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Sunday 12th of July 2020

SPOILER ALE We're Saying Farewell to an incredible Contestant And The MasterChef Kitchen Won't be The Same Without Them.

Tonight's the night they'll fight for their place. Welcome to Finals Week! Tune in 7.30 on.
SPOILER ALE We're saying farewell to an incredible contestant and the MasterChef kitchen won't be the same without them.
. fooderati said it best. You are 10's across the board to us, reece_hignell We'll miss you.
Exactly!! What The??? Jock, Emelia picked out fish. What a wally.
I want Laura and Emelia in finals week. Those badass bishes have earned it.
Wait Wait Wait!!! Here is the Giveaway Book Recipe Free Claim Now MasterChefAU.
SHH!! She should apply for TheVoiceAU Cause she ant no MasterChefAU.
It didn't sound like that to me. What I heard was the flavours were clashing.
That red thing is full of hot air. Ladbrokes had her as favourite for 2 months so I guess it wins.
I dont mind the mushy peas. I nominate zucchini as the worst vegetable to exist, because it is a tasteless scrub, hanging on the passenger side of eggplant's ride trying to holler at us.
Hiks You are loved.
The first person joining Reynold in the Finals is... emeliajacksonMC!
Whos gonna seal clap from the gantry now???! Whos gonna call everyone DOLL and melt my heart with that adorable lisp???? You will be missed Reece, and you will forever be the tits.
In these troubling times, having Reece on TV was a ray of sunshine.
Shut the competition down. If were basing this on talent, technical skill, enigmatic performance and creativity, this is the best Australia has to offer.
I do not like this stressful show I do not want my friends to go. I do no like it Cal my pal I do not like it Reece the beast I do not like it Poh my bro I DO NOT LIKE THIS STRESSFUL SHOW!
For people who haven't seen Andy's season this is a summary why does he sound stoned the whole time?
Yer a wizard, Reynold CLnulb.
Exactly.. They were voiceless people no idea what they thought, he wouldn't let them speak! its because its the Jock show. Annoying as hell. Hope he isn't judging again next season.
"The Tits" ]thuh tIts] - common noun (See also: "Reece Hignell", "Tart Queen", "the best".) 1. Person of the purest kind with most endearing giggle 2. Baker of creative cakes with proficiency in tart-making 3. One who claps with sass 4. Friend of katyperry MasterChefAU.

My thoughts on masterchefau tonight is that reece_hignell is the freaking tits and wish he could have stayed I cant wait to see what he does next. I made his dulce de leche brownies this avo and they straight up.

I miss Reece already.
To Reece: beetroot and goats cheese? How boring To Laura: lamb and peas? How inspired. Jocks open bias to Laura is really pissing me off.
Goodbye ray of sunshine Reece, and the last time I can use this gif.
Reece you will be missed. Its has been an absolute honor for us to see a legend being born. Just keep doing what you do and don't stop making yourself proud. Bye Reece,we hope to see you soon.
Always will be The Tits!
Every time I get stressed that Reece might be sent home, I remind myself that Katy Perry called him the tits, and in the end, that is the true victory.
Sad to see you go Reece!
Lamb roast! Seriously?! No matter how well cooked, where is the innovation? Too simple for this stage of the competition. The judges criticised Reece right from prep time but nothing was said about the simplicity of the lamb roast. Hmmmm.

Anyone else feeling VERY protective of our contestants?
Simon somewhere watching Reece cooking veggies.
I love this and I love reece_hignell so much, he's definitely the tits!!
As a wise woman once said Youre the tits Reece.
I have a sinking feeling that Reece might be leaving us tonight, I doubt Callum will botch the dessert he spent 3 days and 2 nights thinking about while seated in that armchair.
That judging was terrible.
Its so empowering to see a woman stand in front of a group of people and talk so confidently about her abilities, Im an exceptional cook, you absolutely are.
RECAP MASTERCHEF finds it's final four as Reece Hignell departs kitchen.
Two key post ep topics are Reece getting ripped-off and Melissas earings. I think Im geting the demo.
Last few weeks "Why are they trying stuff in elimination?" Tonight "You need to try something new in elimination".
So much to love about this show. No one is out to get anyone, no one backstabs, everyone just genuinely loves and respects each other let alone the cooking next level.
There should be a MasterChefAU spinoff series where all the judges have to cook for Poh.
Put your tarts out for Reece.
Never forget.
Sad to see reece_hignell go home. Loved watching your work this year. Youre a star Reece. Go.
Dont want to piss on the parade but Andy keeps saying theyre the best of the best. Well, theyre not as none of them have won Masterchefau, so theyre the best of the rest.
Who is melissa supposed to flirt with when all of the gays are gone.
Odd to send Reece home for doing "too little", when fish in broth, and lamb and peas were good enough to get through.
Ok Reece being eliminated is the straw that has broken the camels back on 2020.
Seeeeee the thing is I imagine that every cook they all want to pull out all the stops and go hard and want to step up. Like, don't pivot emotions and say it now just because it's finals.
Im gonna miss reece.
"Nope, nope, nope, nope I cannot deal with Reece leaving.".
Melissa's earrings are next level tonight. I want!
Reynold approves.
Laura cooked meat and two basic veg? What the hell am I missing here? Laughable.
Callum FTW.
Now do the same poll for lamb, mint and peas.
Oh reece_hignell. Youre my heart. Im going to miss your pirouettes.
Oh my friggin god I am SO DAMN MAD. They forced him to change his dish and thats what got him eliminated. He looked pissed off. We love you reece_hignell masterchefau VnulbVnulbVnulbVnulb.
Oh Reece.
Hibachi is the it equipment but is Davidson plum the star ingredient of masterchefau 2020?
Im missing reece already.
If Poh cooked a dish that simple, she would have won immunity. Just sayin..
Ding dong! Our special guests have arrived.
Now whos gonna strut their dish up to the judges.
Reece and Callum in the bottom two.
I think all the masterchefau contestants are talented but it's disappointing after the season we've had that we're back to just bougie Anglo food.
You know things are getting serious when six of Australia's hottest chefs convene for an elimination judging. Here's what went down in MasterChefAu town.
Emelias I am an exceptional cook to the nine celebrity chefs/judges might just be the most cringeworthy moment of the season yet!
Well done Callum, I can't see the Barossa and restraint going together, more generous and abundant. Looks beautiful and delicious!
Emelia backing herself and telling the judges she is great are the vibes we all need in 2020.
"Big risk cooking fish. What led you down this path?" You were holding the fucking bag when Emelia randomly picked fish, Jock. ***nulb.
Its all a bit boring so it must be adbreakanimal time.
Ok I appreciate Lauras a good chef, but lamb&peas getting great techniques vs other complex dishes? Maybe the editings off but it looks like massive bias by the judges ?? Or maybe by Coles for whats on sale?!

The judges tonight with all the interrogating and mindfucking.

What You Really Think

Such a character, he will be carrying on.


Go Callum!!

I'm devastated.

Sorry for Reece and relieved for Callum.

No, just no.

Is it even worth watching anymore.

SO much love to Reece Vnulb.

Oh reeeeeece.

So why would you even do this when so many havent seen it or want to catch up later? Those who know dont need this tweet and those who dont know dont need it either...

Extremely sad.

I'M SO EMOTIONALL RN OMGG a pure LEGEND, gonna miss u mate.

Of course its rough, but hes done exceptional. Top 5! nulb.

My favourite cook. Noooo.