Friday 22nd of May 2020


Destroying the Evidence: says the original 302 document of Gen Flynn s FBI interview is not completely lost & has to be somewhere on the FBI s server.
Deep State and Dem Cover-up: discusses the problems with Susan Rice s declassified email and the Obama Administration s efforts to overthrow .
Dear Graduates, Don t worry about this you can live at home. Mom and Dad can support you. They did it to you, they owe you.
it amuses me every time a MAGA tape says that Biden is the one with dementia willful ignorance in the most purest sense.
Best video about 5G dangers Also HYSTERICAL.
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The people of Michigan deserve much better than you and Whitmer and the rest of your deranged party. It will not go well for you.
Holding the Deep State Accountable: says the FBI will have holy Hell to pay once their original 302 report about the Flynn ambush comes to light.
Eric Clap-on Stax WhiteSnape The Boatles Lady Maga.
QUESTION: Did Joe Biden ever have a job? BIDEN: [Laughs] "I used to be a lifeguard.".
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Steve Schmidt Says Even Trump s Crooked Campaign Knows The MAGA Con Is Coming To An End.
TRUMP FIRES TRANSPORTATION INSPECTOR GENERAL Amidst a deep dive into Mitch McConnells wife Elaine Chow, The high profile watchdog is unceremoniously canned. Congress now wants answers.
I dont like him but he was a veteran.
Forgive me, if I knew plenty of people with MAGA souvenirs, I would be worried about my taste in people. I assume all of these people are white and cis and not a targeted group so can afford to have one as a joke?

It seems like every democrat is the same. Don t get a haircut but it s ok for us democrat politicians to get one. Don t go to your summer house but it s ok for us democrat politicians to do that. Hypocrites. Vote Republican MAGA TRUMP 2020 KAG take your Red Pill.

He didnt want his MAGA buddies to see him wearing a mask is my guess pathetic!
Hey it s not about freedom, your fearless leader doesn t want you to see him . You re getting played.
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From physicians at a hospital on Walnut Creek, in Northern California, average household income 50% higher than US average: more deaths from suicide than , more attempts in the last month than most years, the lockdowns have to end.

Gretchen Whitmer Loses Again to Barber: Judge Rules Shop Can Remain Open.
& looks like it s only a matter of time now! Steve Schmidt Says Even Trumps Crooked Campaign Knows The Con Is Coming To An End.
Last I checked they won by 3 million votes. Without Russias MY ASS.
here for the dumb maga responses and then them getting butt hurt before you block them shea.
Donald Trump: We Are Not Closing the Country if Hit by Second Wave of Coronavirus.
The MAGA hat is Mullers one redeeming feature.
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Unmasking essentially is an end-run around the Constitution. The lesson that we should all be taking away from this is not My political opponents should not be able to spy on me without a warrant. The lesson should be NO ONE should be allowed to spy without a warrant.

A M E N!!!!
If Im not home by sammich oclock I start getting notifications. MAGA is for toxic masculinity and Im not even KIND OF mad about it.
how do you comment on posts with 500 likes for this long?
Gen. Flynn was targeted because: 1. he wanted to dismantle the CIA 2. he knew that Obama & HRC founded ISIS, and gave weapons to ISIS. weapons that ISIS used to kill US soldiers. which is TREASON.
Know your audience, . Youre touring a Ford plant, not holding one of your bigoted, xenophobic free-associative rap sessions at a rally.
FINALLY! Amy Klobuchar Admits Miracle Drug Hydroxychloroquine Saved Her Husbands Life (VIDEO).
He should invite all his MAGA supporters to Mar-A-Lago and have the rallies there.
Gee, wonder where he got this idea. Lets save democracy Darrell because in a pandemic we need to get folks to the polls even if it kills them. Yep Darrell, youve given MAGA a whole new America Grieve Again. A slogan Trump can run on.

. MAGA MOVES JOHN RATCLIFFE CONFIRMED by SENATE as NEW INTEL DIRECTOR Ratcliffe, another Pro-Trump Patriot - will Take over Top Spot from Grennell - who Has Been Kicking Butt . Trump 2020.
THIS IS HUGE: Oregon Government Orders Facebook to Remove Gateway Pundit Article on Republican Ballot Scandal - Facebook Complies -- Despite Hundreds of Confirmed Testimonies.
ATTENTION AMERICANS: VOTER ID S & TERM LIMITS These two things that will MAGA. Without them,WTP will very be obsolete. When Government is stagnated,no ideas,creativity & forward movement to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness Wait & WTP become Venezuela.

Great to see Dr Rich McCormick Shine! No question about it he is Best candidate for Congress! Congratulations to front runner . MAGA Huge Trump supporter! GOP.
For all of the time spent doing other things, WTP need to volunteer to get re-elected this Nov 3rd. We can take nothing for granted. Our Commander-In-Chief is working for WTP and WTP need to return the favor and get to the polls.

Yes! Maga! USA is ready for 4 more years!
November 3 2020 we rake up all the trash before winter comes. Vote Republican MAGA TRUMP 2020 KAG start sharing the RED Pill.
I m an Air Force veteran and no other President has really stuck their neck out for us, Billy said. He s trying to keep us out of wars ... is a real strategic genius. IT IS HAPPENING!!
- Thanks to the & Media inciting hatred: Former Pro Athlete Caught Staging Hate Crime, Painted And Slurs On His Own Business Walls.
I said that the same fox news claim had truml ahead, now its biden country.
"beltway" nats media pushers should stop making fun of MAGA stuff cos most of rural NZ loves him.
So Antonio Sabato Jr. has decided to make a movie called Trail Blazers and I haven t stopped laughing at the cast so far. Its every MAGA actor who hasn t worked in 30 years.
Amp up the rallies Donny, Covid loves a MAGA.
And seems that the partiers taking the virus home to Mom, Dad, Gran and Gramps, and the anti-vaxxers may be stifling the MAGA vote all by.
Do you agree with when he says the Administration was the most corrupt Administration in history? Please vote & retweet to spread ! EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE!
California Patriots 123.
That was disgraceful and the man should die in jail There is ZERO evidence of widespread ballot fraud.
...and the golf Talley is even worse. Sorry to let facts blow up in tour MAGA face.
[Q]ualified medial opinion? You be the judge.
McCain disrespected !
No Collusion, No Obstruction! aka "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" still insists he has significant evidence against Charges s special counsel team made mistakes.
Ever since ended his Disastrous Daily COVID-19 Mini MAGA Rally at the WH ~ the Day he recommended CLOROX & Bright Light ~ he acts As If the Pandemic is OVER. It s NOT 95,013 Americans DEAD million UNEMPLOYED million INFECTED NO PLAN Forward.

President returns from not wearing a mask Trump2020 MAGA Again.
Liberal magazine columnist would vote for Biden even if he boiled babies and ate them.
Can Biden run for president if hes involved in MULTIPLE criminal investigations? Hes already admitted to this one!
Trump again lies about his imaginary man of the year award in Michigan, a delusion that he loves to repeat to anyone stupid enough to believe anything he says. All while refusing to wear a mask, again. by dumping trump.

The misogynist with the maga hat and the trophy wife deputy .
Liberal always say that doesn t act presidential, yet in reality an American President that s seen his country ripped apart by bias policies from outgoing President s that benefited other nations such like China; how Trump acts, is presidential.

blue maga.
You only have 50% with MAGA-Morons?!? Dont all of those racist treason idiots approve of your crimes, treason and profound stupidity? Only YOU would keep bragging about 50% approval like its a good number! And youre also lying,

Trump didnt t close the country because of the first outbreak. Governors did that. If he had, 30,000 to 40,000 American lives might have been saved.
Hahahahaha. Ok this is funny. Even if you hate him it s ok to laugh folks.
I fear Lana making the same transition as Gwen Stefani: going from coolest woman in the world to cop-loving MAGA Dillard s shoppers.
The SCOTUS said it was legal. Just do it.
After laughing at you and following to further the laughs I saw your post loving Obamas author & note the odd number following. So I followed . Seeing there has been no change and hasnt been in a long time. Can anyone explain?

Here are some visits by the President and VP in the past month: May 21 - Ypsilanti, MI May 20 - Orlando, FL May 14 - Allentown, PA May 8 - Des Moines, IA May 5 - Phoenix, AZ April 30 - Kokomo, IN April 28 - Rochester, MN April 21 - Madison, WI ?

If you re one of the workers at the Ford ventilator plant in Michigan who was exposed to Trump s nasty respiratory droplets as he screamed MAGA! and OBAMAGATE! then my team of doctors are offering free COVID-19 telehealth visits and home testing kits.

Look at the stats, CA had 3,000 excess deaths (more deaths from last year) and only 2,000 (I believe) are covid.
FOLLOW Dr. Rich McCormick Congress . FRONT RUNNER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE Decorated US Marine Double Wings Pro Trump Christian Pro Life 1A 2A Board Certified ER, Front Line COVID 19 MAGA All in for .