Saturday 8th of August 2020

City Deliver a Knockout Blow to Madrid.

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Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane has said Gareth Bale was left out of the squad to face Manchester City because he "didn't want to play".
City deliver a knockout blow to Madrid.
De Bruyne ran the show when ManCity triumphed 2-1 in Madrid ***nulb Who will come out on top this evening?
The Whole Matxh Summed Up Here Varane Sarri Juve Hazard Madrid.
Man City last matches vs European giants (2-1) Win vs Madrid (3-2) Win vs Bayern Munich (2-1) Win vs Barcelona (1-0) Win vs PSG But city are sh*t in Europe.
We pllay the same system as madrid and their fullbacks contribute to soo much more, there are graphs showing how bad williams is mate but you say eye test, just because he shithoused a few times doesnt make him a good footballer.

26th August 2010: David Silva makes his first appearance at the Etihad Stadium for Man City in a UEL game against Politehnica Timisoara. 7th August 2020: David Silva makes his final appearance at the Etihad Stadium for Man City in a UCL game against Real Madrid.

Man City vs Real Madrid highlights (: LoneGhosttt).
GOOOOOOOOOAL Sterling Man City 1-0 Real Madrid The match is live on.
No one wins La Liga by such a huge points margin. That should tell you how competitive La Liga is. Don't forget a limping Atletico Madrid knocked out your EPL champions.
Real Madrid produced just one shot after Man City's second goal in the 68th minute. They failed to attempt a single shot in the final 20 minutes.
Chelsea package Alafia bitters sell am as Hennessy give Madrid yie.
Ronaldo and Real Madrid both out of the Champions League on the same day, in the Round of 16. What used to be...
Hazard trying to fill Ronaldo's shoes at Real Madrid.
When we win, we win ALL and when we lose, we lose ALL, No one is perfect or free of mistakes Good evening tomorrow is a new season for us, Madrid is ALWAYS back.
Man city vs real madrid in 10 seconds .
Imagine benching Bale by fire by force and you are still performing, abeg. Respect Real Madrid and Zidane.
It was the City left wing, Madrids right flank. He did it the last UCL game v Madrid also.
I miss this madrid.
Cristiano Ronaldo: Holds a record for Man United Holds a record for Real Madrid Holds a record for Juventus. Holds a record for Portugal. Holds a premier league record. Holds a La liga record. Holds a Serie A record. Holds multiple CL records.

The last two clubs that knocked out Real Madrid in the Champions League embodied Cruyffs principles. Wake up, Barcelona!
Didn't expect Real Madrid to lose like that.
Cant believe Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale didnt travel with the Real Madrid sqaud because they didnt want to play Very poor mentality from both.
Real Madrid and Juventus are in SERIOUS trouble!
Kevin De Bruyne v Real Madrid. Nine chances created.
Hazard in Manchester makes De Bruyne the 2nd best Belgian in Manchester You lot thought Etihad is a stripping club. Take your Kim Kardashian back to Madrid.
Herrrrhhh Madrid hm.
A reminder that Gareth Bale still has 22 months left on his Real Madrid contract. He's set to earn $60 million in that time.
Guardiolas record against Real Madrid as a Coach: 19 Games 11 Wins 4 Draws 4 Losses.
Real Madrid fucked out of Europe again, things you love to see.
Madrid and Juve Tears Is this what heaven feels like?
I'm not even celebrating Real Madrid's elimination by Man City because I don't care. What makes my night is how Varane was caught peddling as the best defender in the world.
If you think Real Madrid had a though time replacing Cristiano Ronaldo then wait until we have to replace Sergio Ramos.
The love bond between Madrid and Ronaldo is so strong that they do everything together, If I said this last season, I'd still be right Anyway What an agricultural masterclass! Peasant farmers (Lyon) knock out Mechanized farmers (Juve) from the Champions League.. Siuuuu.

Is there any club that can afford KDB (Value Agent Wage)?. It would be an insane investment for a 29 year old. It definitely does look like Madrid are trying to get something going through all the sales they're planning, so I expect a 200M Mbappe bid by next summer.

2 - Real Madrid have lost both legs of a Champions League knockout tie for the first time since 2008-09, when they lost both home and away against Liverpool in the Last 16. Departures.
Madrid lost , CR7 loss as well, what a sad day [?]nulb.
Hazard at Chelsea vs Hazard at Madrid.
U don't even watch Madrid. Hazard is awful he can't even run.
Hundred fucking million euros and this fat bastard could not contribute anything Real Madrids season. NOT ONE FUCKING THING.
-Hi, i'm Raphael Varane from Real Madrid. -Hi, I'm Carlos Salcedo from Tigres.
What Real Madrid were missing tonight.
Forget about Ronaldo and Juventus Highlights of Real Madrid vs Man City.
Madrid nek jersey ne pink wes mesti auto.
Real Madrid and Juventus knocked out in the same night. Barca fans.
- Liverpool (PL winners) out of the UCL. - Real Madrid (La Liga winners) out of the UCL. - Juventus (Serie A winners) out of the UCL. - Bayern Munich (Bundesliga winners) Loading... It's written in the stars. gyaigyimii and all the Chelseafans can your team evict Bayern??

Madrid supporter?
GOL Manchester City 2-1 Real Madrid, 69' Gabriel Jesus.
Manchester City - Real Madrid Kyle Walker vs Eden Hazard.
9 - DeBruyneKev's tally of nine chances created tonight is his most in a Champions League game, and the most in a game against Real Madrid in the competition since 2003, overtaking Andrey Arshavin's eight with Zenit in September 2008. Strings.

The semi-final draw is also completed. If Brighton beat Ajax they will face either Premier League Champions Manchester City (who they have not lost to this season) or Atletico Madrid.
Just saw a c4 too.
Kevin De Bruyne's game by numbers vs. Real Madrid: 71 touches 13 penalty area entries 10 crosses 9 chances created 8 recoveries 7 final entries 3 shots 2 tackles made KDB might end up being our UCL Player of the Season as well.

VALE VERGA el Madrid ***nulb fuck it tho its still.
Beating Madrid *.
Message from a friend: Real Madrid, Juventus and the Pittsburgh Penguins went out on the same day. This is the greatest sports schadenfreude day of all time!
Respect to the rest of the Real Madrid team for also refusing to play in solidarity with Gareth Bale.
Varane is definitely going on witness protection now when he goes back to Madrid knowing how that fanbase move.
RATINGS: Every player marked out of 10 as Man City knock Real Madrid out of the UCL Best = 9/10 Worst = 2/10 By muhammadbutt.
Yeh I like the fact everyone fails to forget the first leg in that 2009 matchup. Whereas Real Madrid have continuously broke the rules and got away with it barcelona once or twice.
Kevin De Bruyne created nine chances for Man City against Real Madrid, the most any player has created against Real in a single UCL match across the past four seasons. On another level.
Bale really is bantering the Real Madrid squad.
Completely! Both Madrid and Juve out.
Giroud is such a lucky fucker. Having two fat asses to take care of. Ross Barkley, 26 yo & Eden Hazard, 29 yo FC Chelsea & Real Madrid.
Lemme get this straight Spanish manager 3/14 players used tonight were English (two of which contributed to the opener) 4/21 players with >1000 mins over the whole season are English But it was English football that knocked out Real Madrid.

Just like sixth placed Atletico Madrid beat Liverpool in both legs.
Burgers wont be served at the Real Madrid cafeteria until the end of next season.
If Man City beat Real Madrid in the Champions League tomorrow night I will PayPal a pound to every single person who interacts with this tweet.
De Bruyne created 9 chances against Madrid tonight, however Mesut Ozil still holds the record for most chances created in a Champions League knockout stage match (12 vs Spurs in 2011).
Costly errors happens in futbol and today Real Madrid have questions to ask themselves, they're not unlucky. Manchester City pressured Real with great pressing game inspired by P.Guardiola. Futbol is all about tactics and set ups of game plan. Credit to Pep for battering Zidane.

Madrid fans are doing the most. Its okay to not win every game. You were just praising the team that went on a winning streak after restart and Madrid lose one game & now its fuck this team? Im not happy about it but bad performances happen. On a bad day we went 2-1, relax.

In Madrid today for Los40_Spain Ola. See you in a bit.
Gareth Bale opened up about getting whistled by his own Real Madrid fans. ( Erik Anders Lang/YouTube).
Tbh Juventus don't deserve him..He should be back playing for Madrid.

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Would [?] to see you lads lift this precious.

When a team beat you home and away and no VAR or UEFAeferee to BALE you out -nulb.


Super City Jealous guys defeated Now Push On Rule the World.

The designer really needed this.

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