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Sunday 12th of July 2020

Was Bloody Great, Wasnt it?

I was lucky enough to attend LiveAid as a 16yr old. I nearly missed our O Level French exam waiting in the queue outside Wembley Stadium trying to get tickets. An amazing experience and I still remember vividly QueenWillRock who were electric.I have manged to keep these items.

Im so glad I was alive when liveaid happened. It was amazing. I remember being at home sitting on the carpet doing the Radio Ga Ga clap. I remember feeling really high with amazement all day. The whole family watched it and the telly wasnt usually on in the daytime. Emotional.

Was bloody great, wasnt it?
35 year's ago Live Aid concert. Happened. David Bowie, U2, Phil Collins, Elton John and Sting played to name a few famous musicians performed at the concert. But one band stole the show that day and helped to make music history. That band was Queen.

Still gives me chills whenever I watch it.
Thank you so much!
Just watched the Live Aid programme on BBC2. Live Aid was on July 13th 1985, and I watched every minute of it. Freddie Mercury's performance was the greatest pop performance I have ever seen.
Just don't get line ups like this anymore. Proof that 80s music was the most iconic.
Yessssss QUEEN.
Watched the LiveAid story, why not admit the money raised went to arms deals in Ethiopia.
Watching LiveAid Cant believe it was 35 years ago! I was there, my first ever gig! Still have the programme. Special day Vnulb.
Wow. PS25 to see all those acts, and then there's these days where it's over PS70 for one.
Still got 2 great albums by Boomtown Rats Tonic for the Troops and Fine Art of Surfacing. Loved their music as a child. But in 1985 I knew who Midge Ure was but had to ask my brother who Bob Geldof was.

Hard to believe it's 35 years this weekend! Great documentary celebrating Live Aid on BBC2 now. Seen this a few times, but realise it's quite old now, as so many of the contributors are no longer with us...

Seems its music event and the now dead musicians. As opposed to a charity effort seeking to build robust food security for all. The horn of africa isn't stable still.
I watched the LiveAid programme earlier and it just struck how many great artists there were in the 80s. I'm hard pressed to think of anyone decent now especially in chart music. And no I'm not old. Music is a big part of my life but today's tunes are soulless nonsense.

Annabelle Giles and Midge Ure ... what a whiny pair of bitches ..
Queens performance at LiveAid is the single greatest live performance in history. I will take no arguments.
The Greatest Showman.
Billy Brag on totp liveaid Ultimate blagger, just used the left as Hopkins used the right. Meal ticket.
Big love to Bob Geldof and Midge Ure for organising LiveAid! [?]nulb 35 years since one of the most incredible things to happen in music history took place on Monday. Heres a Bob Geldof montage.
They wouldn't be able to do this today as they'd all be holding a mobile phone .
I remember as a 9 year old watching LiveAid only for Madonna and was the first time I'd heard her singing live... I was shocked at how deep her voice was compared to her records!
Imagine holding LiveAid now... it would be utter shite, music and artists just arent the same and will probably never be.
People slagging Bob Geldof, what an amazing thing he did, what have you done to try and help starving people in Africa???
Happy Birthday for tomorrow then.
Now it would be ruined by socialmedia crucifying less than perfect acts or tech blunders. Without the internet we just loved it all. That Queen set will live in our memories forever.
I will never not get goosebumps watching queens live aid set - freddie conquered the entire world in less than 20 minutes!!!
Was at Christie hospital watching my future father-in -law die of cancer.Never caught it live and its always a reminder.Baptism of fire for us both .If we could get through that together and the loss of his mum 2 years later then we could get through anything.

My dad once told me that on 12th July 1985 him and my mother had made a decision to split (kids were 3, 6 and 9). July 13th was LiveAid. During footage of Ethiopia, with The Cars Drive playing, they put their arms around each other and gave it one more go.

My "Live Aid First Day Cover" from 1985.
Watching a bit of the LiveAid doc, watching people weeping at the footage of the starving, dying children and wondering how many of them, 35 yrs later, voted in a Tory govt about to take an axe to foreign aid.

I've got the DVD of LiveAid might watch it on Monday, the 35th anniversary, especially as I only saw the Quo, then went to the beach, getting back to see the mighty Queen.
35 years ago. Social media was unheard of, mobiles were like house bricks and pop artists could actually sing live. What a time to be alive.
Lots of people sounding old by saying music today isn't as great as in 1985. It's just way more diverse today. Many more great songs, performers, producers, sounds, musicians, DJs and music today and many more people can get to enjoy it too.

Good enough to be sharing the world stage with groups and music artist like, Queen? Genesis? Peter Gabrielle, Duran Duran, The Who, Bowie, Jagger, Clapton, U2, Elton John, Phil Collins, George Michael? And John Denver didn't get asked to do LiveAid Catch yourself on.

To think that when LiveAid happened TV was just 4 channels, computers were few and far between, so were brick sized mobile phones And it was still a great day for millions.
Sad to see Paula.
Reasons I'm glad I was born in the 60's. No mobile phones, we actually spoke to each other Music was amazing & people had their own individuality People got on better, no snowflakes& cancel brigade We have normal photos not all posed & fake We were happy.

The hindsight lens is 20/20, but it's key to remember: the world had never seen anything like this. It was truly incredible. 1985 was brilliant.
Must-see viewing for anyone on a Live Aid nostalgia bender like me right now. 35 yrs ago (almost) today. Watching means you are donating.
Anyone who watched Bohemian Rhapsody saw what Freddie went through to be there that day.
I have absolutely LOVED LiveAid35 documentary on BBC2. Thank you. And I LOVE Bob Geldof. Unashamedly.
It was so nice of Bob Geldof to organise a Queen concert liveaid there was so many supporting acts too.
Anyone else at the Wham! Final a year later? Equally hot sunny day.
Thats how you do it Bono...
For many remembering LiveAid means Queen. Here is a video of them just before the event explaining what they planned and why their performance was so magical.
Just watched the LiveAid doc. Freddie & George but nulbVnulb.
Im not saying the battle is won, but on Saturday night all those kids in the sun - wresting technologys sword from the hands of the warlords. Incredibly Michelle and I were there at LiveAid 35 years ago.

First favourite band was The boomtown Rats but in 1985 aged 14 had to ask brother who Bob Geldof was. He said "who do you think you were listening to when you were 10?". Sad to think of the family he has lost. Great songs, great voice, great stage presence 40 years later.

I saw LiveAid trending and thought Bob Geldof needed to clear some debt again.
A lot of whataboutery 35 years on, but whatever mistakes that were made it was well intentioned, raised a lot of money & remains the greatest concert in history .
Say what you want about Queen, David Bowie and Phil Collins and their fabulous performances at LiveAid in 1985, but for me it was these guys opening the whole damn thing that did it.
The only thing I remember clearly about LiveAid was the almighty thunderstorm we had in the evening (U.K) "Phil Collins".
Freddie Mercury entertaining the crowd between songs.
Was bullshit. BandAid and all that shit was bullshit. Coked-up Rock dinosaurs pimping global poverty.
Sir Bob doing Rat Trap LiveAid love the fact that even after his microphone dies he still caries on regardless.
35 years ago today LiveAid the full set & rebirth of Freddy, will enjoy this throughout today Enjoy YouTube cc.
There's a moment just after the crowd are clapping along with Radio Ga Ga where Freddie just takes it to the next level! Absolutely one of the greatest performances EVER!

What You Really Think

Plus an up and coming Madonna in Philly of course.

It was The Perfect Day. Still have my live aid t shirt. Just cant believe it was 35yrs ago, life goes too quickly. Good times.

Wembly or Phili...which one would rather be at?

I was eight but still remember watching - amazing. Always watch any programme about it.

I thought it was shite.

Phil Collins played at both venues.

I was there and still have the ticket. Best PS25 ever. Queen stole the show followed by Bowie and a very young U2.

Imagine PS25 quid nowadays, would probably get liberty x !

I wonder with inflation what the ticket price would equate to today.