Tuesday 26th of May 2020


Naming Paul Goldsmith as an example of M ori representation in response to concerns about diversity; having Goldsmith say, Im not M ori; then ousted deputy Paula Bennett (who is M ori) laughing her head off at the idea - not a great start to the day for Muller and Kaye.

In response to the concerns about the very white National front bench, new leader Todd Muller said Paul Goldsmith was M ori. Moments later, Goldsmith said he was not. Paula Bennett cackling in the background was the icing on this cringeworthy cake.

Tough last 24 hours for the Nats leader Todd Muller - backs owning the MAGA hat - backs down on bringing it to his office - that QandA interview - claims Paul Goldsmith as Maori - Paul Goldsmith says he is not Maori.

Day 5: Mullers mutilation thus far So far Muller MAGA himself over the weekend Got Tamed on Q and A Monday Ryaned on Nine to Noon Applied bleach to select his cabinet to inflame Maoridom Kaye Maori gaffed Goldsmith Corrined and Campbelled on Wednesday Four more days to survive.

"Ive never received and then had a cousin taken away so quickly." M ori commentator Khylee Quince on Nikki Kaye mistakenly saying Paul Goldsmith was of M ori descent yesterday.
That s ok, but are you in favour of money being spent especially for do you think spending taxpayer dollars should be spent on skin colour?
Firstly, if he was a M ori from Rotorua, he wasn t wrong. It is his town and where he s from so he s in his right to say so. And white people have been telling POC to know their place for years.
In case anyone was wondering, no I am not of Maori descent.
There s Maori in the Labour Party too Seen Them?
Why does National even have to defend not considering race or sex when it comes to ranking their caucus? And if they do have to defend it why dont they say something like "When you have token Maori in leadership you get ppl like Kelvin Davis"? Now that would be a burn.

That didnt work at Auckland med school! Dontforgetf you get the option (persistent) to be listed on the Maori electoral roll.
Race, race, race. Maori vs Pakeha. Is this what this election is coming to. Do we select the team with the most Maori or the team capable of fixing economy. This is certainly what the media is turning it into.

Todd Muller just said on Morning Report that Nationals consistent policy had been that it can see a future where Maori seats wont be there. But didnt John Key throw that policy overboard and accept the seats would remain?

Pick on merit: Muller defends M ori MP rankings, says nothing wrong with being white.
Todd Muller continually claiming Paula Bennett as a valued Maori member of the team must be going down real well with Paula right now.
Have not seen this much whakapapa interrogation since Christan Cullen played for the M ori All Blacks.
Its all ok as long as the winning party have the most Maori on front bench. Ardern & media turning it into an election of race.
Being M ori, anger, pain and frustration is deep, yet constant. Everyday I observe, dismantle, endeavour to find calm and try to empower when I experience racism, whether direct or institutionalised. It s exhausting. Then I have to prepare my tamariki for it.

Yep. And working with them (ISV NZ) to help navigate the way forward. Id like to think I was one of the unnamed "M ori brothers and sisters". ;P.
New Zealanders failed to support a National Party with both a M ori leader and M ori deputy leader. So that was the end of that.
Taiao, a M ori world view that emphasises the connection between people and land, could provide the structure through which we shift our values.
Where is the Maori in the national really?? Don t forget Maori have a whole party calked the Maori party, which nobody votes for nor do Maori vote for it. Does that answer your question.
Labours high-horse: - More white blokes named David in Labours top 10 than Maori MPs. - Highest ranked Maori in the Labour party to win a general electorate seat (not Maori) is Louisa Wall (at 36!) Theyre trying to kick her out. - Labour have never had a Maori leader.

Remember when Ardern campaigned on "Better health outcomes for Maori"? Is there actually anything at all that the government of degenerate bastards & fornicators promised that they actually made good on?

Goldsmith: oh good heavens no Im not a Maori but my grandfather wifed a fuckin heap of chicks they used to call him the Maori Midas because everyones wife he touched turned to Goldsmith.
Im sure many maori are embarrassed at white middle class lefties constantly taking offence on their behalf. It smacks of nothing but patronisation: "You darkies cant stand on your own so well keep jumping in to make it look as if youre as obsessed about race as we are.".

No the policy has remained the same but Key had a policy of eternal deferrence - eg one day , when M ori want it, National will get rid of the seats.
More and more ppl seem to begin with a greeting in te reo M ori but I cant help seeing a strong correlation between bad pronunciation and entrenched white privilege.
I think hes whitesplaining and desperately wants to call them "Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima" without understanding thats deracinating and betrays a lack of understanding of the diversity of M ori political views or the inalienability of whakapapa, but thats just me.

Meaning they werent doing anything to advance Maori issues.
It was more - the seats will go eventually, but we ll only force it when M ori want that - when they were in govt with the M ori Party, but the long term policy didn t change.
All these snowflakes who are outraged at the lack of diversity in the National party re-shuffle seem remarkably quiet about the same lack of diversity with the daily Covid show. Only white folk there too! Whens the last time anyone saw a maori speaking from a Covid lectern?

he may well be a cousin, Goldsmiths on the Coast and ancestor had Maori and pakeha wives.
Is this Maori?
Or without seeming like youre saying the M ori in your party have neither merit nor talent.
This morning on we had Teanau Tuiono whos set to enter the Green Party and was asked if hes prepared for all the media pressure especially against Maori. His reply was, "Well Im " and that was all he had to say really haha.

Yes indeed. Such a waste. I read about the Maori Bttln hand to hand fighting Germans in that battle, and in the struggle a German said, NZ? Why are we fighting you, here?!
Just seen the interview with Todd Muller The how many Maori are in your top 10 makes me cringe! I would ve said Why am I not being interviewed by a Pakistani woman?! What race are the top 20 people Then his panel was 2 white people?

It s like Morgan said on RNZ this morning, it s 2020, you can t start bleating about merit and talent while having no m ori representation without seeming like a bloody throwback.
Its weird because if you speak to Maori working on the ground, youd know that theyve "seen" a lot of their MPs. Especially Kelvin Davis, who has also been "seen" by about 4500 tourism operators recently as he coordinates the Covid response. Youre a muppet and a grifter.

M ori heritage and whakapapa means very little when your values, perspective and world view is still very much P keh . You just end up being a brown version clone of your colleagues. Someone tell national, they still dont get it.

New National Party leadership just used Paul Goldsmith as an example of a M ori MP on its predominantly white front bench. A surprised Paul Goldsmith then cleared things by saying no, I m not M ori. You can t make this shit up.

Time for Maori to Walk away From The Labour Voted The Maori Party into is trying to Find Party with Proof of Maori Lives Doing Better is Matakite O Aotearoa (Vision NZ) So Thats Where my Vote is Going!

Please. Don t.
Doesnt seem like a good reason to bleep an artists name. Paki is a very old M ori word.
Discovered he is descended from a Pakeha wife and says he is not Maori.
Im not keen on Nat representation for Maori and Pacifika at the moment. But if we are going to look at every sentence & analyse it & disseminate negatively then no one in government has a shit show of doing any thing positive. Find a sentence - negative it - waste of keys.

Obviously Muller doesnt believe Maori have a place in the administration of their country. And NZ has nothing to do but build its economy.
People who cannot understand why there needs to be specific Maori representation, always, have a long, long way to go understanding anything imho.
Are you a Maori Supremacist?
Todd Muller kicked out the first two M ori leaders of the National Party, then installed an all-white front bench all while defending a MAGA hat displayed in this office. Todd Muller isn t the future of Aotearoa.

Im one way the Maori seats are good for National, as they remove plenty of Non-National voters from the general electorates and allow them to consistently control a much greater number of them. The Hamiltons for example would be genuine swing seats if there were no Maori seats.

Now we have to have ethnic quota does Newshub still have 3 women and 1 man on politics and are they racially balanced? TV One seem to have lots of white women with blonde hair. Labour have two Pacifica women but no Maori women in top 10.

By the public you mean whites. M ori have sympathy for prisoners! All we need is of M ori to have a little less sympathy for whites and we re living in Ulster in 1972.
Coronavirus: Virus suspected of being dormant in Ruby Princess passenger for 10 weeks ...more Maori Paul Goldsmith Tova.
His argument is weve always delivered for M ori so M ori just need to trust us without us having to consult or include.
It appears Muller has nothing but an economic plan - Maori can sort themselves out .... its like he doesnt even realise what the possible position of PM actually entails.
2000 jobs gone today and TV NEWS will be about how many Maori on the National front bench. I ll tell you how fekin many. About 80,000 less than are out of work. 125 MP s at that swamp of parliament. Shame on them. And shame on the msm.

Beers and BrOverwatch.
Very common in New Zealand to have a lotta Maori "professionals" tell us that its "american medicine". Im Maori and its made finding diagnosis and treatment so damn hard. But I understand where it comes from, as we get the short end of the stick w modern medicine.

Nats Leader is a conservative, who defends MAGA hat after all thats happened since 2016, puts out an all white front bench-no rep. of POC who are integral part of NZ, then they try to lie their way out by making one of their MPs a Maori. Just WOW.

"... surely M ori see this as a snub?" "Well from my " Todd Muller cant see from anyone elses perspective, its all about him. Narcissist?
So much airtime on RNZ being given to lack of M ori representation in top Nat rankings, & criticism from key media commentators. When leader & deputy had iwi connections were no plaudits or recognition from those same people.

Jealous, party of one. 2 out of the country s 3 official languages are NZ Sign Language and M ori, which tells you a lot about their values. No country is perfect, but NZ is really putting in effort to make their country amazing for everyone. Wish I could say the same about us.

I like the maori ;) played on primeval times (sorry no idea if thats the right translation).
Your nation suffers from racial insanity In the old days Maori would have slaughtered and eaten your useless leaders! They bring your nation no mana! What use are they? Food!
Muller answers his first question about Maori and Te Tiriti and the representation in his new front bench and he does so without mentioning Maori and Te Tiriti once. Mindblowing.
If you need to be Maori to represent Maori (because all Maori think alike?) logic suggests we also need single-parents, beneficiaries, gang-members, high school drop-outs, school-kids and octogenarians in Parliament, in order to represent those groups in society.

The people of this area were Isralires brought through the red sea at the time of whom led the Maori and closed the sea also had the calclation to where the Fish that ate Osiris Penis dweeled near antartica and was sent to destroy it by Isis and rebuild the broken God.

Muller seeking to undo Motiti win.
I look forward to having this conversation on my radio show with my Chinese producer, and gay co-worker about not living in 2020 oh and I m Maori.
"Ive never had a cousin given and then taken away so quickly," says Khylee Quince. "Even Rob Muldoon had M ori on his front bench," says Morgan Godfery on the radio, still in shitposting mode but with the appearance of politeness this time.

Quite weird to see the founder of a separatist party attacking National for its front bench, presumably appointed on perceived merit not race - a party that had the first ever Maori MPs and ministers from general seats.

Gonna stream some BROVERWATCH with my bro in 10 mins! He s good, I m casual, we re dronk. Come hang. Pew pew pew.
Contact tracing apps need to consistent with Maori data governance principles.
She probably - and rightly imo - disagrees? I wonder how NZF s mass No vote sits with, eg, the PM who gives them ministerial warrants, or the Greens who prop them up in govt? How half the Labour M ori caucus s no vote sits with their colleagues who are more progressive on it etc.

Technically I think it does. Depends, do you feel Maori? Do you hate your whiteness? Then you qualify.
Ummmm, should Todd Muller really be beating up on 2 M ori Cabinet Ministers? The Daily Blog.
Beers and Broverwatch with.

What You Really Think

So when they did have a Maori leader, they were dragged for everything right down to their accent (arguably classist too), scalp gets claimed & then it s flipped to too white despite decent female representation for once. Make up your minds, either support diversity or don t.

Two ticks national. Out with cindys kindy, and her tarot reading teddy bear picnic. SAVE NZ civilian rights.

So in other words, youre Anti-White.

I always wondered what was on the bottom of the barrel now I know I ve just seen them.

Did national not pick the best people for the positions ? Serious question. If they see they these as the best people for the role then what is wrong with that ?

So how come you never gave Simon or Paula any credit then??

Diversity and depth in views, character, education, and experience is far more crucial than diversity of skin colour. I want my brain surgeon to be the best at their job. I dont care what colour their skin is, theyre still a Kiwi either way - and isnt that what matters?

This tweet is pretty exactly what we don t need or want in NZ.

Any comment on the glaringly obvious gender imbalance in the Green Party listings?

Kiri, please don t play the race card. You are in Govt with Winston where a lot of immigrants would say he was a racist. This is NZ, we don t need this!

have you thought maybe it came down to factors like Talent, Intellect, Work Ethic, Experience and Personality rather than the fact that their Great Great grandfather was a certain race ?

I see the problem here - wheres my Asian MP at?

Appearances can be deceiving, but they look like a good group of normal, decent New Zealanders. What is your problem with them?

I guess their ace card is that their siblings are slightly more respectable humans & arent.

What a shame they couldn t pick their ethnicity at birth. I m sure they would ve picked brown otherwise just to please people like you.

Competency not skin colour that s how our vote works thanks.

This is very boring. I dont care how diverse the National Party is, the problem is they are all dedicated to neo-liberal economic policies, which cause massive inequality, and those policies disproportionately affect minorities.

Dont see nothing wrong with there lineup.

The color of your links does NOT Make you a Good POLITICO OR ROLE MODEL it jst makes you like millions of others in the world. What makes you is. Can u b trusted to speak the truth and not compromise on it can u leave yor own prejudices color fininancial ego whateva at the door.

And? They think thats a QUALIFIER? FFS Are they good at their job? do they have the life skills r they proactive versus retro are they willing to truly stand an b counted by saying it like it is and not clinging to cultural identitys to work the system in their favour. Ova it.

All the primo cabinet positions are Pakeha, hard for Maori to build castles in the Pakehas sand pit.

Diversity is and can be about more than race.

Wow, the racists in are loud on twitter First they hate the Maori leadership team of Then they racistly bleat their replacement are not brown enough Does Kiri like her MPs to be thick like Kelvin & Willy?

What the feck does that "diverse communities" b/s have to do with a persons ability & qualifications to help rebuild NZ from this bloody mess?

You are inciting these types of responses Kiri. What does that make you?

Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Of the 13 people in this Tweet, only one of them is a racist.

The living Treaty of Waitangi.

Awesome to see three women in the top four, don t you think?

Qwhite the team, it seems.

This is why Labour are useless. It doesnt matter how qualified you are for the job as long as you are Maori or Pasifika.

Nice padding, not only the Leader / Deputy Leader of the National Party, but wow, ALSO the Leader / Deputy Leader of the Opposition! Where do they find the time?

Sweet. I want the best people for the job, race doesn t matter to me. If it does to you, you are in fact racist.

Kiri I thought you were better than this. Your own party has one Maori on the front bench.

To complete the irony, Gerry needs to be Spokesperson for Health and Sports.

I want to know how many are left handed. We must have a quota of lefties.

Why are you inciting racism? That is not becoming of a New Zealand MP. Shame on you.

Kiri, are you not concerned why has so few women in Cabinet?

Oh hi. Um could i make an order to pick up please? Ahh, could i get twelve butter chickens please? Oh, um, just mild thanks.

Kiri given that in this Governments tenure there has been criticism of both Treaty obligations being blatantly ignored by Labours deputy and legislation passed that "singles out Maraes smacks of discrimination", youre clutching at straws here.

The identity politics makes me wana puke As a half Samoan and half European person, how absolutely pathetic to resort to valuing a persons contribution based on their ethnicity. Yuck. How offensive. Anyone who falls for this crap deserves to be victimized by the left.

Why do they all look like baby eaters to me?

Thankfully, NZ doe not have a quota system. Candidates are chosen on merit, not on race.

Wow, and look at the massive diversity in your party. Never had a Maori leader have you? Jacinda - White Kelvin - Maori Grant - White Phil - White Megan - White Chris - White Andrew - White Carmel - Tongan-Samoan David - White David - White.

Fuck off with the grievance trolling, Russia lost 27 million people in WW2,Serbia lost third of population in WW1, Chinas loses tens of millions in Taiping rebellion,civil war, Japanese invasion, Great Leap Forward, you are not oppressed.

Kiri this is very nasty, negative stuff and you are better than this!

Then why has NZ Labour Party never had a M ori Leader of the Party? That s right. Racism!

Why are so few women in cabinet?

Thats a lot of bad taste in music in one picture.

Well, I will say this at least National can say they had a M ori as leader. Labour hasnt had one in the whole, just over 100 years, history.

And surprising as well! There are plenty of talented and capable M ori/Pasifika MPs in the National Caucus that could go on the front bench. Its really disappointing.

Even their blonde to brunette ratio is sus.

Didn t someone on the left say Bridges and Bennett were not real Maori when they were the leader and deputy leader of National Party? How racist these remarks are? We are NZrs ?

In todays society there is no excuse for having an entirely white led organisation.

Out of interest, who is the parent to a Samoan?

What a nonsense. Stop this racist rubbish.

But if one of them had a half-Maori parent, like Simon Bridges, then all of a sudden you think that they speak for all Maori, think like all Maori, represent all Maori and act with the best interests of Maori in mind? Do you know how utterly absurd you sound?