Friday 7th of October 2022

Martial Has Scored or Assisted a Goal Every 19 Minutes For Man Utd so Far This Season. Martial SZN.

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Martial scored assisted goal every minutes this season. Martial SZN.
17-year-old Maxi Oyedele trained with first team today. Love this from Anthony Martial
Anthony Martial three goals last minutes pitch United.
Haaland: goals minutes, goal every 50.47min Martial: goals minutes, goal every 25.67min.
Martial: Thanks fans travelled ]martial_9].
love Rashford Martial much man.
been days since campaign started with Tinubu being available campaign Nigerians Peter Atiku Wike Martial Ronaldo.
Martial running towards goal when teammates shoot, case keeper spills gets used fits spurts. keeps season...
always liked Martial. really hope gets grip first
Think agree that Utd's front three against Everton should Rashford Martial Antony.
Martial Rashford rescue Devils.
Martial, Rashford Shaw should coming back into this team. Casemiro coming depends Erik views McTominay know, know lol). former three clear inclusions, though. Some decisions Sunday.

Rashford Martial, enough, have starting Everton. Same Casemiro Shaw.
Anthony Martial been pitch minutes Manchester United this season three goals assist.
remember when Martial Rashford hate each other this link timeline right beautiful.
These guys have manifestos; what they have documents together some brilliant professors which they have idea about. Kenneth Okonkwo channelstv . . Ronaldo. Martial. Sancho.
Erik Hag: "Luke ]Shaw], Marcus ]Rashford] definitely, also Anthony Martial ]looked sharp]. think subs really impact today. That's really good makes team stronger." Sport].

Watching Martial Rashford linking again.
find that some fans back players like Rashy Martial through their inconsistencies have written Sancho after games. excuse been awful.
need Martial Rashford their best. Link
Anthony Martial better goal contribution than Erling Haaland.
Martial since coming back from injury!
Martial Thanks fans travelled.
Martial rashford lets back.
Martial Rashford btw, need these playing together man.
Anthony Martial this season: games [?] goals assist goal assist every mins this season. Toto Season.
Martial goal (1-2).
When Rashford Martial playing together>>>>>>>. need martial throughout this season.
Just happy win. Rashford, Martial, Shaw, perfect subs change game Hag. think Sunday's team picked itself.
Only Martial save now.
performance hoped win. players still struggling form. Rashford Martial both made difference, they added directness pace. Sancho passive liking. Martial Rashford should start Sunday.

First half: Nightmare Omonia scored [?][?] Half Time: Second half: Martial Rashford came substitute. Rashford [?][?] Martial [?] Ronaldo match Marcus Rashford! [?] Full Time: Omonia Manchester United.

Martial Rashford linkup back.
Martial really mood. hope stays remainder season.
Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial connection alive.
Erik Hag: have already seen ]Martial's importance] pre-season. disappointment team when injured against Atletico Madrid. missed first couple weeks also effect team performance." Sport].

Subs Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial inspire Manchester United fightback.
Full videos Kenneth Okonkwo's interview with seunokin Channels "APC failed 735% their promise make They building skyscraper failures!" KO Source: channelstv . Ronaldo. Sancho. Martial.

Because Antony didnt score first, Heres another chance. Martial scores time will give person likes this 5,900Fifa points Must following code.
Martial please.
ever defend Rashford Martial like this?
rich tribute fallen heroes October 11th October Tyranny. martial forces opened fire peaceful protest pkmap young chairman Mahmood khan achakzai, workers accepted death honor instead bowing dictator.

Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial inspire Manchester United comeback Nicosia.
Rashford Ronaldo Martial.
Anthony Martial scored 100th goal career competitions (clubs countries combined). ]Statsdufoot].
Starting Everton Dalot Martinez Lindelof Shaw Eriksen Casemiro Antony Martial Rashford Ronaldo Erik word will play winning team.
Rashford Martial Antony best front three.
Should've spaced Antony Martial with that team.
martial half numbers we'll talk.
Martial score against Everton!
Rashford Martial Antony front three from
Rashford Martial made proud, drop let's follow each other.
All's well that ends well mufc, their utmost make that awkward night possible. Martinez, Rashford Martial good.
Rashford goal Bruno; Martial goal, Rashford. This second half like second half 2019-20.
Omonia Nicosia Utd: Substitutes Rashford Martial save day.
Anthony Martial brought 100th career goal club country tonight: Manchester United goals [?] AS Monaco goals [?] France goals [?] Sevilla goal cold Martial.
Anthony Martial played just minutes since returning from injury scored goals. Scary hours.
Martials decider between whether finished anyways. needs stay fit.
love Martial, think Everton perfect game Ronaldo Tony come impact sub. Ronaldo needs start though.
started today just this reason...when Martial fit, will start EPL.
Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial: massive player been long time. When happy unbelievable player. We've both been injured, longer than good minutes make impact." ]bt].

Paul Scholes Martial: Every United knows real talent. just need more often." ]btsport].

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Better than haaland.

Look mama No gloves.

If I hear why is Ronaldo on the bench again!!!!!! See impact naaa.. Abeg let the young dudes play more..

Ronaldo stopped him from getting two more goals.

Just heard the pundit for bt sport say these exact words.

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