Monday 17th of May 2021

Love is Love. On International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism And Transphobia, Let's Talk About The Key Role of Education in Fighting Prejudice, Discrimination & Violence.

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Love love. International Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism Transphobia, let's talk about role education fighting prejudice, discrimination violence.
Today International Against Homophobia, Biphobia Transphobia! violence discrimination against LGBTI persons! equality, dignity full respect human rights!
Declaration JosepBorrellF behalf IDAHOT2021 committed respect, protect promote full equal enjoyment human rights LGBTI persons individuals should free they love whom they choose.

On behalf of 48 Embassies and Representations in Warsaw , DKambPL presents the open letter of support for the efforts to raise public awareness of issues affecting the LGBTI community in Poland. Read the letter here.

must better! Check RainbowEurope where ILGAEurope benchmarks European countries their legal policy situation LGBTI people.
17th every equality, dignity full respect LGBTI persons.
LIVE: Global Conference on Promoting the Rights and Inclusion of LGBTI Youth.
Happy IDAHOT2021 every LGBTI person. Today take moment celebrate achievements gained far V remember honor struggles past V stand firmly behind human rights every person regardless their sexual orientation gender identity.

defense rights LGBTI people priority Spain's foreign action matters HumanRights. International Against Homophobia, Transphobia Biphobia, reaffirm commitment equality.

Today International Against Homophobia, Transphobia Biphobia, IDAHOT. Sweden promotes LGBTI issues globally. should discriminated because sexual orientation gender expression.

Netherlands stands equal rights LGBTI. That today Dutch embassies across globe raising rainbow flag.
What policies make societies more inclusive LGBTI pple? Enforcing anti-discrimination hate crime laws Fostering culture equal treatment Building support inclusion Collecting info sexual orientation Learn .

Joint video statement by embassies in Kazakhstan in support of IDAHOBIT21 and the LGBTI community.
LGBTICoreGroup, co-chaired lively dialogue with UNYouthEnvoy victor_madrigal participation LGBTI youth globally protect their human rights, incl. with free_equal video campaign.

Human rights belong to everyone, everywhere no matter who you are or who you love. The Netherlands stands as ally with all LGBTI persons worldwide. NLinLV is proud to raise the Rainbow Flag today.
Today IDAHOBIT gave Leibniz_PhD_Net interview lgbti issues academia. Institutes need aware.
Its time to act! The rhetoric of hate has been allowed to flourish and even shape policy for too long, says Gen Rapp fouratgent It's time to give renewed energy to the fight for LGBTI equality and rights. IDAHOBIT IDAHOBIT2021 Full statement.

Human rights belong to everyone, everywhere no matter who you are or who you love. Join IDAHOT2021 and stand up for equal rights for LGBTI persons around the globe.
17th: Ambassadors Brussels support International Against Homophobia, Biphobia Transphobia reaffirm their commitment defend advance human rights LGBTI people around world.

Discrimination and violence should never be allowed on any grounds, including sexual orientation and gender identity IDAHOT 2021.
It's International Against Homophobia, Transphobia Biphobia! Nuno Ferreira's ERC-funded research offers comprehensive, in-depth analysis LGBTI asylum claims, providing recommendations policy makers.

In 25 % of teenagers declare that they would not "accept" an LGBTI person.With free_equal we promote acceptance& respect 4 this community.We asked students how much are LGBT issues discussed at school.Then we talked to the teacher Ina Kasimati. VIDEO.

TODAY IDAHOT2021 It's vital enable everyone reach their full potential, regardless their gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation characteristics LGBTI HumanRights4All Statement European HumanRightsAmbassadors on.

On IDAHOBIT2021, we reaffirm our solidarity with all the HRDs and groups advancing LGBTI rights everywhere. We are committed to supporting at-risk LGBTI rights defenders, such as Miluska, director of an organization supporting trans women in Peru.

Do you want to stand up 4 LGBTIRights? Join BKMC Co-chair Ban Ki-moon at the Opening of the 1st virtual Global LGBTIWorldConference to promote the rights & inclusion of LGBTI youth! mag_jeunes_lgbt Live on May 17, 12 PM CET.

IDAHOBIT2021, proud celebrate love diversity mark solidarity with LGBTI community raise awareness about work still needed combat discrimination [?] commit defend universality of.

Today celebrate International Against Homophobia, Transphobia Biphobia. Germany strongly supports LGBTI rights worldwide opposes form discrimination grounds sexual orientation gender identity. Join celebrating freedom diversity.

IDAHOT raise rainbow flag draw attention importance equal rights LGBTI people. Orange always part rainbow!
Human Rights belong everyone, everywhere matter love. Join IDAHOT2021 events that will organised Albania coming days weeks. Stand equal rights LGBTI persons around globe. Together: Resisting, Supporting, Healing!

Today we commemorate IDAHOBIT day! Global Unions are launching our LGBTI Solidarity Charter:our pledge to stand in solidarity with LGBTI workers who are our colleagues, family & friends. Show your support in comments below&share!

proposed Traditional Values bill Russia will further discrimination against LGBTI people Russian, including partnership guardianship rights. stand solidarity with Russias strong LGBTI activists, will NeverGiveUp their fight freedom equality.

17th International Against Homophobia, Transphobia Biphobia IDAHOT2021 IDAHOT Humanrights universal belong all. Finland develops rights LGBTI people such international forums OSCE.

ReadEuropean HumanRightsAmbassadors ' Statement on the IDAHOT. Combatting homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. Full and equal enjoyment of human rights. -> Decriminalisation. Abolishment of the death penalty. --- ulkoministerio ->.

applaud LGBTI activists who, despite persecution marginalisation, stand equality. Russia, where LGBTI persons encounter hate speech discrimination, groups raise awareness this diverse vibrant community art, music events.

With emphasis humanrights inclusivity Ambassador Varga KingdomOfTheNetherlands raises RainbowFlag with OLeoLokai RedInitiative colleagues Embassy IDAHOT drawing attention LGBTI people struggle.

Love right, Love freedom. heterosexual stand against kind phobia violences LGBT community widely, disabled people also deserves than ever regardless their gender sexual orientation.

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Ufff la homosexualidad con rango de educacion cultural social politica en Europa hahaha.


The education most lacking is about the nature of money.

The rainbow symbol you promote is the symbol of an ideology shared only by a fraction of homosexuals and by a smaller fraction of humanity. UN must not be co opted by an ideology that represents sectarian beliefs, valid only for their followers and legitimately reject by others.

It's correct to disagree with homosexual practices (such as anal penetration) and worldviews (such as carnal pleasure as end in itself or homosexual couples adopting children) UN must condemn people being stigmatized as mentally ill for voicing out this legitimate discrepancies.

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You all need to re-create the world. LGBT against the word of God!!!

Cehenneme kadar yolun var UNESCO.

I love you unesco <3.