Thursday 13th of August 2020

Australia intent to Harm LGBTQ Youth I Stand With Trans Kids, And Against Mark Latham Alastairlawrie.

Social Media Says

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham has slammed the "ideology and obsession" with discussing transgender issues with extremely young children.
Mark Latham says more could be done to protect the elderly.
Sky News contributor Mark Latham says talk of racism in popular kids TV show Arthur trilizes, diminishes and places discussion of a serious problem into the "theatre of the absurd.
Hard to believe Mark Latham and James Morrow scoffing at Jacinda Ardern re virus outbreaks. This pair, who achieved nothing in their worthless lives, scoff at somebody who is saving lives. A more egregious, gutless pair of morons has never drawn breath in this country.

Mark Latham has done the unthinkable. He has criticised the irreproachable Jacinda Ardern. Twitter is in a tither.
How good is Mark Latham?!
Has Mark Latham out-fuckwitted Ben Fordham?
International LGBT media now highlighting Mark Latham's section28-style law seeking to erase trans and gender diverse kids.
Well done Mark Latham: Destroyed your shot at the top job to end up a shitposting blowhard anyway.
Van Badham Mark Latham Greens are the lowest form of existence.
Didnt mark Latham play a killer in the bill?!?
Thanks for following me. I didnt have my glasses on and thought you were Mark Latham. Shock horror!
Mark Latham achieved getting on parliamentary pension at age 44 and was employed on the public teat before that. Never had a real job. Scum.
You are such an odious bastard Mark Latham. Shame on you.
Mark Latham would know all about destroying governments: he single-handedly brought the Labor Party to its knees.
Mark, for the first time in a while I get to say congrats on your win today of the Mark Latham Award for.
TONIGHT: CLIVE PALMER, MARK LATHAM AusPol And Mark Latham on the ABC asking children about their mothers having long beards. Plus so much more - including whisky. August 13, 2020 at 06:29PM Andrew Bolt RSS Newsource Herald S.

Mark Latham seems to see through the mass hysteria as well.
When I see "Mark Latham" trending my first thought is, "what has that absolute bell-end done now?" Am I right?
We have quite a few hideous, nasty, throwbacks in this wide brown land and Mark Latham is the King of them all.
Well done Mark Latham: Proving you can do two things at once. Opening your mouth and changing feet. How did Eden Monaro work out for ya? What? Labour won!! Oh dear, poop.
Australia intent to harm LGBTQ Youth I Stand With Trans Kids, and Against Mark Latham alastairlawrie.
Let's get Mark Latham to give his opinion on anything. Said no-one ever.
The only topics ever on sky news 1. Rowan dead 2. Mark Latham 3. Chris Kenny 4. Alan Jones 5. Rowan Dean 6. Peta credlin 7. Mark Latham 8. Alan Jones 9. Chris Kenny 10. Rowan Dean 11. Peta credlin.

What You Really Think

Latham also wants to make Coronavirus illegal in schools. He has a way to go.

Trans kids? All 20 off them?

Mark Latham wants to take us back to the 50s. What a foul minded and hateful man he is.

Bad elder.

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