Friday 4th of February 2022

That Fuckwit Alex Hawke Embodies Almost Everything That is Wrong With The Liberal Party: a God-bothering Hillsong Nutter And Factional Bully of no Visible Talent. Naturally, Hes Smirkos Party Headkicker in NSW.

Social Media Says

Conservative Party that dances with right good Liberal Party. it's terrible democracy.
liberal_party needs drama teacher, CPC_HQ needs drama student. It's time political theatre Ottawa, start getting ourselves this mess.

Liberal Party votes down motion condemn blackface first Black History Month Canadian Parliament.
Imagine much better Britain could conservative party. Culturally conservative, economically liberal, socially pro-freedom.
That said, best word still have fascistic, fascism lite, liberal fascism. that applies entire corporate owned government matter what Party control. party system with factions. They work same people.

When liberal_party politicians Canadian media want private entity like gofundme held higher transparency standard than federal government JustinTrudeau cathmckenna have problem democracy.

South Wales Liberal Party been "railroaded" Scott Morrison seeking special powers pre-select candidates?
Justins half brother podcast this morninghe supports Demonstrators says Justin being handled like puppet reading from script given Wizard behind scenes Liberal party. Nothing didnt already know. called NWO.

COVID made most apparent that aged care should private hands, that welfare elderly, compromised disabled people should regulated Liberal Party MPs.
Where does Liberal party find their candidates? Tim Smith Wilson and now Tim James I always told trust anyone with first names.
Should Liberal Party oust Trudeau leader?
liberal_party suck it!!
That fuckwit Alex Hawke embodies almost everything that wrong with Liberal Party: god-bothering Hillsong nutter factional bully visible talent. Naturally, Smirkos party headkicker NSW.

Load crap Morrison being centre right there being 'left' Liberal Party. their factions are: ultramegahyper rabid right, megahyper rabid right, hyper rabid right (with varying degrees shit crazy religionism 3).

Whatever think convoy, apparently polls better than Liberal party right now.
Straight from Trudeau playbook racism LBGTQ divert from real issue YEARS tyranny taking freedoms citizens Canada. liberal_party PROVOCATEUR media CTVNews CBCNews narrative exposed by.

Uh-oh...Maher's longer towing 100% party line... Maher definition true liberal. leftist, liberal.
Thats Trudeau way! Use Military against Citizens! Remember previous campaign ads. Theyll troops streets. Soldiers with guns canadian streets! liberal_party claiming CPC_HQ would this! Ironic Libs only ones have!!

PoiLIEvre active participant this anti-science convoy. PierrePoilievre irresponsible politician who's continuing provoke anger thru misinformation twisting truths bring down elected government.

Thank you,We also Call IRCCOMBUDSMAN,we also Call Removal Section 179b IRPR-Duel Intent Spouse's Canadian Citizens..Remove Minister, Reunite with Families.
voted vlitwin next leader Liberal Party.
Speaking cheering crowd Peoples Party Canada convention 2019, B.J. Dichter warned listeners about dangers political Islamists, said Liberal Party infested with Islamists.

Hopefully that's sign destruction current federal Liberal party currently know Liberals need loose this election remove Scomo corrupt team. team needs rebuild Liberals future election.

Race baiting hate division core Values liberal party Canada
Independents have forced more angst liberal party than moderate Liberals ever have.
Good one! Liberal party Hypocrites!
Totally absolutely agree Anthony Albanese RichardColbeckShould resign along with Liberal National Party colleagues, they need held totally accountable responsible lies, neglect, rorts, corruption cover-ups.

Let's open already!!!! Communist Liberal Party different plan!!! veterans fought FREEDOM!!! TRUDEAU SQUASHING FREEDOM!!!!
they crooked liberal party wants names donated well want names they stole money gave away to!!
future Liberal Party image.
brother thinks suffers from Mass Formation Psychosis. mentions control over liberal_party cabinet. thinks we're being scammed. onpoli.
Kommandant Morrison from centre-right faction Liberal Party Those left must dyed wool fascists. The Liberals have mess tells something about Morrison.

irony JustinTrudeau liberal_party wanting Canadian military harm peaceful protesters TruckersConvoy2022, after saying that veterans were asking more than wants give, lost Heres hoping that brothers right thing.

Shouldnt definition members liberal party liberal minded?
People like failed protect them. Thats called PUBLIC health dipshlt stupid
please dedicate resources possible identifying people brought peacefully protest Nazi confederate flag publicly hang them. sure truckers agree. I'll discover they affiliated liberal party.

rather have that than have parallel Liberal party thanks.
will probably them March Emergency runs that party,the party liberal party voted people Ontario. Remember that people June There's Blue Party ready that election. Time new. Kick Out.

Factional rubbish, childish games, threats civil war. Liberal Party, describing behaviour. Constituents members must livid.
liberal party joke.
desperate unhinged does this Trudeau government have before people erosion their Rights. they going investigate every fundraiser campaign? Lets start with Trudeau Foundation, Charity, Liberal Party Fundraisers.

left Ontario time leader became premier. lier then, now. eventually switched federal Liberal party. That should tell everyone that Liberals hard left many years. sack sh1t.

actually term endearment Liberal Party.
Whats worse part twisted back-scratching circle. Tuesdays publication political donations data from 2020-21 reveals Raytheon donated more than $100k Liberal party last financial year. surprise investing their machines.

Barnaby joyce requests that liberal party member that called ScottMorrisonMP absolute psycho come forward. They agreed condition that they could have group photo.
Glad only took entire lost election, creation national party mass protest conservative party realize putting liberal their leader wasn't their brightest idea
Senator, you'll publishing list "dark money" donors almost "foundations" provide most Liberal Party's funding, will you? Because won't you're more than little hypocritical.

There disunity within Liberal party have spoken members federal cabinet they have assured that their leader they ambitious
dont know every1 sees things does that pander extreme believers! agree military support Cons police; Liberal leader would leave party. when Stephane Dion Ignatieff were in.

Brilliant news. Greg Hunt just said Morrison safe That means thing Australia.. Give Morrison honour being loses most seats Liberal party "ever" worst government ever.

Thats amount liberal_party raised their last campaign..
Another totally expressionless member Liberal party comes from Quooeensland NSW.
Also mention that Bernie Farber liberal party supporter evidenced nomination participation 2011 general election Liberal Party candidate Ontario Thornhill. bias here whatsoever.

That's truth.
Imagine canadians what would happened Canada Pierre PoiLIEvre leader cons Ontario Quebec BritishColumbia cdnpoli cdnmedia ottawa liberal_party HARPERS mini-me.
Maybe those with liberal party card.
families travel another.
fact that actually being built proof that it's another SNC/ Liberal Party scam.
oust their leader erinotoole failing keep promise people liberal_party keeps their clown leader JustinTrudeau after ethic violations WeScandal speaks volumes liberal party they fine with corruption.

reaction when your party liberal_party didnt denounce Blackface house!
Lol, morgues overflowing it's because nitwits failed protect vulnerable seniors around like chickens with their heads screaming about covid.
Savage lolll.
That right let's follow Money where Communist Liberal Party gets there money!!! China!!!!
cuts through England, that's only place through. Like Scooter, only needs convince voters ofCook Liberal Party executive management, focused entirely their bank accounts. These facts that seem elude commentariat.

Does have blood hands. does Liberal Party Canada. They should have asked step down months least when went with minority population.
There difference between Liberal (party) liberal people. Liberal people more liberal long shot than Conservatives followers.
sycophant. affiliation with liberal party. voted them twice lifetime. doubt they even care raise voice support federal government simply preserve Canada have become, will important me.

entire Liberal National Party should resign Federal Election should called immediately.
long time Ottawa resident, fully support protest. support part, because people Liberal Party agents posing journalists. from hatred, cover specific political party. ***.

Where HoCCommittees HoCChamber ParliamentCA expose liberal_party corruption?
Qanonservatives terrorists Omicronvoy have secured more support liberal_party than anything Liberals could have done themselves. wants associated with cons anymore.

Crowe again: Liberal Party members seeking force meeting that could impasse over selection candidates federal election after months frustration with over delays that could destroy their chances crucial campaigns.

What You Really Think

Its hard trying to find a Pentecostal in Farrer.

Been captured by personal ambition, avarice and ego. Democracy / Party rules, out, our way, in! Germany 1933 anyone?

The simplest solution to this nasty debacle is for voters in these electorates to send a message to the NSW Liberal Party that they dont like faction driven politics by not voting for them in the federal election.

It's his revenge for being made to wear boxing gloves to bed at boarding school ...

The two of them think its fine to keep refugees in detention for nearly 10 years. Monsters, the both of them. I hope theyre voted into oblivion for the rest of time.

Phillip Ruddock says a champion team beats a team of champions. Happily the NSW Liberals seem to have neither.

And a sadist whos got the Medevac guys locked up in hotels and detention centres around the country. Frightening man.

Waiting for Murdoch, Stokes and Costello media to post headlines about the Liberals Faceless Men.

Well said Mike!

566 people have died under his watch in aged care THIS YEAR (it's February 4) and all this mongrel cares about is turning the Liberal Party into a happy clappy conference.

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