LSU Wins NCAA Womens Basketball Championship

Sunday 2nd of April 2023

JUST IN: LSU Wins its First NCAA Women's Basketball Championship, Defeating Iowa 102-85.

Social Media Says

JUST wins first NCAA women's basketball championship, defeating Iowa 102-85.
Tigers have NCAA women's national championship game, beating Iowa record performance 102-85.
Women's basketball NCAA Championship against Iowa, winning 102-85.
Mulkey's Tigers used record offensive performance beat Caitlin Clark Iowa 102-85 national championship game Sunday first basketball title school history.
first basketball title school history, overcoming Caitlin Clark Iowa 102-85 national championship game. victory made Mulkey first womens coach national championships different schools.

women's basketball Mulkey cries final seconds NCAA championship game, wins fourth national title.
Andy Vermaut shares:LSU Wins NCAA Women's Basketball Title: outshot Iowa Caitlin Clark claim schools first national championship womens basketball. Thank you!

What You Really Think

Fresh air. Nothing more relaxing than that.

So the refs took care of their sisters?

High level of trash talking, lousy officiating, and poor sportsmanship too.

Poor sportsmanship Angel Reese.

Incredible game!

A more polite way to say.

Cant believe almost 100,000 people tuned in to watch!

It was an uncomfortable game to watch. The REFS should have just let them play but the REFS took Iowa out of the game. LSU may have still won but not like this. It was uncomfortable. You saw REFS change the momentum of the game.

Worst officials ever, all black team all black officials? Look at the stats.. tells the story. Have watched this for years no more.. bullshit people.

Thugs win! Thugs win! Holla!

Fire those refs.

I don't see any white f*males ?

I cant let my daughters root for those disrespectful thugs at LSU. Classless fools.

People watch women's college basketball?

That was the worst called game ive ever seen.

Dont remember CNN covering Womens VB, the difference in coverage is alarming.

Refs stole the spotlight.

Yup..sure did!.great job LSU!!!

The Refs won the game for LSU Worst ref'ing I have seen in a long time. Clearly rigged.

Wym just in.

Never a doubt in my mind.

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