL of the events, factors and arguments over two years? And, if you so sure, you can get a bet on now at $1.68 That's a better price than Labor was yesterday.

Happy "Day we celebrate stealing other people's land and labor to build a mediocre country and traumatize veterans and dogs with incredibly dangerous fire based toys that can be bought with out any sort of background check of license" day!

Clearly the Liberals/Nats are saying a narrow Labor victory in E-M bye-election a rebuff of Albanese. Essentially arguing: We are such a shower he should have romped homer.
Spokesman for a company that has its products made by slave labor in Asia lamenting slave labor over 200 years ago.
In my humble opinion, I think a lot of voters were afraid that if they voted Labor Morrison would make them suffer and delay the post-bushfire rebuilding process. Which means they don't trust him to be a PM for all of Australia - the sportsrorts showed that glaringly.

Pay Black women for their spiritual & emotional labor. cashapp- $donneciab2 PayPal: Venmo.
Antony Green has called it for Labor.
In the early morning then final pre-poll centres in Jindabyne and Narooma reported. Labor is now on 50.9% including the postal count tonight. The main votes to come will be postals, but the Liberals need 60% of the outstanding when they only have 50.7% to date.

So no ones gonna talk about how she was studying during her labor??? Talk about dedication.
Just to be clear - a 36.18pc primary vote in Eden-Monaro is both higher than Labor got across NSW in 2019 (34.56) and higher than Labor's national primary vote (33.34pc). auspol In fact, Shorten probably would have won the election with a primary that big.

Lol, true. My mom woke up in labor, confirmed it w/ her doc, I was born early afternoon. It was how I wanted my birth experience to be. Ha! 24 hours, eight minutes and an emergency C-section later...
I heard he's joining Labor due to wanting PublicService back Call him Comrade.
All our years, they vanish as a fading sigh; Labor in our sorrow, then away we fly. Who can know Your power? Who shall fear Your name? Teach us to live rightly that our hearts give You acclaim. (Chorus).

Havent experienced spending a holiday with a girlfriend and her family. We will see how Labor Day or Thanksgiving goes.
1 year Hard Labor !!!
Stoicism (as Emotional Compression) Is Emotional Labor Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.
Thanks Peter, labor for sure. Lol.
The problem is that if Labor win using the same tactics then they will actually be less inclined to implement reform because political parties will take advantage of anything that helps them win power. Thats why its hard to reform.

Wonder when insiders are going to factor in RW medias influence on EdenMonaro votes. If Labor wins, its in the face of a concentrated RW media undermining Labor at every turn & minimalising,normalising or turning a blind eye to LNP rorts & skullduggery.

FFS not only have racists hijacked Irish history they go and hijack photos of the labor movement too!

What You Really Think

Lmao they tried so hard.

Are we really surprised by this gutter trash of a news paper publishing something other than the truth?

Scorcher is the last turn of phrase I would be using to falsely gloat about a bushfire ravaged region.

WTAF is this bullshit about rupertmurdoch Still trying to dumb us down I see.

Technically Labors primary vote is down & its up on preferences but that doesnt justify that ridiculous headline particularly since Antony Green has called it for a Labor win.

Also using the term 'scorcher' while referring to a federal seat that was amongst the worst effected by the 2019-20 Bushfires seems to lack tact, but what would I know.

Thats a 1% swing to Labor.

Wrong! So giggling. Rupert will be cross.

You gotta give them 10 points for trying.

Were expecting facts?

This is positively Orwellian. Losing a by election is a "scorcher"?

Sorry, I cant get past the Popular PM part.

Expect no less from the Murdoch.

The Tele ***nulb.

This is up there with 'A defeated Australian Test team wins the Ashes for the 4000th time by 12 less runs than last time' (which sums up a lot of British cricket writing back when the Aussies won the thing non-stop).

Primary I think is sitting on -3%, agree 2CP is more meaningful though.

Classic from one news paper best reserved for the country outhouse.

Thank google for preferences.

If the tone of that article was any more breathless they'd have passed out writing it.