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Saturday 1st of August 2020

Matt Dumba (matt_dumba) of The Mnwild Kneels During The National Anthem. WeSkateFor Equality.

Matt Dumba (matt_dumba) of the mnwild kneels during the National Anthem. WeSkateFor Equality.
Hockey is a great game, but it could be a whole lot greater and it starts with all of us. .
"Hockey is a great game, but it can be a whole lot greater...and it starts with all of us." Vnulb - Matt Dumba.
The mnwild is proud of matt_dumba. We respect and support his heartfelt passion.
How about fuxk yourself too?
Sometimes proud to be a wild fan but always proud to be a matt dumba fan. illustrations from 2016 and 2018.
Powerful pregame speech by Matt Dumba, who is joined by Malcolm Subban and Darnell Nurse for National Anthem. Kneels for national anthem yet stands for Canadian anthem what a Joke.
Cool. Gotta change NHLBlackhawks logo next, unless this is a no action resolution & just for show.
I wonder what the overlap is between people praising Kesler's pro-Trump tweet, and people rageshitting over this and pterodactyl screeching to "keep politics out of hockey!".
It's not a fight for equality and anti racism. It is a political Marxist movement. BLM cares no more about blacks than did the KKK. As I said, enough. Shut up and skate.
Matt Dumba delivers a powerful anti-racism message as the NHL returns.
Powerful words matt_dumba Well said.
Couldnt be more proud of courage my brother showed today.
Do you stand when everyone else kneels at church? Why?
Coming from a standpoint where many ppl just learned what Juneteenth was like 2 months ago, this response aint saying much.
For the "why only kneel for the US anthem" avatars; Dumba plays for a US team, participated in the cleanup of Minneapolis, donated to local agencies. His activism is borne from George Floyd's murder, all from the perspective of living in the US. This isn't hard to sort out.

I applaud this great start by Matt Dumba and the National Hockey League, moving forward teammates shouldnt let teammates fight this battle alone! We always show up for each other on the ice, this shouldnt be any different.

Incredibly powerful words by matt_dumba, representing theHDA2020. Here is exactly what he said, before kneeling for the Star Spangled Banner.
This is an extremely bad take.
Matt Dumba becomes the first NHL player to kneel during the anthem.
Wild defenseman Matt Dumba just now: "Black Lives Matter. Breonna Taylor's life Matters. Hockey is a great game but it could be a whole lot greater and it starts with all of us.".
Matt Dumba kneeled during the U.S. national anthem Saturday after vowing that the NHL and the Hockey Diversity Alliance will stand up for justice and against racism. WDouglasNHL has the story.
Matt Dumba: "Black lives matter, Breonna Taylor's life matters." He becomes the first NHL player to take a knee as the anthems play with Malcolm Subban and Darnell Nurse supporting him. Incredible leadership from the MNWild defender.

I mean you can enjoy the freedoms and disrespect it, thats free speech right ? Thats what you want right ? You no longer like the sport of hockey because of someones actions literally while not playing hockey ? You might be retarded.

Nice of Gene Principe to wear blackface for the occasion.
When they kneel l turn the channel!
Hockey wont be the same without you. Actually it will cause nobody cares.
Here is matt_dumba's speech.
I hope this inspires a new generation of hockey players and hockey fans because BlackLivesMatter. Breonna Taylors life matters. Hockey is a great game but it could be a whole lot greater and it starts with all of us.

The terrible systemic racism that gave Matt Dumba a 5 year $30 million contract. Such a terrible time and place we live in.
Racism is in that circle. In that league. It hurts my heart. As a fan of 54 years, until the NHL and my team, the StLouisBlues show they understand. And, more importantly, are part of ending it. Acceptance is not enough.

Incredibly proud of matt_dumba with the courageous gesture and leadership. A powerful message for the hockey community.
Black Lives Matter. Youre a real one.
Well done, Matt Dumba.
I wonder if he also kneels for all the innocent Police Officers that have been killed by black / white RIOTERS? If not, why not !!!
In the fight for economic & social justice . . . In the fight against systemic racism . . . YOUR voice matters. Be heard on Twitter. Be heard everywhere. YesWeCanAgain SaturdayThoughts BlackLivesMatter Matt Dumba Payroll Bibles Alexander Vindman TikTok New Month.

What a worthless piece of shit.
That's a straw man. Of course it means something. The NHL and the NHLPA and the HDA deserve a ton of credit for taking the leap that they did. But it's undeniable that the lasting image is a player of color demonstrating alone as *40* of his peers stood by and watched.

Thank you matt_dumba, but why is he the only one so far?
People are in the streets in both countries because they are Marxist nihilistic morons, all they want is to tear down.
Gee, racist and homophobic.Who would have guessed that??!!??
What a bitch move matt_dumba to kneel for the USA flag but then stand for your home country flag. If the USA is so terrible, why not move back to Canada and leave the NHL and USA that oppress you so much.

Attaboy Dumba!
I am not taken seriously in discussions about pretty much everything because I lack a penis. Again, BIPOC people have it worse. You by virtue of being cis male and white receive the instant benefit of the doubt and credibility l. That's priviledge.

"Black Lives Matter. Breonna Taylor's life matters. Hockey is a great game, but it could be a whole lot greater and it starts with all of us." mnwild's Matt Dumba delivered a powerful message ahead of the Blackhawks-Oilers game. ( NHL).

I love Matt Dumba for what he did, and Im not familiar with you or your writing, but this response was pretty rude and out of line. I thought Kristinas comment was a nice complement to your post (and I learned something from it). Thank you both ***nulb.

BLM is an anti-American, Marxist organization that hides behind social justice platforms and pretends to care about minority issues; In reality its a for profit corporation that only cares about the destruction of the Current American Political System...its in their manifesto...

Its delusional to think racism is a uniquely American problem. Its global.
Incredible job by Matt Dumba in delivering a passionate message on behalf of theHDA2020 before the Chicago/Edmonton game at Rogers Place. Black Lives Matter.
Matt Dumba gave a powerful speech on systemic racism before the first game in Edmonton.
The opening of the first game in Edmonton included a salute to social justice activists and healthcare workers and a speech from mnwild defenseman Matt Dumba on behalf of the NHL and Hockey Diversity Alliance. WeSkateFor Black Lives.

Drama queen.
Matt Dumba gives a speech and takes a knee during the US National Anthem before the games begin in the Edmonton Hub.

What You Really Think

Et tu, NHL?


Drama queen.

You WERE doing ok. Now I'm pulling from you too.

Men making millions kneeling because they are oppressed. Bowing out of pro sports until these multi millionaires give away their money to the OPPRESSED.

IT IS NOT THE JOB OF BIPOC TO DO THIS WORK. Where are the white teammates? The white staff? The white NHL staff? They should be there. They should be doing what he had to do. NHL you need to do better here. White ppl step it up.

Hockey, I never knew yee. I was planning to. Oh well.

Its official, hockey has lost me.


Wonderful seeing hockey on TV.

I'm sick of sport's pushing politics. You are paid to play a sport not preach your beliefs.

I like what nick cannon said better.

Did this Canadian hockey player also kneel for the Canadian anthem.

Now hates hockey Good. They couldn't keep up with the puck anyway...

Awesome speech >nulb>nulb.

John Tortorella had the right idea for his team in the Olympics. If you dont stand for the anthem, you remain seated during the game.

Why didn't anybody else?

So youre telling the world that you agree with a Marxist takeover of North America?


Congrats! You just joined the Sports Ballers, on the Fuck You Asshole's Train to Bankruptcy!


I am still watching you guys. I wont boycott since you stood for the anthem. However, that display was stupid. Why??? That guy has never been a victim of anything and neither were the players touching him. It was pitiful. We do not have systemic racism so stop it!!!

Maybe you could also do something about that jersey...

The symbolism...

Will the Left be happy & leave us alone now that he knelt, or will they continue to complain until they bully everyone into kneeling? Guys, Black protesters didn't even do this in the 1960s, because they still respected, and loved their country. WeSkateFor Equality.

What a Dumba(ss).

Clown is not even American. Stood for the Canadian anthem even though Canada had residential schools until 1996 and their prime minister wore black face.


Someone let EricTrump know so he can stop watching nhl and go to another sport like tennis or somethin.

Kneel on your own time, not during our national anthem.