Friday 14th of May 2021

"We Have to Deal With That." Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Answers Whether Harry Maguire is a Huge Miss For Manchester United.

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Maybe people today will realise good Harry Maguire Problem soon makes error people play price card. isnt just pitch either, very good professional.
story Boris Johnsons deliberately delaying Covid inquiry until Spring 2022, year away, that announced today there will one. Delay strategy.
might acclaimed likes Dijk Dias, United hugely miss Maguire when he's pitch. Defence looked shaky frantic almost every game without him.
Gary Neville season: Liverpool have missed centre backs yes, that's excuse. They've fallen cliff. can't just blame Dijk, they've been Gary Neville tonight: Harry Maguire out, it's hammer blow. tough them. Impossible.

Maguire slander should illegal from today onwards!
Neville: Weve Maguire Liverpool CBs: Rhys Williams Phillips.
"It's only coz we're missing Maguire".
Harry Maguire after that Liverpool game, Manchester United fans finally realised single-handedly carried defence whole season with Fred Mctominay midfield Utd! And David better than Dean Henderson!

Don't want hear that idiotic section supporters slate Maguire again.
really missed Harry Maguire tonight.
Weve lost every Premier League game that Maguire hasnt featured never know what youve until gone.
Protests game cancelled last week. That lead awful fixtures just games week That's ridiculous. defeats. Thank comfort zone league. lost Maguire, hope he'll make final.

We scored goals. We leaked 4, no way we leak 4 with Maguire. Especially in that manner. Yeah maguires been at fault in the past and will be again but its never been that bad with him. Especially in the past 6 months. Its no coincidence that we have lost 1 in around 30 games.

Manchester United Premier League percentage without Harry Maguire since signed:
priority cdm. However positions needed. Cdm, someone like declan rice, sancho, good partner maguire.
Hopefully everyone important Harry Maguire Utd. Were lacking real leader back.
Maguire agendas have die.
days without Maguire already lost league games conceding goals while before that injury lost times games. people actually still explain that part problem... can't stand this base.

have deal with that." Gunnar Solskjaer answers whether Harry Maguire huge miss Manchester United.
David Harry Maguire's stock just went again tonight.
First Anthony Martial, then Paul Pogba followed Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, Bisska David time throw Dean Henderson under bus. team lose individuals, embarrassing see. Dont need scapegoat time.

going assure this more same picture that came about Harry Maguire ***.
'Liverpool deserved win' Harry Maguire update Excited welcome fans back Gunnar Solskjaer reflects defeat Liverpool looking forward Trafford hosting fans next week.

down maguire being injured thought couldnt blame injuries ***.
dont want hear anything from these dickheads until Gdansk, give Barry Maguire pain killing injections cocaine need arsed.
going that ones have agenda against Harry Maguire want sold, better pray that final want this club trophy, because confidence that after this gone right down drain..

Tonight underlined important Harry Maguire MUFC. Baillys always mistake him, never been convinced Fred, thought appalling game. Andy Goldstein Jason Cundy discuss Uniteds loss to.

Never again want hear another word about maguire.
games without Maguire already conceding goals from setpieces ***.
People actually thought better without Maguire Instagram memes Mark Goldbridge have done much damage younger generations football fans.
need leader back,especially Maguires absence.We need midfielders.We need Sancho.Sancho should No.1 priority need sort midfield out.Rice?Berge?Camavinga?Locatelli?Bissouma?If want league cant continue with McFred.

Harry Maguire having best games season this week. Just watching without highlights important is..
Neville harping about absence Maguire such massive blow. United playing their second third choice centre backs here. Liverpools wouldve been somewhere between pecking order start season. Doesnt mention.

think United look uncomfortable without Maguire here, imagine been since October with Bailly Lindelof injured well.
Same those maguire stats people still hyped whats difference.
Harry Maguire will definitely miss Gunnar Solskjaer gave some team news hints Liverpool.
There absolutely doubt Harry Maguire makes HUGE difference tonight deserves respect than he's this season from United fans.
want back... Fred fuck out... tominay shit... can't play without Maguire... Fans should have stormed that pitch... Would been better than this performance.
Let's forget this glazers. Mctominay isnt good only good box. Fred play even though he's absolutely wank. partner Maguire when finally gets injured we're left exposed. Almost like WE'VE BEEN SCREAMING CDM.

Hopefully everyone important Harry Maguire this Manchester United team. Missed leadership massively tonight.
clear that need another next Maguire need another money bring recruitment summer.
Harry Maguire injury given Manchester United players their last chance.
there's anyone missed tonight it's Gea Maguire wouldn't have prevented Henderspill from making those blunders which were reason lost.
think Maguire would have saved day? What joke.
Maguire Maguire Manchester United. Fixed::.
People will realise they were wrong same today they realised they were wrong Maguire. trending anymore.
here talking about United struggling without Maguire like didnt have some fella from Bolton chip shop reality show playing back. Incredible.
Thought he was poor all game - seemed very on edge. Missing Maguire's influence didn't help I'm sure.
only positives tonight that Maguire will finally respect deserves Greenwood continued good form.
They want talk about Maguire's absence they can't because they were agents VvD, Matip, Gomez being problem. Klopp just good Front been found out. this?

Love digs Dean... young been awesome near enough every game game out... when daves been lost points over over years he's number yeah right... want don't give rats arse missed maguire more than Dean being shit.

maguire didnt even play against Leicester lose games row. Shut fcuk respect Sheffield Sergio Ramos.
ManU fans right MUNLIV Manchester United Liverpool shedibalabala Rashford Pogba Maguire.
Mad theyre chatting on Sky about how much United are missing Maguire. WEVE BEEN PLAYING WITH OUR 7TH AND 8TH CHOICE CENTRE BACKS ALL FUCKING YEAR. But, yeah, should stop making excuses.
Henderson (2nd keeper), doesn't like leave Fred's real nationality then dump etienne france Mctominay, rotation player most Sell martial Work tuanzebe Maguire combo during this break Sell James Fuck matic.

Glad people finally appreciating Maguire.
Lindelof Bailly cost about PS65m between them. Liverpool academy graduates centre back Gary Neville wanted talk about much they were missing Slab-head Harry Maguire.

What You Really Think

No excuse when the opposition are fielding their 6th and 7th choice centre backs against you.

Liverpool's defense tonight. Trent - academy. Nat - free Rhys - academy Robbo - swap for Kev Stewart who we signed in a free. United's defense tonight. Wan-Bissaka - 50mil Bailly - 26mil Lindelof - 35mil Shaw - 34mil. 145mil defense. Stop crying about Slabhead.

Lost all 3 games since he's been injured, you're not dealing with it atall.

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