Monday 11th of October 2021

Literally Dozens.

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class="u-nolinkc" href="">I ruined my marriage and alienated my children at 17.
Hell we start sex at 15 but dont tell the yanks theyll run around screaming paedos!
class="u-nolinkc" href="">I quit drinking at 11. But class="u-nolinkc" href="">I usually start again the next morning.

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Theres a song I recently heard about being sober by 25, Im glad you all have it figured out a decade earlier. What do you do with all that extra time???

In Eastern Europe we quit smoking at 13.

Most cringe thing ever is Europeans, mainly Brits and Irish claiming that we all drink in fields age 12 and Americans don't touch alcohol. It's a heap of shite.

I also live in a country that is not America so there are at least 2 of us.

Right? I feel like if there were more than a baker's dozen worth of people that aren't American then I would have heard about them by now.

We can figure this out using what we know about the world. **North America** - 2 people There's at least one Canadian and one Mexican. **South America** - 1 person Bolsonaro is selling the Amazon to someone, possibly the Mexican. We know there's gun crime in Rio, but that could be caused by Bolsonaro himself. **Europe** - 4 The Queen and her pedo son make 2. The scary woman in charge of Germany is another. Any celebrities from Europe probably live in the US now they're famous. Also Putin - likely the only Russian after he killed off the opposition. **Asia** - 4 We know that the Chinese leader is angry at the Taiwanese leader, so that's 2. They're also angry at Hong Kong, but that could be the Taiwanese leader in disguise. There's the fat Korean leader with the funny hair who's making nukes in his spare time. He may also be behind Taiwan / Hong Kong, I can't say for sure. Afghanistan has multiple terrorists, but they may have blown themselves up so can't say for sure that there are any people there. There's at least one Israeli and one Palestinian however. **Australia** - 0 Steve Irwin died a while back, and I can only assume that without him the country is now overrun with dangerous animals and all humans are dead. **Africa** - 1 There's at least one scammer in Nigeria, it's not clear how many were left after the mass migration to the Americas. That puts us at a minimum of twelve. The dictionary defines a dozen as: > dozen > /'d^z()n/ > noun > 1. > a group or set of twelve. > "a dozen bottles of sherry" > 2. > an exchange of insults engaged in as a game or ritual among black Americans. Assuming this is about the first defintion, I think we've proved that there is in fact at least a dozen people living in the barren wasteland outside of the USA.

He obviously drank the vodka he refunded and is in that squiffy state of drunkenness where you exaggerate everything.

Fake news.

Well we definitely found an American.

Its at least one dozen.

I'm Canadian and I know at least 11 people.

Just researched on Facebook and found out hes lying. Hes a socialist. go figure.

Ive been to a country that wasnt America and there was a person there. Is that you? How have you been?

Yeah, Ive never seen these Countries, so full of people.

Well as an evidence I can offer this "Meita on monta jotka eivat asu Ameriikassa." I hope this is enough.

Do youre own research!

Sure. Do you have any ID on you?

Oh yeah the FBI have been investigating the case. Soon you'll get a knock and your mom and yourself will be arrested. Writing up the warrant now.

I went on a family vacation to Mexico once when I was 14. Every meal I ordered came with at least one shot of tequila. My parents took every single one.

Hey! I had the same experience but i was a highschool senior (18, but i was drinking in La Perla since 16) I bought a bottle of vodka at one of the islands and filled the cruise ship soda cup. Then when i went through security to get back on the ship there was the security guard who had been bothering me the whole trip( even cock blocked me once amd arrested the girl i feel in love with) saw me and said "you, drink." And i drank pure ass vodka from the cup "mmmm delicious water" i said. Then he took the cup opened it and said "this is pure alcohol! Where are your parents?!?!?" I turned around to look for them and my sister and dad were running up the stairs. Then my mom showed up! "Are you his mother?" "No! But I know her and i will tell her her son is misbehaving!" Then she pulled me away by my ear while the guard was yelling that we cant leave that we have to wait for the ship's police. We got in the elevator and started laughing.

Well at least ten of them are probably sleeping at the moment.

Hello from Canada ~.

Sorry - I was sleeping and dodging poisonous animals and making up lies to see if Americans would fall for them.

!RY R^o WoR !RYt R^o Y.

Hey, I am also non-American, have you seen Igor?

Eyyy!! From America, but the attention wasnt on us for 20 seconds and I started to feel insecure so just pretend Im from Paraguay or some shit!

Hellooo from Australia.

Hello from the vodka pissing nation of Estonia. I hope you feel welcomed in our smoke saunas between the slavic panel houses.

I live in America, just no the US ***nulb.

Hello from Hawaii. Oh its still part of the US, but there are quite a few Americans who dont know this. We are not the smartest country.

But... where do they get their guns?

If you want to call that "living".


I have, however, witnessed a man well in his sixties being refused to buy alcohol at a hotel bar at a conference I was at, because he did not have ID.

I know this is a jokey point, but as an immigrant to America, I can't believe they all put up with this tyrannical drinking age of 21 from both sides! 21. In American you can join the army and legally do porn but you can't have a legal drink until 21. I mean, you see all these masks protests and talk of tyranny, and I'm like, the drinking age herp a derp? Anyway, I guess when I moved her I dropped the numbers down.

There are actually "dry" towns in the US where they aren't allowed to sell alcohol at all, to anyone of any age.

I think they mean 21 is minimum age.

Wait til you find out about the laws in Republican states for buying alcohol.

Aren't you older than 21 as soon as you turn 21?

> are there places Yes, the entire country lol greatest country in the world my ass.

You have to be 21, or formerly 21.

Not from USA, but I think there was a TIL post that said states can set their own legal drinking age, but they can't get federal funding unless it's minimum 21 years old.

There is a bar in my city (matilda) where you have to be at least 23 to enter. Its weird.

Unfortunately, best they can do for 18-year-olds is send them to war.

There are many states that allow you to drink under 21. Most states (29 of 50) allow you to drink in private premises that do not sell alcohol with parental consent. 8 of 50 allow it in alcohol-selling premises with parental consent. There are a handful of other scenarios as well. Its confusing as shit, but not as simple as 21 good, under 21 bad. edit: a source.

In the US you only have the freedom to obey the rules, or else.

> That doesn't sound very freedomy It's the jaywalking laws that I've always found weird. I mean, I'm not allowed to obstruct traffic or cause an accident, but I can use my own judgement as to where I can cross the road.

Yep, it was 19 in Idaho up until the 80s. Which is why people went to college at WAZU.

I mean, that is one of the points of federalism. The federal government controls federal highway funding. Thats leverage, not force.

If Id been governor Id have let them walk.

Oh, /u/Jarppakarppa, you blowhard!

That drink plus the age limit makes me think it could very well be here in Britain. Typically vodka gets mixed with any soft drink if you're of a certain age and want to get wasted.

The real question is what alcohol do people *not* mix with coke? Tequila maybe?

Vodka with anything, even straight up your nose, but that fucking hurts.

Vodka Diet Coke is drink of choice for this gal. 10/10 drunk-energy with out the RedBull Vodka psychosis.

Yup. Very normal in my hometown in New South Wales, Australia. Not so common in Victoria, Australia when I moved there though.

I knew it wasn't the U.S. because of that combo.

Vodka coke's are the most random craving I'll get every few months. Was the first drink I ever had even going back 15 years. From NY, not popular at all lol.

Wouldn't surprise me. Vodka just tastes and smells like rubbing alcohol (to me at least) so I can see it mixing well with whatever you want to add.

I thought that was the indication that the guy was too drunk.

If they want to I guess?

One of the best drinks I've had, with the coke being ice cold and flat. It was heavenly.

Knowing American media? Probably not. ^/^s.

I feel illegal alcohol just encourages people to drink stronger booze faster. My parents started buying me 4 packs of cider when I started partying at 16 and as a result I never worried about buying strong cheap shit. Even nowadays though I love alcohol I far prefer a slow pint and could not stomach a shot.

Yes european laws definitely apply in america because you're from europe 11/10.

I worked for an English school for foreign students my last couple years of college. 18, 19, 20 year old students would come from Europe for the summer and they'd want to party in our beach town. It's hard to argue with that -and I always felt bad because no, no they cannot buy beer, and they can't go to bars. It's like someone should have told them to wait a couple years. My town has a couple of clubs that would do 18 but only one was open late, all the others drew giant Xs on your hands and kicked you out at ten. If you've ever seen a gaggle of Irish girls in the bathroom frantically washing their hands to attempt to buy alcohol, like the bartenders weren't already carding, its sort of funny. House parties are apparently more common here than in Europe (I don't know if that's true, it's just what they told me), so that's what everyone does. Or have a bonfire on the beach. 18 year old Americans get drunk all the time, it's not too difficult, but unfortunately the answer to your question is no, no you can't.

Whenever people use hint you know they are going to say something really dumb or obvious too.

Ummm... good thing you left room for us 1%.

Same with "You DO know that ]x y z], right?".

Savages cant use keyboards, duh.

The moment I read vodka coke I thought he meant cocaine then I read it again and immediately knew it wasnt someone in America.

I'm a little confused..? What's wrong with someone liking vodka and Coke?

Why? Vodka is one of the most versatile spirits and a coke is a coke. Whys that any different to a rum and coke for example?

What isolation? Its quite easy to expose yourself to other cultures and people if you want to.

Throw in that America has shockingly low standards for giving people a driving licence.

I'm one of the Aussies. Def atleast 120.

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