Sunday 14th of February 2021

"How is That Not a Foul on Lindelof?" Same Reason Why This Wasn't a Foul...

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Think Lindelof has to be stronger. But unsure how this wasnt given as a foul.
"How is that not a foul on Lindelof?" Same reason why this wasn't a foul...
West Brom are off to a flying start! Diagne puts the Baggies ahead within the first 90 seconds. In the words of gnev2 he 'mauls' Lindelof! Watch on Sky Sports PL Follow WBAMUN here: Download the SkySports app!

How can Hasselbank say thats not a foul? Lindelof too weak as usual though.
It was definitely a foul, he had his hand grabbing his facestill think lindelof couldve done better.
Just started trending in Pakistan. PAKvsSA Lindelof BANvWI Captaincy Muhammad Qasim Haider Shaheen Batting.
Thats the trouble, I like him, prefer him to lindelof but injury prone.
Bailly on for Lindelof quickly, VDB on for Fred quickly. The earlier the better.
Especially lindelof. So weak maze.
Whats diagnes hand doing on lindelofs face pulling him back to project himself forward and met with the ball as a result is that how to play football?
1 on 1 against lindelof and this was a 3 on 0.
More and more they show that its a foul on Lindelof. Whats wrong with our players not complaining when they get fouled. De Gea against Sheffield United and now this. Costing us valuable points.
I accept that Lindelof was weak here, but wtf is VAR doing ?? Victor was impeded and his sight on the ball literally covered. Clear fowl. The officiating in this league is a disgrace.
Lindelof needs to go as soon as possible btw, its not Maguire its him.
To be fair to Lindelof its an obvious foul. VAR now seems to allow strikers to cover defenders eyes!
I want kounde but he wont be as done as lindelof was with that goal but he is 179 cm but a great leap and header , so worried about teams targeting him for aerial balls and challenges.
Our attack would score much more if theyd play against Maguire & Lindelof every gameweek.
I think its about time we gave McSauce a run in at CB with Maguire. Hell be perfect for it. His passing, build, speed, strength. Because Lindelof isnt Man Utd quality.
Diagne fought and struggled to get that header, But Lindelof was just there hoping it would be a foul on him. Why didnt he struggle to give Diagne a fight too.
Better partnership than lindelof and maguire g.
We shouldnt start next season with Maguire and Lindelof as our preferred CB pairing.
Lindelof bad heading, outmuscled, De Gea could have come out of that bloody backs.
I think we just miss that extra player to go forward but we don't due to what's behind. You see when the full back plays the ball back into the middle we've got McTom, Fred, Maguire, Lindelof still to cover for the 2 CB's when there should only be either Fred or McTom sat deep.

Wys me lindelof must defend a goal with his eyes covered FUCKEN WOW.
The ones that said Lindelof could have been stronger are killing me. He was held back and had his face covered. Lmao. I understand the guy is weak but this decision is ridiculous from the officials.
"How can you say that?" Graeme Souness believes Victor Lindelof was fouled for the goal Manchester United conceded in the second minute. Do you agree? Watch live on Sky Sports PL.
Bruno's second name means ''saviour" Don't tell me nada... WBAMUN lindelof.
Strikers when they see Victor Lindelof.
Clear foul. His hand was all over Lindelof's face.
Lindelof-maguire CB? come on Ole don't spoil the rest because of these two bozos.
Tom Brady in for Lindelof.
Just seen the west brom player with his hand all over lindelof face how did it stand ?
Any striker that is 5ft11 against Lindelof.
How Lindelof saw the goal.
Lindelof got Diagne looking like prime C. Ronaldo.
Lindelof wanyela shem.
Not with lindelof.
Maguire needs a good CB with him ASAP. Hes being dragged down. Keeper is a mute who lets the defenders sit too deep, dont get any help from him. The less said about Lindelof the better.
I cannot understand why Lindelof is constantly preferred over Eric Bailly. As soon as Eric is available slot him back in with Maguire.
Lindelof and Maguire partnership will be downful ya Ole.
Still need to get rid of DDG, Fred and Lindelof if we are a serious club.
Probably was a foul looking back at it (100% if the maguire one got given the other week) but lindelof such a fanny and got to do better there. Bruno quiet but like rashford, produces pivotal moments in games.

No Ole would never do that. He trusts Lindelof and Maguire until they get him sacked.
Diagne literally tryna kiss Lindelof grabbing his face n shit gtfo.
The love I have for Bruno Fernandes is actually getting sus Once again Sporting_CP thank you, also slbenfica_en I think our Lindelof is faulty, please tell me if you have a returns policy.
Whether he was fouled or not Lindelof has been weak in the air since joining United. Its painful seeing him making the same mistake constantly.
Lindelof gets sent home.
X lindelof his gay partner.
Lindelof is weak when it comes to Aerial threats, but that is clearly a foul. Remember Maguire disallowed headed goal, that was too soft compared to this.
Everyone saying lindelof has to be strong there is a result of not liking the guy not because of that play , because that was a foul ,a blatant one.He clattered into him from his blind side and also obstructed his vision , that foul is as clear as day.

I just don't know what Ole has with Martial and Lindelof ooo.
I would rather see Phil Jones partner with Harry Maguire than Lindelof.
He needs replacing. Lindelof first, then probably Maguire.
Ig you are willing to see us go into the next season with Maguire and Lindelof as our CBs? You really expect the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Barca, RM to have them as their first choice CBs?
And within 90 seconds Victor Lindelof getting bullied and we're 1-0 down. My word.
Lindelof participating in the bird box challenge isnt talked about enough.
Just lindelof and maguires line. Stop blamin de gea.
Imagine if lindelof played vs drogba back then?
Lindelof after Diagne covered his eyes. VAR about as consistent as bitcoin.
I think Ole prefers Lindelof because his progressive passing is better, but its still not as good as Maguires and isnt worth the defensive frailty it creates.
If I say Lindelof isn't my type of CB now, you people will report my account to Jack. No problem, continue glorifying mediocrity until we go 12 years without a PL.
Yeah. Him or Pogba. But really we just need to be signing an expansive passer to replace Pogba if he goes in the summer. Carrick would have been good for this one too. Other than that, let's swap Rashford onto the left, get Mason on, and haul Lindelof off for good...

Lindelof is so poor the man afraid to head the ball offers nothing no need for 2 holding midfielders either bring on DVB Need quality passes forward.
Bailly and Henderson need to be given a consistent run ahead of Lindelof and De Gea. carras16 Mike_Phelan_1 ManUtd PLEASE. GO LOOK AT HOW MANY POINTS THEY COST US Begging here really.
This is gonna be my last reply cause im tried of this debate,but its just a lower level of football,like i would've said some shit like "lindelof should play in league two" or for the youth team,got nothing to do with gender.

Hes holding lindelof back so much.
I'd play you ahead of Lindelof any day.
Its cos I dont know how I feel about maguire but lindelof gazz to go.
It's kinda 50/50? If we weren't Man Utd, it wud b a free out, and I do think Lindelof needs to be stronger!! Having said that, it's a foul 9 times out of 10 these days. We don't seem to be getting any of these decisions lately??

No foul on Lindelof just weak defending. If we are going to try to win things , players like Lindelof and Martial are just not good enough. Sorry but the truth hurts!
It seems you did not see how he put his halm across Lindelof's face, it's a pure foul.
Nana said Lindelof isnt bad at all, she doesnt rate Maguire though.
I mean he literally covered lindelofs eyes so he couldnt see.
Lindelof should have grabbed his face but I guess its not in his genes to exaggerate like that. Gotta respect that.
Agree, how can it not be a foul, Lindelof had his face completely covered. What is Var for?
Lindelof u fool! Ole why? Why? He keeps costing us!!

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Fair enough.

How many more times are they going to use this same picture?

You never get tired of using this, do you? It over 3 times now for us.

The amount of decisions that go for Chelsea and you have the cheek to complain about fouls? What a muppet.

To be fair mate, the refs in this league are so fucking shit.

Beautiful gooal!!!!!!

Maguire be like lift me up.

Ohhh what a sweeettttt GOAL!!!!

Neither were a foul. Just shodding defending by United yet again.

Thanks for this bro.

Lmao gives me joy seeing united fans getting bodiedatioed left right and centre in this post.

That's the answer.

Was a goal given for this? gtfo.

Because Diagne covered Lindelofs eyes ??????

Ok helipad.

Legend tweet lol.

No one is bitching about that. You just wanted to bring that up. Finally you can rest and delete that picture from your gallery.

In the same game, Reece James did the same thing to Maguire. You won't complain about will you?

No worse than what Maguire does every single game.

Wait until 90th minute you muppet. Let see after the final whistle.

Ok thanks.

Ask the ref.

U mean this?

I dont think Lindelof has jumped into him tbf.

Didnt know that led to a goal and had to be checked by VAR?

Did he score with this? You're delusional.

Because their is a guy playing piggyback on jersey no. 23 while mugging him at the same time which ain't cool.

Not a foul.

?both were not fouls games gone too soft.

Maguire also got a goal cancelled ..stop crying.

Inject this.