Monday 8th of June 2020

Thank You Essential Services Workers For Keeping The Country Functioning From Level5 to Level3. We Pray For Your Safety as Your Take us Safely to Level1.

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Thank you essential services workers for keeping the country functioning from Level5 to Level3. We pray for your safety as your take us safely to Level1.
Fuck now I'm going have to shave regularly not once every 6 weeks.
Tautoko Ashley Bloomfield. Thank you also.
Go NZ! 73 days to eliminate COVID-19! Come on rest of the world- play catch-up!
New Zealand First welcomes the move to Alert Level1 at midnight tonight. We believe in a commonsense and constructive approach to policy. Our focus is firmly on the economic recovery.
Huge aroha and thanks to SiouxsieW, AshBloomfield, ChiefSciAdvisor, jacindaardern, grantrobertson1, and all the front liners - from supermarket & petrol station workers, to farmers, couriers & health workers, & all the other public service workers who made Level1 possible.

Massive Shoutout to this icon.
Enjoyed Drive today MagicTalkRadio will be there all week 4-7pm.. join me tomorrow. Will anyone be out hitting the clubs tonight midnight? ?
Today was a good day! ??? . COVID19nz COVID19 Level1 StompTheCurve Nz NewZealand jacindaardern ?
A neighbour set off five crackers about 10 minutes ago. I'm guessing they just heard about Level1 here we come.
Back in January I posted this tweet, while Jacinda was tripping around the Pacific, without a COVID care in the world. Four months on and our country is so much poorer. Let's hope Jacinda has learned from her past mistakes and keeps our country safe this time.

Zero active cases! Zero cases period! WE DID IT ! Good on us NZ ???? Level1 midnight tonight.
Tomorrow morning we're going to be back to normal, we're so excited ??
New Zealand- 100% pure and COVID free.
Currently double parked.
'NZ Will Move To Alert Level 1 From Midnight Tonight' nz movetolevel1.
I'm really going to miss misspelling a bunch of strangers' names.
Probably the main reason for NZ to not be too smug about Level1 is another country might nuke us out of spite.
Ng? mihi Aotearoa! ?? I am a little closer to being able to get on a plane to go visit my moko. He is 3 weeks today!
So glad to live in a country with such strong yet sensible leadership. NZ has just joined a very elite club and I am glad we took the decisive action to do everything we could to eradicate Covid, rather than argue about what we should like some other countries.

Well done team!
Top Effort NZ!! Enjoy life without restrictions. No Active cases and no new cases for a couple of weeks now.
Sunset on alert level 2. Tomorrow is an even better day.
Pretty exciting stuff!!! Level one and no active cases - well done Noooo Zeeland. Let's all celebrate with a visit to Funhouse followed by a slap-up meal at Mrs Miggins pie shop! Well the Funhouse bit anyway.

Aaaand we're back! ?? Have a cute lil doodle c/o NSFWPumpkins See you soon FunhouseWGTN..
Looks like this Matariki exhibition in Auckland is on again. Will keep you all posted. level1 ??
Awesome news. Well done, team. Jacinda Ardern confirms move to COVID-19 alert level 1 in New Zealand from midnight.
We knocked the bastard off.
Whoop Whoop!!! We are all dancing now.... Go NZ!! ???
Happy to not need to book to go to the gym anymore but that also means more people at the gym again and fighting for parking again ? FirstWorldProblems level1 ????
The last person with covid19 has recovered, there hasn't been any cases for 17 days... we are moving to level 1 as of Midnight tonight ?
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12 weeks on New Zealand is moving down to Level1 at midnight tonight because by working as a team of 5 million we have eliminated transmission. It's been 17 days since we last had a new Covid19 case. Our borders remain restricted but we can focus on rebuilding our economy.

Woah, Im officially crashing from COVID-19 life to date. So tired and emotional. This is a healthy stage, love that Level 1 is called Recovery.
Challenge 2: Do I have to start shaving again?
I can't wait to get back into new adventures. Panekire Hut.
Yeah baby! NewZealand goes to Level1. What a wild ride! Thanks to awesome Kiwis. Now let's help each other recover. Lot's of businesses to look after and jobs to create. If you've got the means, be part of the solution :).

Level one we did it New Zealand!!!!
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Well played, 1day, well played.
Make this the official NZ flag. Referendum, anyone?
Gna be the best Matariki New Year ever.
Anyone else feeling a huge weight lifted off their chest?
What a lovely karakia to end 12 weeks and 75 days. Well done.
0 cases of COVID-19, Level1 here we come.
What a great job New Zealanders. You stayed home and it worked. Excellent and hard work by every public health and primary care worker, reception, cleaners, nurses, doctors, swabbers, logistics, hospital staff. Great effort team.

Fuck I'm emo as. And tired. What a rollercoaster. I need a drink.
So, we go to Level 1 at midnight tonight (NZT). Thanks for the memories Covid. It was a nice two months a bit break working from home. But it's back to my office tomorrow. As Morgan Freeman says in 'Deep Impact' - "Life goes on". Take a bow NZ, we did awesome.

Just heard the news... a little in disbelief that we will move down a level after midnight tonight while the rest of the world cannot.
Never has the exclamation point been used in so many news graphics! ?
Incredibly grateful to be living in this wonderful country.
Me: I have to go in to work on Wenesday. NZ_Dave: That's great! You get to leave the house and see people! Me: ... that sounds horrible.

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