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Friday 5th of June 2020

Anyone Who Follows Politics Already Knew About Lady G. There's NO Way He Went From Critic To Water Boy Over Loyalty To His Party. Putin Has "dirt" On Everyone. No Shame in Being Gay. You Are Who You Are...but There is Shame in Being An Unethical Sham.

The gay internet is exploding over LindseyGraham today. An Army of gay escorts are claiming, Lindsay has used their services for years and are trying to figure out how to get around the NDA he has them all sign. It is rumored that DC male escorts now Senator Graham as "Lady G".

Lindsey "Lady G" Graham hiring male escorts ... for years?! STRAIGHT INTO MY VEINS!
Outing is a brutal tactic that should be reserved for brutes. Lady G more than qualifies.
If Lindsey Graham is really the "Lady G" that reportedly has been hiring male escorts, there is no doubt in my mind that Trump and/or Russia have been blackmailing him with evidence of such. If that's the case, I actually feel bad for LindseyGrahamSC, and hope he comes forward.

When you find out Lady G is trending and it's not Lady Gaga.
Narrator (5 minutes later after hearing that an army of gay escorts had outed Lindsey Graham as Lady G): Actually...
Me, seeing Lady G trending and realizing it's not about Lady Gaga, it's about Lindsey Graham, a homophobic politician, secretly hiring gay sex workers who call him "Lady G".
Now do the other members of the Village People, Lady G.
An army of gay escorts are claiming LindsayGraham has used their services for years and made them all sign NDAs. It's rumored DC male escorts know Graham as "Lady G". Is this true, Senator?
I have no problem with Lindsey Graham being gay or hiring escorts. Support sex workers! I DO, however, have a problem with Lady G doing so while being a lifelong anti-LGBTQ politician.
Word is that "Lady G" is about to be outed by male escorts who've agreed their NDAs with the "lady" are unenforceable. Well, Shazam!
Can liberals seriously go one second without being homophobic as hell? Lady G is trending and it is referring to Lindsay graham. Seriously fuck off with that.
Is that one of your rent boys, Lady G?
I'll pass Lady G.
I support Lady G coming out of the closet and proudly living their best life, and maybe (?) being less beholden to Trump in the process. I mean, it's 2020!
*sees why Lady G is trending* Lord, where is Kate McKinnon when you need her?
I had no idea what I was about to stumble upon when I tapped on Lady G in the trending topics.
It's not that Senator LindseyGraham paid to have sex with dudes, among whom he was known as Lady G. It's that being blackmailed (by Russia, maybe?) about it prompted him to embrace Trump in all his awfulness. And that he's been steadfastly anti-LGBTQ.

Lady g just makes me laugh.
Lady G is actually funny as hell.
Ok Lady G.
Lady G is a very open secret here in DC. There are a number of Republicans that are known by the party but as long as they vote and direct support and money the right way it is unnoticed. Have you ever been near a GOP convention and checked the hookup sites, apps?

What are you speaking to him about Lady G.?
1/ Lady G needs exposure.If Russia and Trump hold this over his head,he can be free.His hypocrisy has led to many problems for everyone, gay and not gay.He spoke against Trump years ago and now his henchman for awhile. Lady G needs to resign. This starts a change in the regime.

And I repeat: What does realDonaldTrump have on you, Lady G?
The fact that Lindsey Graham may have been using male escorts for years who refer to him as "Lady G" is way less offensive to me than the fact that he's been completely collusive and a pandering to a psychopathic fascist to keep that fact under wraps.

I just hope if Lindsey Graham (lady G) comes out of the closet, he takes Mike Pence with him.
Outing politicians who have railroaded LGBTQ community for years is the only acceptable form of outing. No one actually thought Lady G was straight tho?
Me: I think I will call it a night. Get some sleep. One last look. What is trending on Twitter. "Lady G." Ok I'll click.
I'm not a lawyer but I really thought if you sign an NDA, which is directly tied to an illegal act then the contract isn't valid. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, there is conjecture that Lindsey Graham (aka Lady G) has hired gay prostitutes and had them sign NDAs.

Lady G does this mean the president and/or the Russians was hanging this over your head because initially you DESPISED Trump when he was running for president you said so many vile things about him and then that all changed LADY G what happen?

Lady G - wow, stay tuned .

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What a dumb tweet. Conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy lol people got nothing better to do.

Release the Epstein tapes!

Epstein style dirt on them.