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Thursday 21st of May 2020


Protecting already very well protected & insulated people is a national pass time lana. If it isnt shielding BoKaap Blondes it is caping for Rich Politicians, yall have time Ill give you that . Consequences & accountability are not a death sentence. Let them be faced.

think Lana s post would have been fine if she hadn t compared herself to a group of mostly black women with the clear tone that she thinks she s been treated worse by the media when that s observably untrue.

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before any1 comes for her, lana del rey DID NOT shit on other women. she is saying that all women should be able to express themselves honestly in music without getting slandered for it. most of her songs are about the ugly truth. she just dont want yall to hate her for it.

I love the way lana doesnt give a flying fuck about your favorites. Love her.
me seeing lana trend vs seeing why she s trending.
i love lana but she can stfu.
lanas album is coming and im so grateful for that.
conan gray just told lana del ray to sit her white ass down & shut tf ! i think it s time we stop this hate train & stan this king !
Lana Del Rey: Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani, and Nicki Minaj, and Beyon- - Beyonc :.
lana del ray instagram post.
everyone: *minding their business* lana:.
twice: I love you love you hate foolish lana:.
The saddest Taylor Swift, Lorde and Lana Del Rey songs, A thread:.
This comment under Lana s post says it all.
beyonce: driver roll up the partition please Lana del ray:.
People judged Lana for her songs for years and now that she finally talked saying that there are women who wear no clothes and still sell while her songs were considered inappropriate FOR YEARS. SHE SPOKE FACTS. ACCEP IT.

Beyonc : left right cheek Lana:.
lana trending in like an hour omg shes dead.
I have a lot of thoughts after reading lana s post. Those I agree with a lot of what she was saying because yes there is some stuff of in the music industry that many people feel uncomfortable listen too or talking about and there is almost a double.

Beyonc : Hips tik tok when I dan- Lana:.
Donna Summer didn t moan on a 17 min track for Lana to think she popularized explicit material in music.
beyonc : keep me cumming, keep me going, keep me humming, keep me moaning. lana:.
Doja Cat was attacked and harassed on the internet a few days ago for making a joke about showing her boobs, but she gets to be sexual and not face any consequences, right Lana? Y all keep saying that we can t read , but fail to understand the implications of her statement.

its still not sitting right with me that lana threw kehlani in the mix in terms of , when kehlani hasnt achieved that just yet. she just chose a random black woman to throw in the mix and didnt even fact check. just opened the notes app and typed some bullshit.

Lana Del Rey talks about double standards in the music industry: Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi, Nicki Minaj and Beyonc have had number ones about being sexy, wearing no clothes, cheating etc, can I go back to singing [ ] without saying that I m glamorizing abuse?

sza: why is it so hard to- lana:.
I ll never forgive y all for hyping Lana up when her and Azealia we re getting into HAD HER THINKING SHE WAS ACTUALLY GON BUST A GRAPE.
doja: if you can see it from the front- lana:.
can y all read lana was talking about how she was crucified for doing certain things that others aren t. she wasn t trying to drag anyone. maybe learn reading comprehension idk.
lana name dropping predominantly black female artists and trying to making herself out to be some sort of victim bc she faces criticism like literally every other woman she listed is like peak example of white feminism lmao.

breaking news: kelahni posts to instagram story addressing lana.
so Dua Lipa, Lorde, Lana, Gaga and Adele are competing for album of the year? The 2021 grammys are gonna be WILD.
someone take away lanas phone pls she set ha self up for this one.
lana isn t attacking Beyonc <3.
Lana when the typewriter font is gone.
i appreciate Lana sticking to her brand by using a typewriter instead of coming to us live from the notes app.
so lana del ray silences black women while the cops she dates k*ll black men, sounds like a caucasian power couple.
Why this lowkey look like Lana as well.
lana s whole career is built on that i m not like other girls i m into older guys and I have an obsession with the 60s and I smoke three packs a day aesthetic like I promise you nobody s actually taking you seriously.

online cus of lana del ray slander.
ariana: lemme stay .... in my bag ... cause i like .... when u mad .... issa mood .... issa vibe .... issa look .... issa match lana:.
Nicki : bald head pussy got a lot of juice Lana :.
the way i was gonna stan and she pulls that.
in one post lana: - name dropped like 6 artists - said she s not a feminist but still wants a place in feminism - addressed 10+ years of criticism - dropped album release date - said she s making reparations payments to native americans girl oh my god.

lana stans attacking me - she could have expressed whatever she wanted to say without mentioning anyone s name luvs thats.
young and beautiful by Lana Del Rey in The Great Gatsby.
lana del rey said I respect womens s rights to shut the fuck up.
Nicki: Used to be bi, now I m just hereto Beyonc : On that demon time she might start an only fans Doja: Let me check my chest my breath right quick Meg: He say the way that thing moves it s a movie Lana:.

lana del rey had to name drop for what.
Why did Lana have to name check people why why why.
I know we are reading her cause this statement is but no one gonna mention Lana Del Ray called herself a glamorous person.
Lana you in trouble girl!!
Beyonc : Imma flip my hair and look back while I twerk in the mirror Lana:.
everyone tweeting lana del rey is over party is making me CRINGE so hard like stop- you re probably too young to listen to her music anyway sit tf down.
lana del rey trending because y all have the reading comprehension skills of a third grader at a far below basic level.
Lana deserves every lashing she s going to receive for that. How she name drop Kehlani? Kehlani like HBIC of R&B girls talking about being toxic relationships cause of love.
Lana letter really didn t make no sense.
Lana baby, go to hell. This is so shady why on earth did you feel the need to tear down these women to uplift yourself and music? PLEASE.
Lana i get what she was trying to say but the way she worded the first part and name dropped the other girls wasnt necessary.
doja cat: why don t you sayyy soooo lana:.
what happened with Lana?
The witchcraft that Lana tried to do on trump must ve backfired, everything has been going downhill for her ever since.
This is why you should sit in here eat your food now Lana going to get dragged dragged!
Nicki: they call me megatr- Lana:.
miss azealia must ready to post that IG stories rant about Lana in the morning.
i wake up and lana is getting attacked, what she do?
queen bey- its the remix im not one to stick around lana:.
lana stans tn.
Then you d know to support your claims and statements with factual evidence, AS LANA DID THANK YOU NOW STREAM WHITE HOT FOREVER SEP 5th.
lana s saying that these artists sing about the same topics she does and they don t get dragged for it. you missed her point.
I m goin to sleep so goodnight y all and fuck Lana.
lana is a dumbass y all need to collect your fav.
come outside, lana. ain t nobody finna jump you!
people who are so pressed about Lana name dropping are just mad bc their faves are there ( i stan some of them too), decipher and decode if you must so you can fully comprehend her post, yall are a bunch of kids just nagging, stay mad hoes NEW LANA ALBUM OUT SEPTEMBER 5 OMG.

This is not a hate tweet. I love Lana and I agree with her point about how she has been constantly slaughtered for her music and artistry. However, I am not a fan of the way she made her argument. To me, it comes off as tone deaf and convoluted.

lana did not attack any female artists, but yall have no reading comprehension.
not yall stopped reading right after those names she mentioned and start fuming, and yes lana has a lot of songs about sex and taking off her clothes but what she saying is her songs never charting like those girlies, shes dragging the society and the industry not those girlies.

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