Wednesday 12th of May 2021

Man United Fans Watching Their Team Lose to Leicester, Knowing it Compromises Liverpools Chances of a Top-four Finish.

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goal OnThisDay 2003 Blues beat Liverpool Stamford Bridge! Relive best action from 2002/03 season special exclusive Premier League years now!
Havertz sent warning likes City, United Liverpool, claiming Chelsea dangerous prospect when playing with confidence. When play with confidence, there many teams that beat us,".

Premier League started when Tuchel arrived, Chelsea would five points clear United, clear Arsenal, clear Liverpool. also reached finals.
Please retweet help find home.
after lost Leicester City Liverpool fans fans.
losing Leicester Liverpool can't finish 4th.
Manchester United have just lost home Leicester handed title their City rivals while sending Liverpool Europa league same time can't sh*t because Arsenal. Thanks.

think being bitter dont know very well mate, City league months best team Europe Find amusing Liverpool fans cried about team selection tonight whilst overlooking your failings this season.

Nonsense. hurts admit Liverpool supporter Alex better than day, trophies dont lie. And, fully Klopp team better than Peps multi gazillion team, that proven last year, they werent even close, just they wont next year.

Manchester City first team premierleague history title despite being table Christmas Day, first top-flight since Liverpool 1981-82, were 12th Christmas. Magical.

2011/12 City selisih 93-29; poin 12/13 86-43; 89 13/14 MCity 102-37; 86 14/15 Chelsea 73-32; 87 15/16 Leicester 68-36; 81 16/17 Chelsea 85-33; 93 17/18 MCity 106-27; 100 18/19 MCity 95-23; 98 19/20 Liverpool 85-33; 99 20/21* MCity 72-26; 80.

Liverpool Juventus play Europa League Next Season.
Liverpool today
This loss that comfortable with means seeing Leicester ahead Liverpool. stress!!!!
10pm Best XI's mufc Whats best both sides from premierleague era? KeithPlunkett4 GarBreeninhoLfc pick uniteds Keane_Franey from WeeklyArmchair Thomas Elliott from TheOffsideTrap6 pick Liverpool's.

Liverpool Champions League final - Champions League Premier League based logic article your team horrible.
Brendan uniting ensure Liverpool fans dance Europa League music next season.
It'll be complete when united beat Liverpool.
"Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah called world leaders, including Prime Minister Johnson, everything their power ensure violence killing innocent people stops immediately.

Fair play anyone thinks Manchester United putting side game thing that costing Liverpool fourth place rather than Reds being absolute gang bums about months.

Liverpool 2015 this fact truth random team that played most random team that played league once.
said Liverpool were going then changed your mind. Predictable. LOL.
Liverpool thinking playing They third 4: team.
Cant believe played kids cost Liverpool what horrible football club really are.
using personal insults because called out. Liverpool holders either right now?
This sweet 9 week old girl is now ready to find her forever home V She is super friendly & loves snuggles.
River Mersey sunsets Photo Liverpool Photography.
Leicester MAX-72 Liverpool MAX-69 West MAX-67 Chelsea MAX-73 Two spots whos getting four?
Have points since Christmas Leicester Leeds Spurs Everton Liverpool first season with multiple injuries.
United fans watching their team lose Leicester, knowing compromises Liverpools chances top-four finish.
Hehe. think fielding side today showed he's less worried about city winning title much more interested trying keep liverpool down league possible.
either Arsenal Liverpool even Chelsea tonight, would have been Koma anzathuwa alipo ochepa, endangered specie ndithu just like Ailuropoda Melanoleu.
Liverpool fans proclaiming that they massive whilst openly admitting that they reliant mufc deliver them Champions League football... cant write this stuff.
Liverpool fans vexed?
Manchester United's 1996 final suits were far, worse than Liverpool's.
City have gone past Chelsea race most English flight titles. Only United ]20], Liverpool ]19], Arsenal ]13] Everton have more.
Manchester United lost home Leicester city handed title their Manchester City while sending Liverpool Europa league this wickedness.
Liverpool relying Arsenal beat Chelsea keep their Champions League hopes alive.
Liverpool didn't even chance Trafford Champions.
Better hope beat Arsenal hope United beat Liverpool Thursday then.
Deluded Liverpool fans again, even making your thinking about city.
heard Jadon Sancho wants sign club that's playing Champions League football United Liverpool [?].
It's like this United fans hate City default cos), Liverpool Arsenal (both fans club) Chelsea it's more thing.
City just league everyone cares more about Liverpool going Europa.
More than asylum seekers were staying Scarisbrick hotel being relocated. hotel will open public again. Anyone fancy staying there?
Let's all laugh at Liverpool.
Lets honest, Liverpool were always going Premier League eventually. fact that when they front empty stadium, without trophy parade never played champions front full Anfield most perfect couldve happened.

think just pointing that Liverpool beacons integrity youre imagining them
Gameplay Programmer role based Liverpool Remote working 100%) Fantastic range IP's console work small close knit studio.
all, this Manchester Citys seventh top-flight title, also winning 1936-37 1967-68 before Premier League formed. That takes them level with Aston Villa behind only Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal Everton all-time rankings. Existence.

more titles than Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham combined.
Gunnar Bellend Ole's Liverpool fans tears.
Judos City. But think their growth result slip from Liverpool, Tottenham Chelsea City table when other teams were top. Unfortunately, village people entered Lampard rest.

What Oles done close match fixing what they crying Liverpool fans having breakdowns love
Well said, MoSalah. Let's hope BorisJohnson listening.
like anti United rhetoric much next Liverpool fan, they absolutely correct pick that team Reds relying favours ones fault their own.
Salah Ronaldo tunnel before 2021/22 Europa League Round between Liverpool Juventus.
Mental health awareness week thanks Dean Senior Mental Health Lecturer Liverpool John Moores University delivering mental health awarness session boxing academy students. thanks anfield_sports centre giving safe friendly environment.

Unbelievable from Guardiola Manchester City Premier League despite United, Liverpool even Spurs claiming they back December/January.
MANU fans taking knowing sent Liverpool Europa.
know Liverpool down tonight we're playing them Thursday, allowing them adjust Europa League nights. Fair play Ole.
When lose means Liverpool will playing Thursday nights next season.
CHAMPIONS ManCity titles since Citys first 2011-12: 5 CITY 2 Chelsea 1 Leicester 1 Liverpool 1 Utd.
Whatever makes Liverpool makes happy.
lose game Liverpool fans vex.
Same result today.. Liverpool.
I'd love to punch that thick cunt in the face,liverpool legend?the canteen ladies deserve more than that rat.
Manchester United playing good now! much they want have Liverpool Champions League.
Liverpool receiving their Europa League Qualification.
Bissouma Arsenals main targets this summer, they face competition from rivals United Liverpool. Around PS40m asking price Arsenal confident they secure signing despite fierce competition prospect European competition next season.

Manchester United confirming Premier League title Manchester City dropped Liverpool into Europa League.
News Troops foils BokoHaram attack Jiddari Polo Borno State. terrorists were killed during operation JusticeForHinyUmoren EidAlFitr Liverpool David Hundeyin Saudi Manchester City.
Liverpool fans giving about United starting very silly. You've been season point blaming United ***.
Liverpool lost consecutive home games Burnley, Brighton, City, Everton, Chelsea Fulham Oles fault they havent made
Most Premier League Titles: Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea Arsenal Leicester Blackburn Liverpool
should good look with league games left after Liverpool youd imagine.

What You Really Think

Anyhow we gonna finish in the top four.

Just Wanna give others the chance to come close.

It shouldn't be allowed to show d*ck pics.

Watch this video on Iniesta// watch this video on Edinson Cavani.

And 0 chance of getting Jadon Sancho.

We arent Liverpool fans to even care about whether Liverpool qualify or not! We had to play a young squad due to twats sitting in the PL committee! Were proud of our youngsters and that team to put in a fight like that!


My prediction: Leicester will lose their remaining 2 games. Liverpool will lose against Man United, but win their final 3. Liverpool and Leicester both to finish on 66 points, but Liverpool nick 4th spot on goal difference (min 21 for LFC to max 19 for LCFC).

That is perfect.

Youve given your local rivals the title, well done. Fallen giants.

Why though, when failure to get top 4 will effectively guarantee LFC the PL title next season? Football fandom is a strange thing.

Job done.


Only ourself to blame some crap performance against lesser sides.


Try not to be upset...

Yeah what punishment will they face for the old Trafford riot and fielding a weakened team?

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