Wednesday 7th of April 2021

Malcolm Turnbull Has Accused The State Government of Being Swayed by Global Warming Deniers And Rupert Murdochs Newscorp, After he Was Dumped From a NSW Climate Change Board.

Social Media Says

Malcolm Turnbull has accused the state government of being swayed by global warming deniers and Rupert Murdochs Newscorp, after he was dumped from a NSW climate change board.

What You Really Think

So where was his concern for the environmental protection when he had the power as PM to actually act on it. He gave in to the party to get the top job.

Accused - or simply observed accurately.

Yes by.

Spoilt North shore brat whos not wanted on a panel he feels entitled to be on so blames everyone else! Because surely its nothing to do with him!

Murdoch strikes again and the government bows to his demands . .

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