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Monday 14th of September 2020

Tariq Lamptey Had More Touches (44) Than Any Other Player on The Pitch During The First Half of Brighton Vs. Chelsea. Standing Out Against His Former Club.

Reece James hit that like he'd just read everyone's Tariq Lamptey tweets.
I think Lamptey has figured out he can beat Alonso any time he wants...perhaps knew that from previous training sessions at Cobham?
Tariq Lamptey had more touches (44) than any other player on the pitch during the first half of Brighton vs. Chelsea. Standing out against his former club.
Funny isn't it. Not that it's particularly representative of anything, but Reece James is almost certainly the reason Tariq Lamptey left Chelsea, and the Brighton man has been miles better than James today.

If Lamptey knows whats good for him he wont let Southgate anywhere near him, come play for motherland.
Reece James saw Lamptey get an assist and got pissed off immediately and said who do you think I am.
Lamptey Brightons MOTM.
Lamptey all day.
A new skill is coming. TARIQ LAMPTEY.
Tariq lamptey has some serious potential.
Lamptey has been class.
Tbf Lamptey is better than Reece.
Tariq Lamptey is Brighton's man of the match for me. The guy deserves all the commendation he could get.
So reactionary as are most people on FT. Part of an abysmal defense last season and was shipped at half time at the back end of last season. Good performance but Lamptey has been MOTM.
Pleased with that performance! We were the better team for the majority of the match - unfortunate to lose. Lamptey, Bissouma and Trossard were 3 players I specifically highlighted in my article, and I thought they were excellent tonight.

Tariq Lamptey deserves to be playing for a far better team. Gave us a horrid time post restart. Absolute dynamite down the right.
This lamptey brudda is NXT up.
Reece James>>>>>Lamptey.
Do we have buyback clause for Lamptey?
Tariq Lamptey taking all the plaudits as a right-back Reece James.
Need Ole to give Dalot a run of games hes arguably more talented than both Lamptey and James just needs to stay fit and his manager to back him.
Kindly retweet my hustle. Thanks in anticipation[?]nulb BHACHE lamptey chelsea Neo and Vee.
Tariq Lamptey - Ghanaian descent: Mercilessly sold by Lampard Ethan Ampadu - Ghanaian descent: Forced out on loan two years in a row by Lampard Callum Hudson-Odoi - Ghanaian descent: Ostracized and benched by Lampard.

Lamptey MOTM, cant be given to a Chelsea player.
Lamptey is playing like he hates Chelsea lmao.
Lamptey is my MOTM today, ChElSea ReJecT absolutely class all night.
Tariq Lamptey is good.
Lamptey has been class. I was actually gutted when we sold him.
Lamptey is clear of Pulisic.
Although according to Wikipedia Lamptey is only 3 foot 3!
What are Chelsea fans' thoughts on Lamptey?
Wow that Lamptey guy is good!!!! he better be Ghanaian.
I dont do stats. I watch the game a judge with my eyes not stats. Lamptey exellent and my MOM.
Tariq Lamptey whenever he sees Marcos Alonso.
Goal - TROSSARD Assist - LAMPTEY Brighton 1-1 Chelsea (54 mins).
Lamptey looks like hes always in that baby filter on snapchat.
My word Lamptey is unbelievable another fat frank shocker I cant say Im surprised.
Going to try & watch more Lamptey this season. He looks promising.
Lamptey don delete Alonso from people's fpl.
Reece James when he saw Lamptey get an assist.
Lamptey is good, our team ia disjointed today, no proper coordination!
Lamptey>Reece James.
It's funny how Chelsea sold Lamptey and kept Reece James.
Lamptey for MOTM.
Lamptey bro he was insane.
It's Alonso. Any decently quick player will get past Alonso easily. Lamptey is good but I still say James will have a better career in the long run.
So what weve learned today is we need a back 3 of James, Saiss and Lamptey.
Lamptey plays like a puppy chasing a rabbit and I am very here for it. Joyful player.
Kai Havertz taken off in the 79th minute. 0 goals 0 assists 0 chances created 0 successful dribbles 0 Man of the match award 1 disasterclass performance 90 MILLION.
Ryan 5 Webster 6 White 7 Dunk 5 Lamptey 9 March 8 Bissouma 9 Alzate 5 Lallana 6.5 Trossard 7.5 Maupay 5 Connolly 5 Played so well but unlucky with their 2nd and 3rd and not taken our chances.
Tariq Lamptey showing why Chelsea shouldn't have let him go. Reece James showing why they did (reluctantly).
Tariq Lamptey is better than Reece James but Chelsea fans are not ready for this conversation...
Alonso whenever he sees Lamptey running at him.
Aamzed at how good Lamptey is every time I watch him man.
Always thought Tariq Lamptey was good in the box.
Im selling Brewster for Lamptey.
Can't speak highly enough of Lamptey. Destined to be back at a big club within a few years. Kid is so impressive technically, athletically and mentality wise.
Laycon says he miss Erica the most.. maybe for his pity games he was playing.. Man is bored.. who is the content again ?? BHACHE Neo and Vee Loftus Lamptey BeLikeLaycon Chelsea.
This could actually be permanent if we didnt sell lamptey ffs.
Just watched them they are no slouched. If we were looking for a rb we should of looked at that Tariq Lamptey, looks a quality young player a snip at 3m from Chelsea.
The boy Lamptey could be good. Fast, direct, solid tackler and can deliver a cross. The modern fullback.
Lamptey when he picked up that yellow card.
Lamptey be talent jare.
Lamptey for me. Dont give a shit, he was the best player on the pitch.
We need fullbacks, Tariq Lamptey,Sergino Dest,Grimaldo and Gaya are all good options to consider.
Tariq Lamptey all skills highlights Vs Chelsea the next roberto Carlos ?
Salah watching Lamptey destroy Alonso on the wing .
Lamptey is destined for bigger things.
I hope Chelsea inserted a buy back clause for lamptey .
England's right-back choices: Reece James Tariq Lamptey Trent Alexander-Arnold Kyle Walker Aaron Wan-Bissaka Kieran Trippier Kyle Walker-Peters James Justin.
Like for lamptey, rt for brazilian lamptey.
Tariq lamptey was also I just didn't believe kepa saved that short on target.
Lamptey has been fantastic!
Lamptey MOTM imo Brighton dont deserve that but thats football for yoh.
Lamptey MOM in my opinion!
Reece ended the game with a goal and assist wb lamptey?
The Lamptey guy really dey ball Goodness He should play for black stars we beg.

What You Really Think

Very impressed with him.

Does anyone want FREE bet from Paddy power. Just DM me.

He is the truth.

What a player.

This guy is on fire.

He's Been Brilliant, What A Lad.

He's looked so good. That nutmeg on Alonso though.

I don't get all the people who have predicted brighton to go down. Graham Potter is doing bits! Low cost transfers, and a good core of promising players. Good business from the seagulls.

Hes the best player on the pitch.

Phillip Lahmptey.

Better than Reece. Reece shouldnt be at Chelsea.

He single-handedly creating problems in chelsea's left side.

He looks great, big potential.

Kid is good.

Special player, Lamptey.