Wednesday 17th of March 2021


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For family planning services the age is generally lower than 18. The legal age of consent for some states is 16 so allowing them to be adults in sexual decision making typically bleeds over to reproductive health.

The age for an abortion varies state to state, some allow it at 16.

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There are states where if you miscarry or have a stillborn, you can be investigated and imprisoned. ]Woman in Alabama is shot, loses her pregnancy at 5 months, was indicted]()] by a grand jury with manslaughter](). The person she got into a fight with was a co-worker and fired a shot into her abdomen. Jeminson, the co-worker who fired the shot, had the manslaughter charges against her dropped because she claimed she feared for her life when she fired it and Alabama has Stay-Your-Ground laws. It's important to note that at the time the shot was fired, she was in her car. Thankfully, they didn't try her for this. Another woman felt dizzy and fainted, when she came to, she found her stillborn baby next to her. She wrapped the fetus up in a mat and then put it in a bag and when she went to the doctor after, she was arrested. They did an autopsy on the baby and found the baby died at around 30 weeks gestation, the lungs showed the baby never took a breath, ]she was sentenced to 5 months for concealing a dead body.]() It's important to note that her husband, unaware of what was in the bag, disposed of the fetus while she was seeking medical attention. She had to be pardoned by Northam. The baby was never alive, therefore, how could it be dead. Her husband, who accidentally disposed of the body, never faced charges as far as I can see. A woman in Indiana went to the ER for heavy bleeding. She had given birth to a stillborn at 23 weeks gestation, disposed of the baby in a panic and went to the hospital. ]She was arrested and charged with feticide and neglect]() even though all tests showed she didn't have drugs in her system, her child didn't either. The prosecutor accused her of buying abortion drugs on the internet, but toxicology reports showed no such drugs in her system. She was sentenced to 20 years and was freed on appeal a year later. That article for the Indiana woman also mentions another woman who was depressed and attempted suicide while pregnant. She survived, but her baby didn't. She too was charged with feticide. She was imprisoned for a year before a plea deal was reached. Both women are immigrants from culturally strict backgrounds who didn't get the medical care or support they needed and deserved and were charged with the death of their children instead. ]]() Edit - thank you for the awards, please consider donating to the ACLU and your Planned Parenthood if you can.

You guys should think about moving to a more liberal state, like Iran.

The word "stupid" doesn't begin to describe this.

*That* is evil.

Thats actually hilarious.

But that just makes sense! Florida can't have things making sense!

Can confirm, am currently a teenage boy.


Requiring parental consent for abortion is also a great way to increase a girl's risk of being abused or killed by her family.

I thought parent/guardian consent was required to practice medicine on minors in any case regardless of the procedure already. If so then no but if so this law is redundant anyway. Im not 100% sure though.

As an adopted kid, I assure you it is not a simple argument. It isn't just snapping your fingers and boom, baby pops out of the oven and is handed over to someone else. There are painstaking months involved in growing a fetus and even more pain in giving birth. Not to mention recovery and possible postpartum depression. It isn't just asking someone to pass the chips. I have been lucky enough to make contact with my birth mother and even though it was the best decision for her, it was by no means an easy one that should be forced on anyone.