Saturday 5th of March 2022

The World Will Remember You... Rest in Peace.

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Find hard believe. Such devastating loss cricket world. literally inspired generations with magical spin. You'll forever missed ShaneWarne. heart prayers goes family, friends, fans.

greatest legspinner time= Shane Warne. reason started bowling legspin. Rest power. There will none like you. people have power inspire generations, reason many started bowling legspin.

Life unpredictable. Cricket will surely miss your presence. Thinking about family friends. You'll remain prayers many.
Cricket world lost diamond today. thoughts prayers with Shane Warne's family.
early legend ShaneWarne Legend Legend.
Student Great Qadir more with
Shocking news.
Rest peace goat legend.
many people dying from heart attacks? Anybody Give Correct answer
this history will count world lost Shane Warne Legend Cricket forget this genius! EVeryone must check Mike Getting wicket!
Cannot forget single handedly Australia 1999 Final first season, when likes Afridi, pontint full squad each team, still clinched title.
world will remember you... Rest Peace.
hear about death Shane Warne.
Just getting head around fact that shanewarne dead! R.I.P.
Legend It's early man Legend R.I.P ShaneWarne Shocking.
Legend ShaneWarne. You will stay hearts forever. Your impeccable unforgettable work will always cherished. shanewarne RestInPeace.
Devastated learn passing ShaneWarne True Superstar world cricket Man. Taken soon.
Rest peace champ.
legend game. idol many players take sport. There will never another like Warnie. king condolences loved ones.
coolest legend super actor rolled into one..Love loads ikka! [?][?][?] Forever fan! Mammukka mammukka
Shane Warne
hear about Shane Warne true legend game great competitor against Poms.
Legend Shane Warne.
disbelief! favourite Aussie cricketer time!
hard believe. Such devastating loss cricket world. literally inspired generations with magical spin. You'll forever missed ShaneWarne. heart prayers goes family, friends, fans.

Cant believe weve lost legend early! Sincere prayers souls peace, were reason took spin. childhood hero.
England West Indies players observed minute's silence Antigua mark respect great Shane Warne!
Legendary Milf Kendra Lust fucked
Every will feel this loss. The "ball century" Rests Peace.
Legend greatest indeed..
magician with bowl field, true gentleman game Overall perfect mixture hard work Passion dedication discipline forever Will always gonna miss legend RestInPeace shanewarne ShaneWarne CricketAus.

legend game..his spell world memorable..he single handedly matches Semi RSA..99 Final Pak...and many more...
will miss king spin.
Legendary Australian cricketer, Shane Warne died suspected heart attack.
Find whether RobinHood came from Yorkshire Nottinghamshire, cthorndycroft brilliant article. FREE JOIN SAMPLE.
Wow! Shane Warnean absolute genius.
Legend spin bowling.
very world cricket!
real loss, he's young leave!
will always missed LEGEND Rest peace.
What news cricketing world. legend shanewarne more. indeed shocking tragic news. will ever remembered services game cricket. rest peace.

Cannot believe greatest spinners, made spin cool, superstar Shane Warne more. SHANE WARNE 13 September 1969 March 2022.
3Years Today Years ago, Luke went Angel Heaven, March 2019.. still cant believe beverlyhills90210 lukeperry dylanmckay bh90210 riverdale legend riplukeperry
Very note that ShaneWarne more. Life unpredictable.Legend.
Greatest spinner shane warne passed away soon. legend game. your soul RIP.
Cricketing world stunned today demise.
Here goodbye legend, genius magician. You were GOAT. LEGEND shanewarne23 shanewarne shanewarne23 australia shocking.

What You Really Think

Kyu aap ko believe nhi ho rha.

Absolute Legend !! Will Miss His Voice In Com Box.

Move pathingala DineshKarthik bro.

Rest in peace.

Cant believe! May God give strength to his family to deal with this huge loss! Cricket will always miss him..

Every time a human being die any all of us just use same words "oh man can't believe it" just think that one day we will also die and ppl will use same words for you us.


Jaampaavaa[?]i[?] aatmaa caantiyattaiya vennttuki[?]e[?]... 96 ulkp koppaiyail kaartt[?]i vaalsskkaa[?] tngklli[?] pntu viiccai ni[?]aivu kuu[?]uki[?]e[?].

Must watch Papa ki Pariyan Roasting video.



Greatest spinner of all time. Will miss him.

I will bowl six balls in six ways and Sachin will hit six ways - Warne Rest In Peace WARNE KING.


What a tragedy striking Australian cricket on the same day. The whole of cricket fraternity has lost two legends RIP Shane Warne, Rodney Marsh.

The greatest spinner ever.


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