Man Allegedly Spat on People on TTC Arrested

Monday 29th of May 2023

Man Who Allegedly Spat on Several People on The TTC Arrested.

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allegedly spat several people arrested.
allegedly spat several people arrested.
Toronto Allegedly Spat Several People Arrested ymedia southasiandaily toronto suspect spitting police Arrest Update

What You Really Think

Hmmm pretty.

Get a hair cut and a job just any job...


And will be out on bail in 30 minutes and back at it again.

God spitting on someone is so disgusting.

Thats all the police can do. I think there is a mental health component. Hell be back out on the street.

Martinez. Brown skin Hispanic. Not surprised.

As a ginger beard myself I find it abhorrent that they're openly targeting gingers. NOT ALL GINGERS SPIT SOME SWALLOW!

Arrested and then released very shortly after, its all a show folks.

Hey guys ditch that car you climate terrorists. Take public transit.

You sure you got the right guy? Looks like a gentleman.


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