Saturday 28th of January 2023


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The 'good vibes' on the shirt kinda tips you off.
It is realIn heaven Although you may wonderwheres Bob? Lol.
Im sad to say it is not. I got that same shirt at the mall a few years ago.

What You Really Think

Is it not? Fuck. I want a mural of this in my wall.

Did AI create this?

It's real. They are waiting on us.

That's real enough for me.

It's picture from heaven.

Its real somewhere. Even if its just in our hearts.

Meh. Good enough.

Damn, Ill just pretend its real.

The shadows on their faces are nowhere near coming from the same direction.

I'll allow it.

Pretty sure this is AI, willing to bet the caption is just the prompt they fed it.

And here's the party pooper.

The fact that you want to emulate these guys is proof that youre already a good man.

Keep doing your best. They would be proud of you.

>These **three** remind me to try and be a better man than I am. Don't sleep on Rainbow, who completes this Mount Rushmore of approval ratings.

Fuck yeah. Put me in the one where this happens.

The lighting on their faces doesn't quite match but it's good enough for me.

He's taking the picture!

Check out the shirt "Four Horsemen of Wholesomeness".

He's over by the Reading Rainbow in the background.

Its not.


Well sure, but wholesome escorts, and they will get home before dawn. It's all good.

Fully agree!!! Perfect!

It didn't.

No, sadly, it was taken in Photoshop. Look at the shadow angles.

Rainbow hijacked what?

Lmao what.

I don't think there is a single person here who knows what the fuck your rainbows comment is literally trying to say.

Man's about to go ubisoft goes steamworks bye bye.

No it wasn't, but I will say it's gay just to upset those that would be upset by such trivial things.

The oldest Steve Irwin could have been in the 70's is 17.

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