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Friday 8th of May 2020


The controlled burning of pollen made by the Fire Brigade of Castilla y Le n County at the park of Cidacos, in Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain.
Absolutely heartbroken to tell you that our beloved June Bernicoff passed away on Tuesday following a short illness - it was not related to Covid-19. June & Leon were the originals & a huge part of the show s success. I adored them both. Big kiss June darling.

She can be reunited with husband Leon. RIP June.
Really sad to hear about the death of June Bernicoff . June and her late husband, Leon, were huge supporters of the NHS and two of the first people to support us at NHS Million. Our thoughts are with June s family and friends x.

hahahah family business han wah bhen b aur bahi b ami to phr sunny leon ho gi.
Absolutely heartbroken at hearing the lovely June has passed away Such a gorgeous person she was. Hoping her and Leon are together again. Amazing hearts those two had, very kind people.
Landing in Mexico City lets you see plenty of volcanoes, some within the urban area. Approaching Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas karstic erosion is awesome. Flying through Nuevo Le n and Coahuila is a display of long amplitude folds.

RIP June you and Leon true goggle box legends, fuck scarlett Moffatt.
Rest in peace our June , reunited with Leon! Forever in our hearts.
Dominga Leon.
Such sad news that June has passed away so so sad such a lovely lady re-united with Leon sending our Condolences to family and friends RIP much love Jenny and Lee xx.
but this man is lazy, with all the white privileges he only got matric. He could hv just obtained the memorandum and do this thing once.
We are delighted to be nominated for for our launch campaign with 2019 was an amazing time for LEON to launch into Ireland. We loved activating the launch campaign and getting to continually work with such an innovative brand is such a pleasure for us!

Awwwww June is back with Leon. Sad but lovely all at the same time.
Rest in peace June. It was an honour to be on Gogglebox with June and Leon for all those years. June always took the time to message kind words to me and the boys which shows how lovely a person she was. All my love, thoughts and prayers to the entire family.

awww RIP June, back with Leon now.
She and Leon were so so special .They will be missed .RIP.
Sorry, I forgot to put in the initials of who says what in the first tweets. Leon (drums) is L, Ruben (bass) is R, Cees (guitar) is C, Willem (sings) is.
Anyone else think it s a bit soon to be lifting lockdown ?
Absolutely heartbroken to hear this news. Hope June is making Leon a great big cracker in the sky. Thank you L&J, you brought so many households so much happiness.
she became basically part of our family, there was a point na everytime i went to my family gatherings, they just ask, oh, asan na si jho? so yea, ganon kami kaclose. JHO DE LEON EVERYBODY.
Rest in peace June Reunited with Leon.
So sorry to hear this. RIP June, you and Leon gave us so many laughs. I hope you are reunited Condolences to her family.
A lovely, supportive, beautiful lady both inside and out. A devastating loss, but she s finally reunited with her Leon. Rest in peace June, the stars will shine brighter tonight.
RUNNING FROM THE LAW - Resident Evil 6 (Leon Story) - Lets Play Part 7 ...
The rest of the enemies and characters from Leon A before I start doing the bosses.
I loved Leon and June. RIP.
Back with Leon x.
We chatted with them in Liverpool whilst out shopping we wished them all the best; the following year Leon passed away this sad news that Ju e has now gone to join him, such as life luv/hugs xx.
Chances are its being powered by the storm based on tempest being in his room and the storm symbol in his notebook.
Part 1. Daddy shoots all over his boy.
Alice Leon is performing on -- and TOGETHER, we are writing a song about SPRING! Join us!
Tried fighting back the tears on this clip of Leon and June. Failed miserably.
RIP June.
When I get up to 10 likes and Retweets on my tweet.
Leon: (bench presses wii remotes) gains.
RIP June hope you and Leon are finally back together.
Such sad news, June Bernicoff has sadly passed away at the age of 82. June & Leon were the Gogglebox originals and a huge part of the show s success She is now be reunited with her beloved Leon who sadly died in 2017. Rest in Peace June and May your memory be a blessing.

Ive been baptized by Leon. He is part of my current success. I even mentor my friends, with the lessons Leon taught me. Do read this. IF, you want to change your Life.
this feels.
So sad. RIP June. Reunited with Leon.
what are yalls amnese muse thoughts now that we re on the dawn of the final day im still pro leon kennedy.

What You Really Think

Please exit the park.

blink, blink.

Holy fork. Thats so satisfying.

Doesn t this fuck up the biodiversity or are millions of bugs just teething through the park?

Maybe I m dumb, but is this a glitch in the matrix?

@ America can we start doing this too or.


Yoo I m about to try this right now.

Ever played Pok mon Ruby?

What the hell is happening here?

I could watch this all day.

This makes me want to sneeze.

Needs some wheelie kids!


Some Sephiroth shit.

dont get any ideas.

Please Kyle, delete this tweet because this is not controlled burning! Youre wrong and leading people to a mistake.

Sweeping the forest.


Arent those seeds rather than pollen? Here in Canada, Betulaceaes seeds look similar.

Soy el nico al que le parece de alguna manera satisfactorio?


Looks real but the description might be inaccurate?

What kind of sorcery is this?

Gee, thats neat.

This looks mad.

Visual representation of Raid Shadow Legends ads.

That is so breathtaking and mesmerizing, literally could watch this sort of thing happen in person and it would be the most relaxing mind calming form of therapy I can even imagine!!!!

How is there so much pollen???

So satisfying.


Very sadisfying!

can water finish this?

That s a lot of plant sperm.

Was this in reverse?

Very cool!!

Looks like something out of an anime.

I could watch this all day.

I feel like Im watching myvalleegi3s burn up and ot makes me happy. Wished we could do something like this were I live.

This is right up there with the weirdest thing Ive ever seen.

What could go wrong?

Ce n ai pas une bonne id e de faire a la maison avec les poils de chiens.

This looks like magic!

Looks like a test for a real life battle royale.

Pourquoi faire? La vid o est impressionnante mais,,,

Joder que Ostia t Que tenemos la liga!!!!

Thats cool.

Birds make nest of this.

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