Monday 4th of January 2021

Nicola Sturgeon Confirms Scotland is Going Back into Full Lockdown For The Rest of January, With a Legal Requirement to Stay at Home Coming into Force From Midnight.

Social Media Says

Faced with a rising tide of infection and death. Britain needs a zero Covid strategy. To include: full national lockdown; schools closed now; move to remote teaching and effective vaccine roll out.
I expect there to be a new Scottish lockdown from midnight, with a legally enforceable stay at home rule That goes further than the March 2020 lockdown Schools are expected to remain closed for the rest of January FM NicolaSturgeon to make Holyrood statement at 2pm.

The Prime Minister manages to make another speech he didnt want to make. Does he really expect us to buy that anymore. BorisJohnson is closing down hope for Britains small businesses and the self-employed.

Me trying to convince my teachers to give me high predicted grades.
Everyone in Britain make some noise, FOR LOCKDOWN NUMBER THREE!!!!!
Bojo be like protect the nhs, even though its been my partys job for years cuz we cba.
Why are nurseries open whilst everything else closes? If nursery workers are expected to be at work they should be in phase one of the vaccination drive. This is a mess.
Here we go again... Dont forget that all our online events, podcasts, book clubs, family resources (and more!) are still available on our website.
Children of separated or divorced parents can still move between homes during this lockdown as they did previously.
That sound you're hearing is the collective unscrewing of wine bottles from all the people who thought they had work tomorrow.
Its the parents that are working from home but still bringing their kids into nursery for me.
Don't forget if you need to talk to someone, especially as we're re-entering another mentally straining period, there is support available lockdown Samaritans - 116 123 CALM - 0800 58 58 58 YoungMinds - 0800 018 2138 SANE - 0300 304 7000 No Panic - 0844 967 4848.

What it's like living through a pandemic in England rn.
Tonights lockdown announcement will no doubt have an huge impact on many peoples mental health. If you need to talk to someone, there is support available.
Zoom knowing everyone will be running back to do their quizzes.
Uni students watching GCSE and A-Level students.
NHS staff are often thanked but can I just take a moment to thank every member of the public that will be finding lockdown tough but continue to protect us and the NHS by staying at home? We are at point but as an NHS ICU doctor I am so grateful please !

Im reposting these UK numbers, which are always here to help: Samaritans 116 123 Domestic Abuse UK 0808 200 0247 Domestic Violence 0808 2000 247 Child Abuse Helpline 0800 1111 Young Men's Mental Health 0800 58 58 58 Young Person's Mental Health 0800 068 4141.

Only time us uni students are mentioned, is when we're blamed for the spreading the virus cba***nulb.
Following tonight's Lockdown announcement, it's more important than ever to check in with yourself. If you need someone to talk to, there is support available. D CALM 0800 58 58 58 D SANE 0300 304 7000 D Samaritans 116 123 D YoungMinds 0800 018 2138.

Take care of you and your relatives thats what matters today. All my toughts to the people who was and will be affected again by this new lockdown Don't hesitate to contact WatfordFC I'm sure that we will be able to help the community again.

The NHS is already overwhelmed. If this lockdown is to be most effective - at our worst during the pandemic - we need: nulb Fewer non-essential exemptions (such as takeaway food and garden centres) -nulb Much better enforcement Millions.

With this new lockdown I hope people keep to it this time as I hate driving your asses around on non essential journeys because you are "bored" when key workers are trying to keep as safe as possible.
Why am I being expected to produce the same amount and quality of uni work plus exams, yet GCSEs and a levels are being basically cancelled why the hell am I paying PS9250 for teaching that has been appalling and almost no support at all.

Lockdown lockdown 2 lockdown the third lockdown forever after.
Do University students not exist? How has 50% of my 3 year uni course been online and Im still paying the full amount? On top of all of that Im paying rent for a house I cant even live in. But dont worry, our mental health dont matter.

Uni students once again being forgotten about by the government with absolutely NO mention as to what we can and cannot do.
Please dont suffer in silence: Text Shout to 85258 Or Call: Samaritans - 116 113 Calm - 0800 58 58 58 Mind - 0300 123 3393 Papyrus - 0800 068 4141.
Number what is it now, I have lost track?
Sprinkle cake and lotus biscoff cheesecake makers getting ready for lockdown again.
If you need it in this lockdown Pls share x.
I wonder if Nicola resigns, Boris will follow.
National Lockdown: If any U.K. registered Foodbank requires support during the Lockdown please contact Khalsa_Aid and we can help. Pls email Lets work together to help the vulnerable!

Back to square one.
What alternatives? are we just gonna have a big Kahoot?
The LockDown announcement today will create anxiety / Stress for many Dont be afraid to reach out if you are worried about your mentalhealth samaritans :116123 CALM: 0800585858 YoungMindsUK : 08000182138 / 08088025544 My DMs are always open.

During lockdown, this comfort zone was forced upon us and now lockdown is easing, it's becoming hard to move out of our bubble. covid19 lockdown expatlife with.
'Hold tight Tier 6. Everybody stay INSIDE!' BorisJohnson Keir_Starmer jeremycorbyn djlogansama piersmorgan.
To all my spoonie friends and all the disabled just a quick heads up to let you all know that selfish people are booking up the home delivery slots again like they did in March with no care or consideration for the vulnerable and shielding who can't go to the shops FFS!!

Even more relevant now! When kids finally return to school after.
Every boxing show Ive seen looks to be the safest sport in the business yet it has to stop Surely it can be classed an elite sport.
Dress up warm and get your coat. Let the Night Sky give you a great big hug. It seriously works. Try it.
No one Absolutely no one: University students.
Positive thoughts going out to anyone living on their own through this. The last lockdown nearly sent me crazy - living with yourself 24 hours per day is damn tough. Im absolutely dreading this again, so I guess Im saying its OK not to be strong all the time.

Thinking of everyone tonight. when faced with such fear & uncertainty it can trigger our brains survival response where we flee ( avoid) fight ( resist) or freeze (shut down)...lets focus on one foot in front of the other smallsteps & get through.

So glad my daughter went to school today when it was safe, and not tomorrow when it will become a vector of transmission. Phew, dodged a bullet there, thanks.
We're in the stickiest situation, since Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun.".
As we move into another national lockdown, the letstalkloneliness movement is offering lots of support and resources for how to stay connected, including from our partners age_uk and MindCharity. Find out more here.

Had enough of these dangerously irresponsible smiley-faced anti-mask lockdown-sceptic fuckers - please unfollow me. Masks help reduce infections. The side-effects are fucking next to nothing for virtually everyone. Only 12 year olds have to wear them in school.

Lol BorisJohnson remember that one you did about the herd immunity rah rah rah that was a good one.
Uni students: what about us The government.
Well, on the plus side I guess a full lockdown means I can finally use this bastard for what its actually intended for, not just to hang wet clothes on. (Yes, I realise I didnt need to wait for a lockdown and I could have been using it this whole time. Shut up.).

Are you okay BorisJohnson ? Would you like to come and work in a room with 28 two/three year olds and tell me how this is going to work? I am honestly gobsmacked. What do our lives matter as long as their parents are working from home...?

Dear amazon and Netflix could you please go out of your way to make the children shows free for uk in lockdown please people retweet this thank you.
Can we have "Rishi Sunaks Helping us all" part 2 for lockdown three? Were going to reach that national debit high score!
Boris when he says the end is in sight for the 362936th time.
Boris Johnson whenever he hears the word university.
Is today's announcement by Boris Johnson an admission that he lied to Marr yesterday?
Wasnt it only yesterday that Boris was saying schools are safe?
Call me a cynic I know she is not universally popular in Scotland, but I would bet money that if Nicola Sturgeon had not made an announcement today they would have been nothing from BorisFailedBritain Johnson.

Mass Disobedience is the only way out of this mess.
TIPS FOR CURRENT UNI STUDENTS TRYING TO GET TUITION FEES REFUNDS OR STOP PAYING THEM Uni students are being left in the dark and they shouldn't be!
All of year 13 right now after boris announcement.
My mental health issues gathering for lockdown 3.
Year 11s and 13s putting their revision away now that exams are cancelled.
Live footage of what boris does to his hair before any press conference.
University students contemplating whether to stay home with their toxic families or escape back to uni.
Places I legally cant go: my PS93 a week room at university Places I legally have to pay for: my PS93 a week room at university Can someone explain how this is fair for us at all?
On board a London bus comedyathome Preview A heart-warming comedy that may take you out of your comfort zone shortstory free on.
Me finishing my degree with a third bc half of it was done in a pandemic with no support.
Why can't anyone understand a simple graph these days? Why is no one bothering to even attempt to understand one? For example, this one.
How are early years left open & schools are shut! There is NO possible way to social distance, NO masks and NO concern for early years workers from the government! Absolute joke. But still we are expected to smile, be sneezed on and provide hands on care!

The GovUK has announced a new national lockdown as result of increase in Covid-19 infections across the country; people must stay at home as much as possible & schools are closed except for vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers. Full story.

What I paid PS9k for at uni this year.
So another lockdown then, but I do have Shakespeare-themed manchet bread.

What You Really Think

Super fast linford Christie virus,but still jump a bus to work in sweatshop wi 200 others .

Don't let Celtic back in to Scotland.

Its not a full lockdown, not even close.

So what about manufacturing? Glass industries?

The only sensible decision is to Null and void all football leagues in Scotland. Absolutely no way football should be allowed to continue.

Did she aye.

No it isnt, construction etc still going ahead.

Nicola sturgeon confirms she is in a shame marriage and has a girlfriend would have been a better message to send out plus it would have been factual.

Still no funding for hairdressers ,taxi drivers or beauty salons. The forgotten self employed. Nothing for businesses which are still open but unable to operate fully. The Scottish government announced it in November but still not a penny. WHERE IS THE HELP?

As usual construction workers have to go in.

Is construction still OK to continue.

Its not full lockdown.

So what has it achieved by giving us the festive season together apart from a massacre.

Not if your a construction worker seemingly we're already immune.

But how will that impact Trump moving to his Scottish golf course?


Null and Void season. Only way to go. Resume next season in August.

Except its not full lockdown.

Im free to move about as im in construction.

So once again the parks will be rammed with people supposedly exercising more pish of sturgeon.

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