Thursday 23rd of December 2021

Lets Go.

Social Media Says

Single. poor senna.
You are my universe.
You are too class="u-nolinkc" href="">good for anyone.

What You Really Think

Who are you dude?

B O O P.

Chadest of them all.

Single. yeah.

You are taken my friend.

Single, or in a bromance.

Single, you are a hooker.

Single, you are compensating.

In a relationship, just dont know what type.

Aren't you married? what are you doing here.

You are single, because you belong to the sea.

Ayyy a fellow pirate, im at 300k.

In a relationship.

Bard players or fun i guess so you get a gf.

Bard is my all time favorite.

Do i have to say anything. She has been out for just over a year?

I guess you are taken, i wish you a great christmas time as well.

You are taken.

Your pillar must be massive, but probably single.


Well because they are single.

We need nothing but to find the hero, relationships are just distractions.

Too much of a chad, probably not single.

Kinda ok to me.

Single or friendzoned.

Single, cause you want to be single.

Single, those thighs are the reason.

You had girls chasing you. They are heart broken now, as you never chase Singed.

So u really go full singed as a roleplay ham? u go everywhere speeding toxic shit.

Single, why would you count to 4, when you are in a relationship. or maybe you have 3 partners.

You are probably taken, can you give me a oneliner?

Single, cause you dodge them love letters.

One of my PEOPLE! I dropped her in favor of Volibear, but AD is so much more fun than ap.

Probably an e-lady, so i guess taken?

Either have a duo partner that is your irl partner, or is desperate need of human connection. There is no in between.

I am not going to eat you, but I am sure someone does on a regular basis. Taken.

I mean we two are the same.

Single or in a toxic relationship with teemo.

Single, but you know how to ride, just no one else knows that.

Single, cause you friendzone everyone.

Oh my god i have been waiting for one of you you are single, taliyah is everything you need.

Uff tough one to be honest. too horny, single.

You have more points than the other guys, so i guess you are single.


Currently in a loving relationship with Snoopdogs Merman cousin.

Taken, how many skins do you have.

Single, too busy with noxus.

I dont think you have a xayah in your life.

This just screams single to me.

I think you watch too much hentai.


You are single, i have seen you miss game winning ults.

Happily Married for 12 years.

As op the 2nd, I dub you... in a relationship, WITH THE WILD!

I mean you have skarl, do you need more?

To busy defending your land to find love.

Single because instead of replying to the girls that slid into your DMs you stare at kai'sa's butt and cleavage.

I think you are in a relationship.

You are in the same pool as Riven and Akali players, I am convinced yall are single or started playing after you legally bound someone to you.

Okay i am back, was on a timer you are probably single, irelia got you.

Taken, lux main.

I hope taken, otherwise you are just jumping on random people. but how does your partner deal with you being on everyone?

You go on dates while sitting afk on your adcs shoulder.

Single, maybe you have an e-lady that you carry, but that is it.

You are taken, they probably modeled panth after you.

God I hope you have someone you duo with, I have experience with Sej and without the right team comp she is mental torment.

Single, have a pet you love.

You don't have enough points, so no rakan for you.

You gotta hella ball handling skills... but you are single because that doesnt help with women.

You have someone to spread your empire with.

You are that person that gives out there super nice coat when people are cold so taken.

You are single, only the wind is your friend.

Single, why?

You are taken and i hope you take your partner on a nice journey.

Def single.

You are taken, you are that prince, that rescues everyone.

You your still looking for a soul mate to press R on, but you are making good progress.

You are too young.

In a relationship. congrats.

Single ready to mingle.

You have a pet that you are too busy caring for to look for love.

You are single, those points are just ridicoulus.

You have lots of potential partners, but you dont see them because your mom fends them off.

Your hair, i can see it, you are taken. you are faboulus.

You have a partner, and they think it is adorable when you try to do overly masculine things and it doesnt go well.

You see everything, but you currently don't see a partner.

Single you play shaco how can anyone trust you.

Too busy taking care of your clan single.

I asked for your main, single.

Single. because you didnt write wukong.

You havent found anyone to throw your own shit with yet sadly.

Well this one is hard, can you tell me your ign single.


..Nobody has respect for you, most certainly not love.

Probably has someone who likes you, but you are to busy memorizing gun combos to notice.