Sunday 12th of July 2020

Usman Takes Down Masvidal Kamaru Usman Defeats Jorge Masvidal in The Main Event of Fight Island.

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Short notice? My whole life-plus has been a training camp. One of my favorite Jorge Masvidal (GamebredFighter) quotes.
Respect to Masvidal for taking that fight last minute, most men aint doing that.
USMAN vs MASVIDAL! UFC251 is LIVE TOMORROW on espn PPV at 10pm ET.
Not saying that masvidal is a bad wrestler, he certainly held his own with not a lot of training prior to this in certain situations, but usman is obv much better and him being able to wragdoll masvidal against the fence doesnt give us anything new about him.

Most Masvidal fans starting watching MMA last week.
Round 4 over. 39-37 Usman going into the 5th. Usman wont gain many new fans this way but hes doing what he has to do to win and at the end of the day its all about the W. Masvidal needs a finish here.
Respect = earned Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman exchange words after the final buzzer. They're not going to be friends, but they definitely respect each other after sharing the Octagon.
Were gonna run it back. Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal all class after going the distance at.
Masvidal has been training for Usman for 6 months are you crazy? if anything Usman would be at a disadvantage because he thought he was fighting somebody else. Colby actually rocked Usman, Masvidal didnt.

: Kamaru Usman The champ defends with a dominant display over Jorge Masvidal. Doubt him now. The Nigerian Nightmare is no joke.
Thinking bout masvidals feet.
Hi, my name is Jorge Masvidal. Youre probably wondering how I got here. Well, it all started six days ago ... ( espnmma).
Masvidal every time Usman stomps on his foot.
U didnt watch the fight did you? he was throwing jorge about at points. Landed many clean elbows. Had him mounted and in crucifix, usman completely dominated. And if u can't resepct that then u don't even resepct masvidal because it isn't easy to do that to any1 let alone jorge.

You just KNOW Masvidals feet are throbbing.
Oh yeah Usman knew he couldnt strike with Masvidal. That clinch game gets you tired when youre not in control.
Moves to 17-1 record. Hasn't lost a fight since May 2013. Beat Edwards, Maia, dos Anjos, Woodley, Covington & Masvidal in UFC. Ties GeorgesStPierre record of most consecutive Welterweight wins. Usman84KG.

How the person that bet $200,000 on Masvidal must be feeling.
Masvidal gonna get a rematch, called it earlier this week. Will cite 6 days notice and the fact that Marty couldnt do any damage.
Watching Usman win against Masvidal.
Whats going on? I joined for the 40/1 Usman to beat masvidal promotion I put the one pound stake on and it hasnt give me the PS40 in free bets its just give me PS1.40? Not happy.
Usman when Masvidals toes looked at him the wrong way.
You dont watch much UFC. Usman has a wrestling background , he neutralized what Masvidal does well and basically pitched a shutout.
Masvidal came to fight , Usman came to wrestlefuck, toe stomp, headbutt, and steal people's hard earned money.
Give us McGregor vs Masvidal, thats the money fight.
Masvidal LITERALLY had 6 months to prepare for Usman. weak excuse.
Boring or not, Usman had a game plan and executed it to keep his belt. Striking with Masvidal is a DANGEROUS game.
He beat Masvidal up who is that guy.
Usman wasnt really tryna throw em, he knows masvidal will connect on em but fuck it gotta do what you gotta do to win.
He knew he couldnt throw hands with masvidal would have got kod.
Whats your point? Usman had him in the clinch and stomped his foot for the majority of 5 rounds. You give Masvidal adequate time to train, he would have had a better chance. Usman knew better than to stand and strike with him because he wouldve lost. Well see a rematch.

Main Event: Ive got Usman winning all 5 rounds. He wrestled. Plain and simple, completely stymieing Masvidal. I feel bad for Masvidal because thats not the kind of fight thats made him box office. Usman is big time, but was boring. But he got it done.

Masvidals Body: His foot.
Usman did exactly what he was supposed to do against Masvidal. But casual fans will be critical and suggest that Usman fought scared (he didnt). Masvidal will be just fine after this.
Yet he outstruck Masvidal. Tearssssssssssssssss.
Standing in the rig and exchanging punches Masvidal wins that fight, smashing into the cage and stomping toes isnt much of a fight -nulb.
If masvidal knocked him out you would have gotten ur entertainment but he didnt.
I really hope the UFC books Mcgregor vs Masvidal. Real men who wants to have a proper fight. Respect to usman for being dominant but that kinda of fight is just boring. Give us some violence.
Thinking about it more, maybe do Conor Vs Masvidal and Colby Vs Usman, those would be great fights.
Tbf to Masvidal, he put up a better fight than Woodley.
Usman put the entire world to sleep, aside from Masvidal Max got ROBBED Yan outlasts Aldo in a classic Rose blossoms Ribas is the real deal.
Talking about a phisiological aspect a full camp would change the cadence of the fight, clearly Masvidal was tired right after the first clinch... I'm not saying that Masvidal would win, but for sure he would had a higher probability.

Usman is a bitch. You ain't on top, you ain't shit bro. Run that back and don't try to hug masvidal the whole time. Let's see who wins then! Flying knee to the face!
Lmao stop it. Masvidal was gassed midway thru 2nd round. He had to cut weight in 5 days. It showed. Relaxover there.
I really wanted a Masvidal knock out.
Pull them out Masvidal fans.
If they give Colby to Usman again, he's gonna maul Colby just like he did Masvidal. That's one thing about elite grapplers, you know what they're gonna do, but you're gonna have a hard time stopping them, that's even if you have the chance to stop them.

Jorge Masvidals toes tomorrow.
Usman takes down Masvidal Kamaru Usman defeats Jorge Masvidal in the main event of Fight Island.
Even when he took masvidal down, his defense was solid. Usman did nothing significant except stomp on his toes and punch low, they stated after the match that over 10min was spent clinching. Straight garbage, thats not UFC thats fighting scared.

We all know Gilbert Burns beats both Usman and Masvidal.
Go back n watch Masvidal between rds vs Diaz, he wasnt even breathin heavy. He was gassed after the 2nd rd this fight. That weight cut on 6 days notice fucked him. Kamaru is boring.. ufc Next time pay ur fighters what they deserve, no more of this late notice bullshit.

Masvidals toes after this fight.
Max got robbed tonight and Masvidal got dominated, they need to run it back without a short notice.
Masvidal still the BMF, idc what anyone says.
Final takeaways from UFC251: -great card overall -Usman did what he does -Masvidal did well for 6 days notice -Holloway WON THAT FIGHT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK -Yan is for lets see him vs Sterling.

Ulot thought Masvidal was gonna beat the best WW in the world on 6 days notice because he dresses like Tony Montana and says cool things.
I agree that he deserves the BMF belt. Just not the same one as Masvidal. Its the Boring Motherfucker Belt.
Usman wanted no part of Masvidal's stand up. He fought the way he had to in order to retain his title. Not my style, so I hope they can run it back after Masvidal has a full camp to prepare.
Leaked footage of Usman training for the masvidal fight.
Usman hugged Masvidal more than my dad hugged me in my life.
Yeah thats my take too. Sense a lot of the frustrated folks were kinda fooled by hype. Love Masvidal but this was always Usmans fight to lose, regardless of circumstance.
Masvidal should've started using the toe stomp and cock punches if he wants to be world champ.
Masvidal is a Trumper and has a literal participation trophy belt lmao.
Masvidal could care less about a win or lose . Mans just wanted to punch a nigga face in.
THE NIGERIAN NIGHTMARE! Usman defeats Masvidal!
Shout out to whoever did this on Wikipedia They aren't wrong. I can't wait until someone beats Usman. I wish GSP would come back and whip his ass. Props to Masvidal for taking that fight on such short notice.

Jorge Masvidal stat sheet after the fight with Usman.
Fight goes the distance. Usman and Masvidal show respect after. Usman going to take the decision. Fans won't be happy. If you're Usman, I don't think you care. His last fight against Colby was highly entertaining. This one, he couldn't afford to lose. Win how you can.

If Jorge Masvidal beats Kamaru Usman tonight, Ill send a nude to everyone that likests this & FOLLOWS me.
Masvidal vs Covington...assuming Colby doesnt duck Masvidal.
Masvidal after he stopped smiling halfway through round 3.
Kamaru Usman defeats Jorge Masvidal and is still the UFC Welterweight Champion.
Usman prepping for the Masvidal fight like.
Nah bro , wouldve been the same result . Its a terrible matchup for masvidal.
Jorge Masvidals toes after the fight.
As for Masvidal, this would seem like a great time (when hes healthy) to run it back with Diaz, no?

What You Really Think

Masvidal got broken down systematically.

Wrong graphic... lol.

Poor big toe.

By footstomps hugs and a head butt.

Can we see the one if masvidal wouldve won?

Best hugging I seen all night.

The Nigerian toe stomping nightmare strikes again. glad the rest of the card was dope.

Someone who can relate to Jorge lol.

This graphic doesnt do the fight justice at all. Smart fight from Usman, but damn was it boring, and I love wrestling.

Why does the art insinuate that usman knocked out Jorge.

Kendrick lamar look kinda different in this pic.

Same energy.

Good win but will never beat the GOATS record.

Hahaha who did this?...

The detail in this picture is crazy smh.

Fake news did yall watch the fight lol.

Delete this. Usman didnt do shit but lay.

I enjoyed the fight well deserved for usman.

Usman fought for points thats what he did the whole fight he is just knows how to win by playing smart.

Whats this shit all i can remember is usman giving him hugs for days.

Gtfoh lol it didnt end like that! Take that pic down. It was a cuddling/tap dancing match smh youre better than that bleacher report.

Id rather watch my parents fuck than that fight.

Usman gameplan...

Hardly looked like this. GamebredFighter took the fight in a weeks notice, shed 20lbs to make weight took USMAN84kg the distance. Should be different w/a full training camp for Masvidal.

I can't believe he knocked out Masvidal so viciously.

Awesome strategy from usman.. It would have been suicidal to box with masvidal.

Pretty false advertising shoulda shown a picture of him huggin him against the cage and stepping on his feet.

Whats this BS he didnt knock him out he went 5 rounds with a dude who had 6 days notice if i was Usman id be worried about a guy who gets more than a week to get ready.

Yall need to change the picture. Hugs and stopinging. No knock out.

If Masvidal stub his toe later hes gonna have to amputate his foot.

He didn't defeat Masvidal, he hugged him.

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