Thursday 25th of May 2023

Azimio Leader Campaign Promise on Introducing Housing Levy And His Plan For Building Affordable Housing . Double Speak And Very Sad .

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Azimio Leader campaign promise Introducing housing levy plan Building Affordable housing Double speak very
Here fine prints Housing Fund, reported Number will shock you. Kenyans falter monthly payment along 30-year repayment journey will thrown houses. will need least value.

against this housing levy because ordinary people become homeowners, they will longer living their mercy Senator Esther Okenyuri.
Jose Mourinho: hope that words will misinterpreted Tottenham fans that only club with which have close bond. Probably because stadium empty time Covid because President Levy didn't give much.

don't think have seen issue Finance Bill pushed state much Housing Levy right now. Lest forget, there many weighty issues Finance Bill 2023 that risk being eclipsed passed) this noise.

Unlike HERRCs, these respite centers intended very short stays. accommodation, like waiting room, Fabien Levy, spokesperson Adams, says. folks spending week these facilities clear where else they might go.

Mourinho telling world what shit owner Levy
Jose Mourinho: hope that words will misinterpreted Tottenham Hotspur fans that only club ]that managed] which have close bond with. Probably because stadium empty time Covid because President ]Daniel] Levy didn't.

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housing levy good nation. Stop being melodramatic selfish ends.
Finally manager calls Levy name.
diligence carried Daniel Levy failed discover that manager sufficient reputation willing work under him... apart from Pochettino, most hated rivals.

ENIC and Levy. Their unwillingness to relinquish control of the football matter to football men/women.
compare FREE primary education house levy? kind jokes going on...
Kibaki impose education levy Kenyans against their will FOOL!!
Sifuna: Kenyans should be allowed to vote on Housing levy, not MPs.

Theres Daniel Levy friends, right?
Does Daniel Levy ever self-examine wonder hard find manager reputed (tho actual) club, playing brand stadium, worlds most competitive league, worlds greatest cities? feel like super obtuse.

Aberdeen could introduce tourist order fund city improvements attract more visitors.
-TrevorOmbija: What wrong with renting house eventually? Senator Sifuna: problem cost time takes qualify through housing levy. Kenyans asking allowed plan themselves within their payslip.

problem here corruption just levy. 9Billion monthly. billions will pocketed privileged fellows.
Daniel Levy overseen: managers years. managers months. manager lasting full season since 2018. turned Englands greatest clubs into laughing stock, making himself obscenely rich process. When will people wake up?

Levy disease. rotting.
look what comes next Tottenham after Arne Slot's decision
what saying about bald back previous Managers? just want owners we've been stagnant club with Levy.
These words towards Levy kind.
Haha Jose picking moment boot well played Levy didn't give anything Rodon when wanted Dias even Min-Jae. What happened him? Levy's reputation mud. Feeling sorry him, but.

that three include Poch) best managers world they couldnt tune this squad. Squad needs sorted know Levy retains responsibility that department unfortunately.

Folks, your coolest broke eloquence yesterday explain logic Housing Levy development Fund that still name?) that department inserted unilaterally into Finance Bill 2023. Please read keenly your ballot paper objects bill. 1/N.

This housing levy savings scheme spin gets comical ludicrous day. Forced employer matching 100% return employee. It's even return. It's addition OpEx, which likely leads cuts loss other meaningful benefits.

think phrased short their main concern suitability data-oriented approach that Levy rumoured aiming for. Like, they want stats-based strategy, they wouldnt choose Mourinho Ancelotti.

previous tweets fanboy about getting Levy Boehly upfront.
sorry they correct. sleep walking into absolute disaster. Levy showing utterly incompetent once again. fact have spent tenure chairman with Caretaker managers.

Ukitaka introduce initiative that might with some resistance ppl, first campaign highlighting problems which initiative solution housing levy human stories homelessness should've over media months.

that wont feed Levy hate train.
Only spurs Levy could greatest managers time down.
Prophet Hinga interpreter Apostle Hussein Housing Levy Miracle Centre, Kinamba.
Just like killed Azimio this finance bill 2023 will Kenya Kwanza know That Affordable housing levy thingy kitamramba President William Ruto mapema sana!
opposition Senators come against Fuel Levy Housing thing (whatever called), Senator Edwin Sifuna spoke Citizen they might just start revolution they're looking for. Waachane ujinga IEBC servers join opposition.

Man said "president levy".
Hell need window recruit yous wont give that chance yeah spot everyone wants levys head already proven name needed.
Wow. Levy been found time. about profit with transfer market.
Daniel Levy Daniel Levys boss, would have been gone years ago.
Anyone thatll accept Levys constant interference football matters. Thanks Daniel. Nice facilities though.
housing levy imeonyesha y'all stupid.
Jose Mourinho: Tottenham only club with which have close bond. Probably because stadium empty time Covid because President Levy didn't give much. Spurs taking beating today.

Arresting Maina Njenga worst mistake Rigathi Gachagua made such time when Kenyans legit pissed about Affordable Housing Fund Levy among other Things about heat Kenya scary rate. Riggy messed around about find out. This.

even Raila Odinga plan introduce Housing Levy? Blueprint, Raila suggesting that employee give 1.5% employer 1.5%. This would make Well, think William Ruto suggesting same. about politics change interests.

Levy problem.
Weve fans hell Slot, then slag Levy being tight with Slot saying spoken cant make upoh right actually can. Lets right behind team. still have moan one.

many these managers turning down have done because club run, because Daniel Levy arse kisses. Time sack board start again. players don't want him, managers don't want fans don't want him.

Levy's stock never been lower. Fans think he's about profit, football man. Selling record goalscorer anything will confirm it. We can't trust spend Kane money wisely better next summer with money!

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna said government should listen Kenyans them decide Housing Levy.
What exactly comparing between free education house levy?
Finished club. manager will well till that bald turd levy charge.
weeks ago, head recruitment said Levy fucked over transfers, most fans called liar maintained Levy isnt issue. Sigh.
niggling thought. were subscribe* housing fund levy, they choose county, location type house raffle thing? resident Sugoi coulf getting flat Shakahola. Over PSCharlesHinga *mandatory, doesn't apply.

This political issue with housing levy.
Yeah agreed better doing that himself especially after missing naggeslman poch slot people with gunning levy this very important appointment worried more than anything.

Daniel levy this club. have idea what doing Just another repeat false promises complete inability back your claims apparent desires.. nagelsman slot.

This Club serious... Under Levy they should forget what progress
Maybe Nagelsman wanted wanted director football levy didnt want that cause didnt want lose that control.
Until Levy goes NOTHING NOTHING will change! problem Spurs! Guarantee offered PS7m Slot wouldn't budge. will with Atkinson, Lampard Dave Bassett! Barry interested?

The issue is about the 3% you want to deduct by force not about the levy. WE ALSO DONT WANT THE HOUSES.
this fanbase still chose defend levy over Jose they protected levy over Conte will continue
Freedom From Rent PSCharlesHinga demystified misinformation public relation proposed three cent housing levy government.
Levy goat.
Arne Slot when Daniel Levy asked wants Spurs job.
It's happened AGAIN It's happened AGGGAAAIINNNN Daniel Levy screwed another manager search ITS HAPPENED AGAIN!!! again what's excuses this time????
more evidence neededDaniel Levys position owner/property development manager/chairman untenable. damage doing this great club incalculable, anyone still defending this point complicit. Enough enough.

There over 1000 football manager world daniel levy wakes every crosses their names list every closer finding Perfect coach after almost there this millionaire twitter.

Daniel levy getting another bashing from Frothers. Daniel never going trust stewardship this club hands Dutch novice looks like thumb. Trust process, Daniel things planned around Beyonce concert time, patient.

You're just swallowing the Cullen/Levy spin. Nagelsmann had the sense to fuck us off.
allow government away with housing levy, will time now. Let's down tools.
Over you, Daniel
What arguments that Levy should remain job.
Nope. Mourinho right. Sacked week before final replaced another managers didn't back. Jose went more Trophies Spurs/Levy
Levy going pochs gaff convince only pieces thrown argentinan barbecue poch owns.
"What it takes to win is simple, it's not easy." Marv Levy.
Nobody wants negativity hour every single which what Levy platform would sound like. Keep doing your way, Flav.
seen anything even remotely like this, levy cunt didnt even know Jewish until today, that doesnt change feel about him, still cunt.

What You Really Think

The issue is about the 3% you want to deduct by force not about the levy. WE ALSO DONT WANT THE HOUSES.

We would accept it if it was Hon.Raila's government ,but for William Ruto a big NO, he will embezzle all the funds ,we don't trust him with tax payers money!! We say no to Housing Fund Bill !!


You're using the campain policies of someone you outrightly despise to convince us of your own atrocious ones?

Nyinyi, KK leadership mko kiburi miingi. Mlisema ni lazima 3% ipite. Just know your leadership is fast loosing support.

This is the government that I sincerely repent to have voted in.I was truly deceived by this sweet talkers,only to realize later who they are .God forgive us.

Limp rebuttal.

Si mlete BB1 pia.

1.5% is not the same as 3%. Is it?

So sad to hear this from a senior government everything becoming messy to KK government.They are shifting the blame of their unrealistic plans to Raila Odinga and Azimio team.This housing levy is good when the cost of living is friendly.

Haushindani na raila..ongea kuhusu mkate sukari mafuta na no jobs.

Since you have been on government have you done mumeleta kenya ikawa masikini hadi uganda imetushinda.

Waziri its not Raila that we voted for. Just recently you have been saying Uhuru never listened to you guys on bbi and baba and he lost.Why ain't you guys listening to the masses? What changed? ain't that double speak.Good leaders listen and are flexible too.Dont be dismissive!

No one is saying the policy is a bad idea Bwana Waziri, but is it a PRIORITY?, Should it be MANDATORY?. Is our salaries enough for other DEDUCTIONS, don't make it a Raila Odinga issue, because He is your bag to punch anytime you feel like It's KENYANS talking to you Government.

Our plan was sober than yours nyinyi ni utapeli tupu.

What changed.

Did he say in the first year when there are no signs of economic change?

Hiyo yenu hata ai nyumba tu iko uko ndani ..kina uongo mingi.

Drunk with power kitakuramba.

Where are we ending to?

At what point did he use the phrase "mtalipa mpende msipende"...we reject that crap!!

It can be done, and we dont have a problem with a government which works for the people. Our main issue is double speak and thieves in KK. You included.

Buana he never said he will force people to pay for it alaa!!

Yes Kenyans voted for you expecting you to be different. Don't gaslight us.

So it should be passed because Raila spoke about it?

Implement the policy. I will not be shocked yhqt those opposed will silently and quietly enroll themselves.

You're being petty.

Maskio kubwaaa nyamazaaa,you want to talk about double speak..??

You have a problem, mheshimiwa. You are in power and not Raila. Deliver and stop whining around.

Someone tell Duale what the CS of defence is suppose to do. what are the international leaders reading from our Defence CS.

We dont want it. Simple.

Ata Rao kama ange suggest tungekataa boss.

What about Kenyans.

Please fanya kazi defense...uandikiwe another book.

When it's him implementing it, it's a good idea when it's someone else doing it ...very bad idea. Sad!

But the economic timings are tofauti Mzee. Hauna habari?

So because the opposition had a similar plan then it mean they must support it? YOU ARE THE ONES IN GOVT NOW TAKE CHARGE STOP LAMENTING OR SHIP OUT.

Its very funny. Uhuru made it voluntary.

You are trying to force us to pay what we don't have? What makes you think we would have agreed with Raila? Stop making excuses.

How many double aged speeches can you count on yourself? When you are naked, you don't point at other naked nigas arround you!


Ata yy ss kama supporters wake hiyo hatungekubali.

Raila Odinga is a desperate leader who uses his political influence to blackmail Kenyans.

So according to you bwana CS 3% is 6%? We already increased NSSF contributions to 12% by both the employee and the employer. Use this for building the houses you wanna build.

We are against the 3% and the government is able to do klhousibg without forcing the 3%.

Dinywa haga ghasia.

Jjjjj nn.

Kama baya, baya.

Just like you, nyani haoni kundule.

He had also promised to set up a ministry that would exclusively deal with corruption. mnataka hii pesa ndo mkaikule? Na, Sukari si ulipeleka somalia?

How is it related to your docket.

24/7 Azimio this Azimio that For heaven seek did you forget if you're the cs for defence??

Our issue is not about housing levy issue is that we can't trust a government that if full of thieves.

He said 1.5% but he also indicates he will seek consensus by talking to stakeholders like COTU.Your govt wants to bulldoze.

Thats why hes isnt the president.

Be reminded that Kenyans are opposing this taxation not bcz it is a bad idea but bcz they do not TRUST the uDAKU regime led by a well known thief who stole elections and employed all crooks like yourself. You will know that Kenyans are with Baba RailaOdinga and not your thief.

Raila said 1.5% which is quite affordable .3% means another 1500. Besides Baba always keep his promises, yeye sio tapeli kama..

We kwenda.

But He did not say he will deduct from our salaries.

Wajinga waliisha Kenya buana.

By then Kenya was not facing drought, we were sure of listening government which will make sure we had enough disposable income to pay the so called housing levy.

Kwani it's only azimio suppoters complaining? If it's only azimio suppoters complaining then Raila won the election. I haven't met even a single individual supporting that plan just a few confused brainwashed uda supporters.

So you are admitting it is a levy NOT Saving!

Same thing you do as a politician. You have no spine or stand or principles, you sway with the direction that the wind is blowing in.

Don't add more firewood it is already boiling.

"The UDA government's broken promises have caused doubt among the people. From KES 70 UNGA to KES 300 gas cylinders, free calls, and KES 5000 smartphones - they've failed to deliver.

It's not double speak, infact kenyans are not against the levy, they are against its mode of implementation, against the timing of the implementation, gvt is not sincere neither is it taking any considerations nor engaging other stakeholders in the discussion. Power is transient.

Did he win the election, I thought KK is in gov now.

You want to tell us kk is implementing Azimio manifesto?Wajinga nyinyi.

That is why Kenyans did not vote him to be president. Now you want to do the things that made Raila be rejected!! Stupid government!!

Did you attended the cabinet meeting today or you were preoccupied with how to sell the unsellable policies of this crumbling government?

Speaks another confused fellow.

At least Raila was open to consultation naming COTU and was talking about 1.5 percent.

Wacha siasa bwana CS.

Hizo manyumba unajenga Eastleigh unajijengea ama unajengea raia waushi Bure. We are not living in the forest. Leave our small salaries alone.

It's all about the process.whats the contract.raila would have done it through a transparent process.we do not trust you with may start taxing god given oxygen.i repeat ,nobody trusts this government.

So since Raila said it you implement with impunity then blame him ?

Kinyonga huyu.

The how by KK is where the Citizens have an issue.

It doesn't matter who supported or didn't support it. The matter is that this thing is a mongrel, drop it asap! This one tawe!

Raila can be trusted not you a govt full of thieves.

So it's copy pasting?

Does that make it right?

The problem with KK is bloated incompetent cabinet...Mostly CAS appointments.

Duale you are behaving like a villager eveen with enough education to write a fake book! Bure Kabisa! We will say it for the last time: YOU CANNOT TAX PEOPLE WITH SUCH HIGH COSTS OF LIVING! YOU CONFIRM ECONOMY HAS IMPROVED & THERE IS DISPOSABLE INCOME THEN MAYBE TAX..

Now u are using babas manifesto.

We aren't against the housing levy it's just we don't trust this government.

Did he say 3%.