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Monday 31st of August 2020

Marcus Morris Was Given a Flagrant 2 And Was Ejected For This Foul on Luka Doncic.

Game 1: Marcus Morris grabs Luka around the neck, leading the Kristaps outrageous ejection. Game 5: Marcus Morris runs 26 feet after a made 3 to step on Lukas ankle while up 30. Game 6: Marcus Morris whacks Luka in the head because hes mad he cant stay in front of him.

Marcus Morris was given a flagrant 2 and was ejected for this foul on Luka Doncic.
Luka Doncic training for the NBA draft.
TL when Luka got a hard foul.
Luka out there by hisself.
Luka might be my fave player since Steph Curry. Love Steph more tho. Haha.
Marcus Morris guarding Luka.
Luka vs. Morris Pt 2.
Luka is being aggressive early.
Luka can call marcus morris nigger i gave him permission.
Marcus Morris going after Luka.
Luka: *drives to the basket* Marcus Morris.
Eyes on luka.
If it was kawhi or pg getting physical with luka that would be one thing. but the clippers sending expendable bums (see: marcus morris and pat bev) to beat up luka to injure him or get a reaction is pathetic. ive legit never disliked a team more.

He stood there because Luka was acting like he was going to do something.
Clips' Morris ejected for flagrant on Luka Doncic.
Marcus Morris everytime Luka drives .
I just want someone to hold me how Boban holds Luka.
Marcus Morris is so clearly trying to hurt Luka and the refs are doing nothing about it. Disgusting.
Marcus Morris when Luka goes up for a layup.
*we need someone to protect Luka cuz Porzingis is a wuss*.
Luka knows where Marcus stays at. Dude as motive and opportunity to go see him. Marcus clearly inviting him to whatever! Luka on his own.Maverick players minding their business! Lol.
I am now 100% sure Marcus Morris step on Lukas ankle was intentional.
Cmon Luka... u guys got dis.
Great job Luka! The defense is killing us. Put Boban in and Finney Smith or Tim Hardaway out to have a better defence.
Marcus Morris not exactly making a great case for his stepping on Lukas ankle being an accident...
Marcus Morris CANT fuck with Luka so he tries to bully him.
Great job NBA . You allowed Morris try to injure Luka with zero repercussion, so today hes hammers him around the neck. How about you apply to rules to all team equally?
Marcus Morris with the hard foul on Luka Doncic.
"Kawhi Leonard, literally allowing himself to be switched off so Reggie Jackson could defend ]Luka]? That's inexcusable!".
Why is kristaps the only one that stuck up for Luka.
Marcus Morris trying to guard Luka.
My wife is like Luka better be careful. Look how calm Morris is. You dont wanna mess with someone just staring at you like that.
"I didn't even know Luka had a head, to be honest with you." Marcus Morris Sr., probably.
Lukas Secret Stuff - Piss.
Luka is 21 and the Clippers have to beat the shit out of him to try win even with KP injured.
Luka imma do it myself Doncic.
Luka continues to play better than Kawhi and Paul George.
Marcus Morris is a chump...and it seems to me that he is salty cuz he cant stop luka. I for real think that gets under his skin so he plays dirty becuz of it. Lol Morris isnt half the player luka is.
Morris whenever Luka has the ball.
Does someone wanna show me the difference of this and Marcus Morris on Luka Doncic?
Anytime Marcus Morris guards Luka in the NBA bubble.
I hope Luka wills the Mavs over these bitch ass clippers. Dirty fucks.
100% a flagrant 1 lol I like the play honestly Luka neeeded to get pressed a little this series but I just think Morris is a asshole In general lol.
The ball aka Lukas hear you mean.
Clippers coach told Morris to pressure Luka all series, yeah it was dirty but doing what he told just to an extreme.
Marcus Morris playing defense on Luka Doncic.
Mook is a motherfucker if he isnt on your team. But if he puts on a Mavs jersey, you know damn well hes not gonna put up with anyone messing with Luka. Hes a ride or die type of dude for his team.
Doc Rivers on Marcus Morris' flagrant 2 on Luka Doncic: "He got ejected because he's Marcus. I thought he made a play on the ball".
How dare he touch our Luka.
Every player catches hate, Luka aint no exception lol.
Luka and Marcus Morris have been going at it this whole series. Morris with a hard foul on Doncic just now.
No, go back and watch the Lakers game. Also, I am not sure I would coin what Morris is doing because he does not "want Luka smoke." This is just who he is and who he always has been. He def wants the smoke. That is why he does it.

There was a TrueHoop story which stayed with me for over a decade. David West once went at Dirk and not a single Maverick did a thing about it. That cannot happen with Luka.
Hard foul from Marcus Morris on Luka, Luka goes after Morris.
Marcus Morris is throwback to 90's era. That foul to him and Doc is just a hard foul. Luka is a superstar in today's NBA which means you can't deliver a hard foul to a star, especially anywhere to head. But no matter the era, Doncic needs what all stars must have: an enforcer.

Being from Kansas and being KU fans everyone has heard the stories of the Morris twins beating up the football team. Luka would get killed.
This man hates luka.
Marcus Morris was given a flagrant 2 and was ejected for this hard foul on Luka Doncic. .
Marcus Morris after Luka drove by him.
It was dirty because he hit him in the face intentionally, u can tell my the way he taunted after luka hit the floor. he starred him down.
Cmon bro, he slapped the hell outta dude. He lucky Luka soft and dont got anybody like Morris on his team. I wouldve swung back and taken that ejection .
Luka drinking his own urine gonna be a career day.
Kawhi, Luka and Harden are among the strongest players in the league, but they pair it with a great scoring touch. When they bump you, they create a lot of space and know how to adjust their touch to score quick.

It wont appear in the box score but Boban may have saved Luka's life.

What You Really Think

PG...Resurrection..Back from the dead!

Every 90s player laughing hysterically.

Make it make sense, how is this a F1 but when Luka gets hit its a F2?

Roles reversed and itd be called racist.

Hardly a flag.

Its funny how untalented players tries really hard to look tough boy. I guess the only way to give them a contract is this...

When you get necked for the first time.

I ejected the NBA!

Thats what hes supposed to do. Just pissed you off so so loss focus on the game. Same as Beverly and more of there plAyers. Probably coach order.

Thats what happen when u get drugggg all series Bc Don LukA embarrasses cheap shot Morris.

Bruh and yall said draymond was dirty ***nulbbro this man bush league af.

So the NBA what goin to do now? MarcusMorris its a terrible person, he need to be suspended from the game. He show the hate he have against luka7doncic. But he is afroamerican and luke white, the NBA goin protect, and cover this, like they did with the ankle situation.

Racist fowl.

Get this animal outta tha fucking gym... smh go play out in the damn streets.

Marcus and his brother are both dirty, always have been.

Yall ready to get the lynch mob out on Morris when Luka grabbed his arm and elbowed him.

SOFT!!!! This league is a joke anymore.. Don't come to the rack if you're not ready for contact!!

Morris tries to be tough but its just an act.

The morris brothers think theyre tough... but they soft as toilet papers.

Morris sucksss, Luka is better than him, and the hole fucking team. Go mavs.

Bruh look at the feed on this.

Marcus morris.

I miss the old nba. Someone would've knock twin bitch out already.

Kawhi, Lou, PG and Zubac are the only likeable guys on the clippers.

Man the whole pistons team would have been ejected and suspended if they called that weak stuff in the 90s!!

Trash ass mf. Sorry ass can stay on a team for more than 2 seasons.

Bunch of unskilled thugs.

Trash player on a trash team. Smelling a 1st round exit. LAkers run it. Zero chips clips . neverhaveneverwill 16,0.

31 is.

Man said fart.

Finally! Doc, keep him away from basketball he is a hum.

Slovenian Lives Matter!

All of these punks are mad because Luka is so good. I guess I f you cant beat him, beat him.