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Saturday 11th of July 2020

Happy Birthday, Sunny Bhai.

Can you imagine facing the quicks who balls 150kmph without wearing a helmet? Sunny Sir, a childhood hero of mine did it with utmost ease. Huge respect to him and best wishes on his Birthday! legend SunilGavaskar Sir.

Happy Birthday, Sunny bhai.
OHHHH BOY! The full match of one of the most legendary Diamond Cutters Where does this rank in your most memorable DiamondCutter moments? TBT EddieGuerrero Legend DDP.
Such sad news couldnt believe it when the E News notification came up on my phone what a legend of a man and all so proud to have him as manager condolences to his family at this sad time will always be remembered.

Sad news . RIP Jack Charlton.
So sad to hear of the passing of the legendary Jack Charlton, he turned almost everyone in Ireland into a soccer fan during his reign as manager of the international team. Happy memories of a great man. R.I.P. legend fai LeedsUnited WorldCup xxx.

R.I.P. Jack - a true legend. : Jack Charlton dead 1966 World Cup winner and Leeds United defender dies aged 85.
So very sorry to hear that another World Cup legend has left us. RIP Jack Charlton. I was lucky enough to get this c/o a1memorabilia a few years ago. Gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday & he said it was one of the best gifts he'd ever received.

RIP Jack Charlton.
The word legend is branded about too easy in football. In Jack's case it's a perfect fit.
RIP Big Jack.
- had the pleasure to meet the big man on a number of occasions, was a real down to earth gentleman who always had time for people - a legend as both a player & manager.
Basically, the king of Ireland has died. Rest in peace, Big Jack.
R.I.P. Jack Charlton[?]nulb.
Rest in peace Jack Charlton.
Saddened to hear that Big Jack Charlton has died today. In 1994 he wouldn't let anyone eat his Shredded Wheat.
Benzema is so underrated! He gives Real Madrid so much more than most players could give. An incredible servant for the club.
When he talks about his mother & India Vnulb.
Jack Charlton, RIP. Great footballer and Manager. My parents and me had lunch in his Dublin pub. (We got served at the bar by his son.).
A shocker thats for sure. An absolute legend some amazing memories from my childhood watching football. Always part of jackies army!!! R.I.P jack.
Devastated to hear the news of my Gaffer passing. He made me into a footballer. Gave me & Gazza our first Pro contract . I got an extra PS10 .. & he was still the best player on the park. In his suit & shoes . ripMrCharlton legend[?]nulb.

Very sad. A football legend in my country and my last home, Ireland. RIP.
Rest in Peace Jack Carlton; 1966 World Cup winner with England, leeds legend but what most people dont know is Jack was a soldier in the HCav1660. Rest easy fellow TrustedGuardian.
Were all part of Jackies Army 'nulb.
Sad news this morning. RIP Jack Charlton.
As a child I spent every Saturday dancing with Miss Guppy - I was proud to be an Olivette and wear the cape! Dancing with her gave me many wonderful experiences in dance and set me up on the path of my career. Who else danced with this great lady?

No better way to honour the legend that was Jack Charlton.
A sad day indeed, RIP Jack Charlton legend football England RIPJack Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
A glorious life.
RIP wor Jackie jackcharlton worldcupwinner england football legend 1966 [?]nulb.
RIP JACK CHARLTON [?]nulb a Leeds United Legend & a World Cup winner with England in 1966 & as a manager qualified Republic of Ireland to 1 Euros & 2 World Cups = unbelievable career !!
HORNS UP!!! Happy Birthday to the legend that is OfficialRJDio! : Mark Weiss.
RIP Jack Charlton, always came across as such a character and gent.
- On his 71st birthday, batting legend SunilGavaskar to sponsor heart surgery for 35 kids. What a gesture!
RIP John Jack Charlton.
Very sad news this morning with the passing on of Jack Charlton. A great footballer manager that brought joy to Ireland when he managed the national team. Put em under pressure in heaven Jack. RIP.
First ever batsman to score 10,000 Runs in Int. cricket Most runs scorer in First class cricket among Indians India's biggest Test cricket sensation of his time Wishing SunilGavaskar Sir, A very Happy Birthday on behalf of YUVSTRONG12 & his all Fans.

KathrynLynch3 Tom_H1992 ArmieNE1 Toonboy45 Morning Carol and company. I just saw the news about Jack Charlton sadly passing away at the age of 85. Love and best wishes to the Charlton family. Geordie England66 Leeds Legend Wishing everyone a great day. StaySafe and.

Jack Charlton: when we win I probably get drunk... We when loose.. I probably get drunk anyway.. Rest in peace legend!
Some of yall are heavy on race, but light on actual results.
Another one of the Revie boys has sadly left the pitch today. Our record appearance maker 773 games and a World Cup winner RIP Jack Charlton.
Rest in peace Jack Charlton. An absolute hero of my late Grandfather. Cant believe they have passed in the same year.
Do good things by principle, not by politics. Folks come off insincere when they only care about others for political gain. And thats why we turn left inspired boycotts & cancel culture on their heads.

The Englishman the legend who won the hearts of the Irish may you RIP Respect [?]nulb[?]nulb.
I feel very honoured to have met Big Jack thanks to my grandfather pictured bottom left. Photo shows Middlesbrough team celebrating promotion under jackcharlton in the 1973/74 season.
Sad news about jack charlton. I remember he came to St. Peters youth club back in the day and didnt leave until every kid had an autograph even though he had a TV appointment that night.
All 44 players will pause for a minutes silence to honour our club president Phil Taylor prior to us taking the field for the first time since his passing. A wonderful human, treasured friend & one of reasons we have growth the club so successfully in the last 20 years.

Big Jack .. thank you for your dedication to helping put Irish international football on the map in the 80's and 90's and uniting us all with wonderful memories of World cup and European cup adventures.

If you can find it on YouTube there is a really funny interview with BigJack from the Podge and Rodge show some is not suitable for radio at this time but you should ask TonyCascarino62 about it & the big t**s comment.

Really sad to hear the passing of Jack Charlton. USA 94 and Irelands win over Italy was one of my first real memories of World Cups!
"I wasn't very good at playing football. But I was very good at stopping other people playing football" RIP Jack jackiesarmy Legend V.
Jack Charlton 1935-2020... Thanks for all the happy memories.
Now see the importance of doing things the way the Bible instructs you too. Everyone on the opposite side of the truth of the word are finding themselves, stuck on an empty tank, with flat tires.
Very sad news. RIP , MOT.
Awe that's sad news..RIPJackCharlton Legend '.
Yeah I just find it interesting how there are two schools of thought and wondered if this was how they used to do it. And also if thinking had actually changed. It obviously worked for Jack.
The biggest character of the Italia 90 World Cup? Maradona jackcharlton RIPJack Jack charlton.
This man epitomised the spirit of the game.
Many many happy returns of the day SunilGavaskar sir, have a great year ahead.
Sad news this morning. RIP Jack Charlton worldcupwinner & true football Legend fantastic manager & huge footballing inspiration - thoughts with his family & friends.
And Jack Charlton has been proclaimed and honorary Irish man...
G.O.A.T without a doubt.
Saddened to hear the news of the passing of another one of the legends of 66. One of the great characters of the game. RIP Jack.
Love Twist akissacrosstheocean magnificent powerful Hes Exquisite, Majestic King of Queens BoyGeorge Simply.
RIP Jack Charlton,WorJack Legend for club & country, had the pleasure of meeting him a few times & he was ace lufc Very sad news Dont make em like Jack anymore.
Aw! I always loved this man for some very happy childhood memories.
Happy Bean Day mrbean mrbean mrbeanday rowanatkinson.
Rest in peace, Jack Charlton. LEGEND ENGLAND WORLDCUP66 REPUBLICOFIRELAND good night wor kid.

What You Really Think

Sir you are also a legend!!

Happy birth to our legend SUNIL GAVASKAR.

Look at VVSLaxman281 not even bending properly.

A legend who deep down in his heart hates cricketers coming from up North.