Wednesday 21st of April 2021

The System isn't Broken, it's Meant to Function Like This. This Happened Today. Say Her Name.

Social Media Says

Police killed least people today. This morning they killed someone Lakewood, Police killed people Antonio this afternoon. Then they killed someone Detroit killed makhiabryant Columbus.

Police have released video makhiabryant murder begging that yall mindful enough share
Say her name, MaKhiaBryant.
Ma'khia bryant name RIGHT start using hashtag makhiabryant this correct spelling name
While national eyes are on ColumbusPolice because of the horrific slaying of 16 year old makhiabryant let me remind you of recent events that demonstrate their irredeemably tyrannical, racist and violent nature.

Abolish police cops dont kill anymore kids Adam Toledo- 13 MakhiaBryant 15 Peyton Ham- 16 Anthony Thompson
Found TikTok makhiabryant beautiful girl. Lets spread these positive vids
Watching footage don't even know girl pink there fight. She's holding dog. Maybe she's there whats happening. things about this girl justify police killing.

just little girl. MaKhia made TikToks doing hair. Abolition now.
Deserved to be alive and happy with her family.
WARNING. hell does this police officer think good idea fire shots blindly into group teenagers having fight. them knife. that never happened your school neighborhood? didnt deserve die. years old.

Theres been misspelling spreading around want make clear that name actually MAKHIA BRYANT. please sure spread information using correct spelling.
Another name talk about today while take walk... many names...
Her name was MakhiaBryant and she was 15 years old.
ACAB ABOLISH FUCKING POLICE. same celebrate verdict another loss that shouldve never happened, Black child murdered. ABOLISHMENT ONLY ANSWER.
This happened Ohio State University Columbus, kids were overwhelmingly white. police showed tear "less-than-lethal munitions deployed. Police that same city just murdered year Black girl makhiabryant.

Guys correct spelling name MaKhia 16yrs this confirmed mother Paula Bryant.
This official GoFundMe MaKhia Bryant. please open your purses keep this baby girls family your prayers.
Young women told everyday keep weapons such mace even small pocket knife defend themselves when MakhiaBryant actually avoid being beaten police shoot right away without hesitation. know this right. name.

cant have just peace!!! Today Columbus, Ohio police officer shot killed 16-year MakhiaBryant. Bryant called help fight broke outside home return murdered. just calling help!! pray family.

Basic questions in the makhiabryant shooting: The right wing are already saying Bryant was trying to stab two other girls. No one knows if they came on her property; If they were the aggressors and she was standing her ground. Officer had no way of ascertaining any of that 1/2.

Columbus Ohio, police killed this beautiful young girl today. This illustration convictions reform just arent enough communities. MaKhia Bryant, should still here with deserved live whole vibrant life makhiabryant.

This sickens me & breaks my heart. MaKhia called the cops because she was frightened of the other girls fighting. STOP SHOOTING BLACK PEOPLE.
This only kind imagery want see. narratives exceptionalism. using flaws means justify tragic ends. just being. thats enough reason love angry shes gone.

Here official gofundme makhiabryant PLEASE donate cant then
Update Correction: mother told media that daughters name MaKhia Bryant; that honor roll student sweet child. heart breaks MaKhiaBryant blessed memory family have accountability justice.

police brutality, shooting, death, racism - - makhia bryant shot killed today police columbus, ohio. sixteen. CHILD. NAME.
police brutality shooting cant believe that Ma'khia Bryant, year child, shot times after called police. should still here. SayHerName makhiabryant linking below information about what happened, along with ways help.

This MaKhia Bryant. mother says 16-years-old (not 15), honor roll student, sweet child Columbus Police reportedly responded childs call assistance shot chest four times, killing her.

makhiabryant (the proper spelling) needs tr~nding this reply this tweet with hashtag words? they anything it's just that doesn't sniped alg. i'll also linking information under this tweet. ty.

Approach Antifa BlackLivesMatter same would approach wild bewildered animal.
Columbus Police tell gathering crowd scene that Blue Lives MatterAFTER SHOOTING TEENAGED GIRL DEATH. There reforming system which cops literally themselves victims immediately after theyve killed children.

So in little more than one week in the USA: the police murder of DaunteWright, the release of video of the police murder of AdamToledo and the police killing of makhiabryant (pronounced Ma-ky-a). Those are just the ones were aware of.

Her name is MaKhia Bryan. She was 16, not 15. Say her name, and say it right.
STOP TWEETING ABOUT YOUR FAVS ??? read room time. either educate yourself rt/tweet about spread awareness dont wanna that dont tweet all. justice MaKhia Bryant.

Say her name makhiabryant. whats the point of cops if you cant call them for *help* without ending up dead anyway???
called police protection with violence. This another reason what happened during trial ACCOUNTABILITY, justice. Cause justice would never have things like this happening. Rest Power Ma'khia Bryant.

need repeat once more that name MaKhia. social media comes MakhiaBryant. early news reports with different spellings, many including myself spelled name wrong. deeply sorry tweets w/her name misspelled. MaKhia.

Accountability and injustice, back to back.
Her name was MaKhia Bryant. She was 16. She called for help. She was murdered with impunity by the police. 4/20/21.

What You Really Think

Thank god that cop protected that other black girl from getting stabbed to death.

I heard she had her name engraved on the knife she was stabbing someone with.

She was about to stab another person. The situation is unfortunate and her death is tragic but this isnt an example of racism or a broken system.

Her name was insane knife wielding maniac that tried to kill or injure others. Let's give that cop a medal for saving at least one if not more lives when they shot Makhia Bryant.

Ill say her name: Makhia Bryant was about to stab another black girl to death before a heroic cop saved her life.

And literally while Chauvin was convicted. It's grotesque and should be preventable...with a lot of work and willingness to GetUncomfortable maybe it will be.