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Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Josh Frydenberg Says he is Uncomfortable With Twitters Ban on Outgoing US President Donald Trump, Joining Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack in Slamming The Social Media Giant.

Michael McCormack comparing Capitol Hill insurgency with BLM protests. Utterly false equivalence.
First morning on the job as acting Prime Minister, Michael McCormack calls the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol (5 dead, including a police officer) "similar to those race riots that we saw around the country last year".

Josh Frydenberg says he is uncomfortable with Twitters ban on outgoing US President Donald Trump, joining Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack in slamming the social media giant.
How does the song go auspol2021 "And I see your true colors" Maybe I change the last line of the chorus. "And that's why I loathe you.".
Me: Writing a book trying to convince people that Australias race politics is the most cooked in the western world. Acting PM Michael McCormack: Dont worry bro, I got this.
Michael McCormack says 'facts can sometimes be contentious' when asked about Covid misinformation.
Michael McCormack is an utter flog and should just go back to doing what he does best - simpering benignly behind Scott Morrison's shoulder and having nightmares about Barnaby Joyce.
Is McCormack seriously suggesting that storming PH with the intent to capture and detain MP's and take over government would be an act of free speech?
Am keen to hear what AlboMP thinks of McCormacks comments today. Now is the time to be a leader Albo. Be what Australia needs you to be.
Singlehandedly creating the next ALP election campaign. This is what a morals-free politician looks like. Disgraceful Black Lives Matter, Capitol Hill protests identical, says Michael McCormack.
McCormack resigns from Nationals, will lead One Nation.
Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen, speaking after Liberal MP Craig Kelly claimed mandatory mask wearing was child abuse: "Craig Kelly is a menace and at every turn, Scott Morrison and now Michael McCormack, Acting Prime Minister, have failed to call him out.".

When your government thinks banning Trump from Twitter is the real injustice NoPlaceforSheep A very good summation of the current controversy concerning Christensen , Kelly, Morrison, McCormack etc.
McCormacks response is that of politicians who rely uttering nonsense and fiction as fact anytime anywhere without the inconvenience of having to substantiate it or be called out on the abuse of privilege. Its nice to know who these Trump apologists are in our own Govts ranks.

McCormack is an ignorant buffoon a Trumpanzee moron.
Acting PM Michael McCormack just responded to the BlackLivesMatter issue with the glib "all lives matter". As Sukriti Wahi notes, it's like saying "all houses matter" when your neighbour's house is burning.

McCormacks problem with armed nazis attacking the US Capitol isnt their beliefs or intent but that they smashed a couple windows... sit with that for a second.
One was legitimate protest the Capitol was an attack on a legitimate Government, even McCormack if he could take off his blinkers would see that!
Let me get this right. McCormack and Christensen's argument is that some people have different claims about what the facts are. So we should SHOULDN'T test those claims with fact-checking?
: Australia is a continent in the Southern hemisphere.
Updated: Australias acting PM, Michael McCormack, has been accused of embracing Donald Trump-style post-truth politics, after he said facts can sometimes be contentious and refused to rebuke a Coalition MP who likened mandatory masks to child abuse.

As someone who lives regionally, I guess McCormack doesn't realize that it's near impossible to find a rental here. LNP have limited expansion for decades so our population stays old i.e. conservative.

Imagine all this time ScottyFromMarketing has been protecting us from Michael McCormack.
How stupid is McCormack, saying Australia went to two world wars to defend freedom of speech. I dont think we fought two wars against fascism so we could have more fascism though.
Fuckwit M_McCormackMP Is Still Comparing BLM To The Deadly MAGA Siege With A Straight Face. Do you think a horde of deluded TrumpSupporters storming a federal building to overturn an election is a mirror image of the Black Lives Matter protests?

Facts Are Contentious Says Former Heroin Addict Michael McCormack.
It seems possible Michael McCormack is the dumbest hammer ever to be Acting Prime Minister. And my god that is saying something.
It looks like Michael McCormack has passed his Q test.
ABC host Georgie Tunny: Shouldnt facts then be upheld above all else? What kind of censure is there for party members who maybe spreading misinformation? McCormack: Facts are sometimes contentious and what you might think is right, somebody else might think is completely .

Have I got this right? McCormack wants the tweet removed which depicts Australian soldiers committing war crimes, but he (and fellow MPs) defends Trumps right to free speech to dog whistle to his supporters to attempt an insurrection and entice further violence?

You really got my head spinning with this article, as I simply don't know nearly enough facts about McCormack to be able to tell what is true and what is satire. It's probably funny, but to me it's just worrying.

Just useless. Morrison (supposedly on hols) sent him out to continue "distraction" - from Trump incitement and McCormack and Chistensen and Kelly and Gladys 5 new cases. Hunt says "only 6 in Australia" doesnt say 5 are Gladys!

Will ScottyFromMarketing have to come back from his holiday early (again) to save the coalition from Michael McCormack's stupidity.
We can. We can also understand that 'facts' are not contentious. They're facts. OPINIONS are contentious - McCormack's more so than most, it seems.
So its just understood that Australian Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack is a racist moron right?
The Acting Prime Minister of Australia, Michael McCormack, just said: "All lives matter". Goodness.
Australias Acting Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, said today that All Lives Matter. Will a real leader please stand up?
Amnesty International has called on Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack to immediately withdraw his "deeply offensive" comments comparing the recent Capitol riot to last year's Black Lives Matter protests.

Galling to see McCormack dig his heels in. This is such a dangerous equivalence to draw, between BlackLivesMatter a racial justice movement and the deadly white supremacist uprising at Capitol Hill.
You think politics can't get more degraded under morrison's brand of mediocrity and menace, and then michael mccormack takes the podium like a three week old boiled potato and you realise we do indeed have further to fall.

Black Lives Matter protested against oppression. White Riots Matter protested against democracy. McCormack is a narrow-minded, uneducated dickhead, and I've really had a fucking gutful of these privileged, myopic wankers and their smug, self-righteous perspectives.

Mccormack confuses facts with views or opinions and deflects the question. But basically hes saying that as long as they get votes and are popular they can publish whatever they like, factual or otherwise.

Michael McCormack really making the most of his 7 days as acting Prime Minister (5.5 left to go).
Why do we have an absolute buffoon currently (supposed to be) governing the country?
What can one say about Michael McCormack? Oh, I know. He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot. Groucho Marx.
Facts are facts. Christensen, Kelly and McCormack have opinions.
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Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack is standing by comparing the assault on the US Capitol with Black Lives Matter protests, insisting there are similarities.
Every time M_McCormackMP Opens his mouth is a national embarrassment . " CapitolRiots like BLM protests , bushfire crisis started by exploding poo , Pacific Islanders who have lost their homes from climate change can pick fruit in NSW ".

Not finished there, Michael McCormack then went on to say Unfortunately gays are here and, if the disease their unnatural acts helped spread doesnt wipe out humanity, theyre here to stay. What do you have to do wrong to end your career in the LNP? 2/2.

And McCormack doubles down on likening BLM protest to the Trump incited storming of the US Congress. There is something deeply rotten in the Australian government.
Asked about the "contentious facts" comment, Michael McCormack talks about the colour of the sky. On George Christensen people on twitterverse need to "toughen up". Tells the experience of someone wishing he caught covid but doesn't want them censored. Gets onto e-safety.

Does this explain McCormack? I think it does. An ignorant man who loses it when challenged by reporters.
Michael McCormack apparently got the Nationals leadership and thereby Deputy PM on merit. Let that sink in. Really let it swirl.
Michael McCormack... What a useless dud.. Where does the national party get their members from? Barnaby included.. It's embarrassing that he is acting PM this week.
Didnt think it would get worse than Barnaby as acting PM back in the day but Michael McCormack is proving me wrong.
McCormack and Christensen are both white supremacists. So is Craig Kelly.
Australia's deputy prime minister says 'facts can sometimes be contentious' when asked about Covid misinformation.
Frydenberg, McCormack, and Morrison are comfortable putting a wrecking ball through the ABC as a Liberal Party a work in progress dismantling the ABC entirely. So much for freedom of speech.
Michael McCormack says "some of what" his colleagues put on Facebook is true; and argues that facts are subjective because you can say the sky is blue, or grey with blue patches.
Michael McCormack, the acting Australian Prime Minister, accused Twitter of censorship for suspending President Trumps Twitter permanently, speaking to ABC. Thank you Micheal.
TheGuradian: Michael McCormack says 'facts can sometimes be contentious' when asked about Covid misinformation Australias acting prime minister refuses to rebuke government MP Craig Kelly who said making children wear masks was child abuse.

Michael McCormack has embarrassed the country so much in two days people are missing scottyfromarketing. Wow.
Let's be very clear. When George Christensen, Craig Kelly, Dave Sharma, Scott Morrison & Michael McCormack defend free speech, it is just their free speech they defend...to lie and incite. They shut down all other free speech without hesitation.

McCormack is one who spreads misinformation. He cannot approve actions that would silence his own voice.

What You Really Think

Does he not realize that thousands of people get banned or put in twitter jail for 12 to 24 hrs or permanently for far less than what trump did. There are rules and if you break the rules this is what happens. Trump incited violence through Twitter, Facebook and other sites.


Ridiculous! you will be blocked permenantly if still support terrorist Trump who become the big threat to American democracy.


Good old Murdoch influence !! Wasnt the Coalition who wanted stronger reach of the law to shut down PreachersOfHate on Social Media ? Or is Trump & his Posse off supporters a bit Too Pale to fall into this Bracket ? Id be interested to hear what PeterDutton_MP thinks.

So you both believe in sighting riots Mr Fridenberg And Mr McCormack. What next?

Lucky Twitter doesn't give a damn about the pipsqueak JoshFrydenberg and his extreme prejudices.

I didn't realise Twitter, FB and Insta we're the only platforms for exercising freedom of speech.

Is it just me or our Australian government appears to be a flock of clowns?

It's about user rules vs Freedom of Speech. I get that division but then Freedom of Speech isn't a full right. Am sure if I made threats against a political entity, I would receive a visit from authorities. Trump broke user rules.

Unfortunately whether you like trump or not, these social media platforms have become our discussion boards online, and removing people from these platforms is the equivalent of restricting internet free speech.

No 1 cares what he thinks , he is a failure. JoshFrydenberg should just do his freaking job and let Twitter do theirs.

Barring you guys would be sensible!!

If you choose now to focus on Trump losing a social media account rather than the violence he incited, you are not a defender of democracy. You are a Trump apologist.

Why its a private company and he constantly breaks its rules?!!

But totally comfortable with restricting asylum seeker's access to social media and contact with the outside world, because their speech is somehow more dangerous than Trump's is to the safety of US lawmakers and citizens. OK...

Whos sending terrorists to his place on Twitter? Nobody. Words are cheap and dangerous.

Well how about you just leave in protest, JoshFrydenberg and M_McCormackMP. You can head over to Parle... oh...

What a ridiculous thing to say. When did we start calling open sedition free speech?

And M_McCormackMP should pull their heads out of their arses. Trump's freedom of speech has been curtailed, he can use the White House press room whenever he wants.

Why is our fucking government on the wrong side of this AGAIN for fucks sake? They make this country look like a racist, bumbling backwater.

Is he happy with Trump supporters wearing 6MWE t-shirts?

Yes, we're missing out on gems like this.

There is so much non factual garbage on these threads, but the left are so anti fascist apparantly.