Tuesday 25th of August 2020

The Barren Womb Condemnation Coming Out of The Vic Liberal Party Reveals The Misogyny That Still Festers at The Heart of Australias Ruling Political Party. Not on my Watch.

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Basically nobody in liberal circles is taking seriously the consequences of the fact that the exiled cadre of the Republican Party are building a massive power base in the Democratic Party.
So here we have the giant, hairy-chested Liberal Party of Morrison & Dutton on China policy. The party that gave away the Port of Darwin for 99 years to a Chinese company despite the protests of the US. And now this one. What a pack of rolled-gold hypocrites.

The barren womb condemnation coming out of the Vic Liberal party reveals the misogyny that still festers at the heart of Australias ruling political party. Not on my watch.
2. Before the case proceeds to the High Court, the Federal Court assessed all the evidence from WA, Clive Palmer and the Federal Government.All submissions by Clive Palmer and the Liberal Party were rejected.

Sukkar is one of Morrison's fellow happy clappers. The VIC Liberal Party has been stacked with them for years. It's why they got flogged at the last state election. It's also why Morrison won't act. The corrupt Sukkar is a key part of his power base.

Theres a lot of nutcases speaking at the Republican NC. They make the Victoria Liberal Party seem like a team of sensible socialists in comparison.
For the record, Victorian State Liberal Party MPs; Tim Smith, James Newbury and Matthew Guy are all part of the far right conservative faction that Marcus Bastiaan was stacking. Expect them all to go to ground over the next few days.

Wtf is going on with Liberal Party members in Victoria?
Though moderate Erin O'Toole wasn't my first nor second choice, I congratulate him on becoming leader of our party. I'm not going to bitch, whine and join a no seat having "alternative" conservative party whose leader lost his own seat. My goal is to defeat the Liberal party.

Just reminding everyone how corrupt The Victorian Liberal Party is. Those close to liberal party say this branch stacking event is just of tip of the iceberg for religoius right wing cabal corrupting parliament.

Always thought they were that way inclined alpsa Liberal bid to recruit Centre Alliance pair continues with discussion of bringing entire party into Coalition.
So the NDP seems to have a vendetta against me. Their media outlet is reaching out to ppl around me trying to 'prove' I had contact w/PMO during election and that I am a Liberal. I didn't and I'm not a member of the party. And if I was? So? Smacks of McCarthyism, no?

Dear ScottMorrisonMP, why was branch stacking in the VIC branch of the ALP "a huge test for albomp" when no federal ministers were involved, yet branch stacking in the VIC Liberal Party is nothing to do with you when your federal ministers are directly involved?

Lets send a message to ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider, if he refuses to back conservative candidates like ElectMarkCurran- he needs to go! We dont need cronies who support a liberal political hack like Senator Durbin in charge of our party! Email him, Chairmanillinois.gop.

The idea is to kill Congress and replace with AAP. So RSS will control both party in power and opposition. The liberal journalists are part of the B team project.
I ran some media searches across Aus media the day after the 60 Minutes story about ALP branch stacking & the day after the 60 Minutes story about liberal party branch stacking. There was 4 times the coverage af the labor story. 80 articles about ALP to 17 articles about Libs.

Everytime we see a black man not perfectly toe the liberal line, Democrats provide further and further proof that they were, are, and always will be, the party of racism and slavery. Oh no, Lisalape1! Did a black man escape from your thought plantation?!

24-8-2020 Albo stands in Parliament & reads a litany of failures by Morrison & his govt. Morrison turns his back! Josh Frydenberg interjects & has to come to the dispatch box & withdraw swear words. A shocking state of affairs by a useless & unjust Liberal Party!

Hmm. Not so much as a MENTION of Liberal Party BranchStacking in abc730 's opener. Not even a whisper. As opposed to the loudly trumpeted headline intro when Labor was under the spotlight for the same issue a few weeks ago. Tell me there's no bias, blatant some?

Nikki Haley and Tim Scott are the kind of leaders that can create a coalition with conservatives and libertarians in the GOP like Ronald Reagan did in the 1980's. A coalition that can defeat a poisonous and dangerous socialist-liberal coalition from the Democratic Party.

What's funny is even as a progressive liberal I can find more in common with Libertarians than I do with Republicans. Kind swing for the extremes I suppose. But the Republican party is close to adopting facism in the name of capitalism, nationalism, and apparently anti Marxism.

Yeah conservatives like a broken clock can be right. California is the epitome of liberal hypocrisy. The state run by the party that cares about the poor and unfortunate allows corruption to fester. One party ruled this state into the ground.

Dan Andrews sacked Somyurek and recommended he be expelled from the ALP, which he was within two days. If Sukkar, Andrews, and Bastiaan remain in the Liberal Party by the end of this week it will be indicative of just how weak Morrison is.

: Two parties contesting the coming State election on September 26 Liberal Democratic party (LDP) and Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) said they want nothing to do with the Barisan Nasional or its components, especially Umno.

Super does belong to us. And we'd like it protected because we understand it's more likely to look after us in old age than the Liberal Party.
We couldnt bear divider Obama, we had to put up with him, so you should put up with who we elect, but no you didnt allow us that. So put up with it. Like we have to put up with your liberal votes. Two-way street not a one-way. God forbid 1 party system which is what you want.

And throw Rempel into that mix with Raitt.
So you're saying he didn't run as a Liberal in the Conservative Party.
Yes thats why a lot ppl outside of liberal land respect Jimmy. They may not always agree with him BUT the Dems continue to tell me they are the better party so when you fail to show me that then yes you should be called out. I know plenty of GOP voters that call out their side.

Has Scott Morrison kicked Kevin Andrews or Michael Sukkar out of the Liberal Party yet? Or does he just not have the stones?
Lincoln. The party of Ulysses S. Grant. Abolition of the horror that was slavery... Try again. Are conservatives perfect. Nope. Are black folks perfect. Nope. But light years ahead of liberal Democrats. Full stop.

Another Liberal Party troll bites the dust bye bye I care about my community.. which is why im stridently protecting Victorians from your unhinged Far-Right IStandWithDan im grateful to Premier Andrews for unapologetically saving me & my loved ones from.

The Liberal Party is on the verge on destroying the superannuation system. Funds which protected the economy during the bad times over the past 30 years, and support people in retirement. All because they dont like industry super. This is absolute madness.

"On this 'barren womb' message coming out of the Vic Liberal Party, it proves misogyny still lies at the heart of the ruling political party in this country..if not for the miracles of modern science, I myself would still be in possession of a 'barren womb'" .

Your liberal ideology got killed decades ago brother, now your party is nothing but radicalism and straight socialism disguised in progressism. The democratic party is far from what it used to be. Time to.

Fortunately, the leader of the Liberal Party makes every attempt to appeal to our better sides instead of pandering to the hate, anger, and fear that are the stock-in-trade of JB.
Because he understood how busy Side Letter Mickey has been organising the Liberal Partys branch stacking duties.
Calling minorities idiots because they don't get in line with the democrat party. Gotcha liberal.
There is no longer a party for real liberals in this country. We have centrists, and conservatives. Biden will drop every liberal policy in his platform on day 1, just like Obama. I've voted Democrat my entire life...I'll never vote for another establishment candidate again.

And something else recently imported from the GOP is indecency, rudeness and disrespect. Below, Adam is a Federal Member of Parliament, in Trudeau's Liberal Party. And Bryan is a taxpayer funded "Issues Manager" for The Premier of Alberta. Unbelievably rude.

We want to see a party led by DerekSloanCPC. He might actually do something for our values. Throw Raitt into the liberal_party where she belongs.
Coincidentally, I think April was when michaelobrienmp launched the Liberal Party petition to ReLeASe tHe gOLf sCiEnCe DaNiEL aNdReWs.
Liberal party branch-stacking scandal: More abuse of taxpayer-funding for party politics? Michael Sukkar employed friend who designed smear sheets.
For anyone interested, this is CraigOndarchie saying "Look at me! I'm the Victorian Liberal Party idiot of the day!".
PM must sack Michael Sukkar over Liberal party branch-stacking allegations, Labor says.
We also fighting Leftism in this country's, DA is liberal party and they employ illegals.
Compare that to what the Democrat party has brought you. Housing projects to stack the black folks as high as possible in the corner of the city. Ever been to Washington Heights? I have, didn't see any liberal utopias either. Welfare, great society, Planned Parenthood...

Ahhh right - so as ever with the Liberal Democrats when they lose, it was all about the wrong question being asked. LibDems such an irrelevant joke now - and people like me used to vote for your party!

Hey you stayed classy, good for you theJagmeetSingh - that's going one better than the liberal_party which used their "congratulations" to attack the Conservatives. JustinTrudeau has really taken the Libs to a new low.

Canada is more left leaning than America. Liberal is the default party. Conservatives only exist as the 'plan b' when the Liberals piss us off. I do see a lot of people trying to spin the slogan. It basically reads 'Let's beat the liberals', but that sounds boring.

The difference being mainly that it is not controlled by one authoritarian party which consistently drifts towards red fascism. I would argue that in these "socialist" states proletariat has even less controll over means of production than in modern liberal democracies like US.

You spend a lot of time abn-ing it for the Liberal Party. If you actually read any Liberal Party policies, you'd know all their policies cater to monopolies and not small business. It's the best hoax ever, and they have try hards like you conned cos you don't bother reading them.

This day I joined the then Democratic Party 22 years ago. I don't regret that I joined Democratic Party this day.I will remain loyalty to liberal values & constitutional democracy.I'm still an active activist to date.I will stand for genuine principles till I die.

WEAK MORRISON: Dan Andrews sacked Somyurek & he was expelled from the ALP, within 2 days. If Sukkar, Andrews, & Bastiaan remain in the Liberal Party by the end of this week it will be indicative of just how weak Scott Morrison is.

- The destruction of the oil and gas industry. The massive generational debt. The regressive carbon tax. The corruption. The alienation of our biggest trading partner. The ethical violations. The criminal violations. Etc etc etc.

Dont forget that the Victorian Liberal Party are aspirational, in that they aspire to be as moronic is the Republicans. Having never had an original thought, the right in this country have always looked towards the US as the place to steal their stupid ideas from.

Chief Justice John Roberts is Chief liberal socialist justice Roberts . Must no longer be the Chief !! A disgraceful political partisan in favor for all thats Obama era and the Democrat communist socialist party going forward. And I hes Nancys puppy.

What You Really Think

I felt like shouting Amen, sister after that! Truly great, genuinely inspirational work.

Thank, Anika! Many women chose not to, or just don't have the opportunity to have children for many reasons, and it makes us no less of a person, and should never be used as slander against us.

Don't forget to make a most dishonourable mention of the execrable Bill Heffernan's despicable comment about our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, being 'deliberately barren.' He's Liberals' ground zero source for this abomination.

Just saw you interviewed on ABC. Really impressive! Thank you for your articulate stance on a range of issues . You blitzed it!!! KatieAllenMP my MLA does nothing to add ANY value to this national debate on health, aged care quality or sovereign wealth.

Thank you . We have Ms McIntosh liberal member for Lindsay who hasnt even made her maiden speech.

Could it be that bible toting Christian men love to expound on the scripture in Ephesians that, quote, women submit to your husband and women are not to teach a man and remain quiet ?? Thats the danger of mixing state and church. Our government should be secular.

Well said. Misogyny, and tolerance of it, needs to be shown the door.

This behaviour is STILL going on !

God damn.

I said to you at the polling booth that you were the only candidate of quality in Lilley. I said to SwannyQLD that Labor is in safe hands with people like you stepping up as candidates. Golly I do so love being 100% right on the money.

Listen to this the global collapse of the economy was predicted from the last GFC...this is from 2018 this predicts the worst collapse in human history! Oh and your story is rubbish.

Good woman. Thankyou.

Good on you Annika. So much wrong with them.

Thank you.

Good points and thoroughly agree ... but how about attacking the effect political donations have on our politics and a cancer that is destroying government policy making? I would argue is far more important issue than mysonginy in the govt benches.

Strong and powerful and honest. thank you.

Sorry but I dont like the word.

Yes yes yes all power to you!

Well said.

Thank-you Vnulb.

Anita, thank you, from a woman who wanted children but could never have them. Those comments from people like Bastiaan just twist the knife.

String Aussie Female politician taking it to the patriarchal establishment.

No-ones surprised, sadly. This LNP in Vic is beyond appalling. Rupert Hamer would be turning in his grave.

This was a great 90 seconds!

Thank you! Well said Vnulb.

Wow, thank you. Thats spot on and so powerful.

That was cringe worthy what was said. The other thing I can not stand is the " C " word. No need to use that to describe someone as far as I am concerned.

On fire . As a possessor of a once barren womb I can say you summed up my feelings perfectly.

Good job Anika!

Loving this. Power to your arm sister.

Amen sista!! Vnulb.

Stick it to those ferals.

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