Thursday 22nd of April 2021

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Fuck that. Get vaccines from govt ran shit like this homie said. He just lining you up for it and giving you a gummy. Fr tho I'd just be sleeping thru vax fatigue so a gummy ain't something I'd be looking for This dude out here encouraging people to get vaxxed. I encourage that. Get your jabs, y'all.

"This shit will put you over the moon".
Well this is almost certainly not true.

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No you havent Sweet story though.

Really? Someone where I work printed fliers how the vaccine will void your life insurance (it won't if you get an FDA approved one like the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J), and that is one stupid motherfuckery sort of way to void your life insurance policy if applicable.

No you didnt youre lying theres no one in the world who would bother.

I assume it depends on where you are, but for me it was literally a 5 minute thing. you fill out a form online, pick a day with availability and that was it.

It is open to the general public right now in most states, I think ~40% of US has been vaccinated at least partly. It was pretty easy for me to get my first dose, and I am getting my second tomorrow.

Yup. I even rescheduled mine 45 minutes ahead of time to a new appointment at the same time but a different place, and it was fine. We really botched the first leg of this pandemic, but the government really nailed the vaccines.

Yes it is. For anyone over I believe 16 years old. There are mass vax sites all over the place here in Washington St.

Dont even need an appointment where i live. They have big vaccine centers setup and are giving shots to everyone over 16.

In Philadelphia I believe theyre now taking walk in appointments but Im not sure if that was Philly or if the Philly news was just saying some places in the US or in the Philly area have started doing that.

Yes sometimes you dont even need a appoitment depending on state i looked up appoitments on the 18th picked out the 20th im on day 2 of moderna first dose.

You don't need an appointment. You can make one to get a guarantee. Otherwise you can walk in, 90% of the time they have available because each vial has at least 10 shots, most have 12 and some even have 14. Lots of pharmacists have been pissed they were having to throw them out because once you open a vial you have to use them all, but you only know for sure there will be 10. That was like a month ago though, now it's at even more places.

It was in Florida Source: an 18 year old who got the vaccine.

I live in the south and yep. As soon as my age range came up I just had to make an appointment at any of the 10 places giving them out and show up a week later. Free healthcare hassle free. It was pretty damn cool.

I've been eligible for like a week now, but around here availability is such that I haven't been able to get an appointment. Everything's booked.

The first week it was available in the US to the largest population segment (young people) it was unavailable in cities due to higher demand than supply. This was solved by driving 30-60 minutes to a rural area where they were plentiful due to lower demand. Now they are widely available even in cities with a quick appointment. On day 2 of its availability, I signed up for an appointment in the morning and had my first dose by that afternoon after a 45-minute drive to an extremely rural conservative area. The city government "vaccine finder" page was useless and told me it would be a month before I could get an appointment, but I found a website that some citizens had put up that aggregated all vaccine distribution centers in the entire state and sorted them by how soon you could get it, and by distance.

Everyone over 16 can get it now country wide. My local weed dispensary is doing a jabs for joints campaign. Basically, giving out a free joint if you get your vaccine and show them your appointment card. So far, theyve been pretty busy.

Yeah; it's the only health procedure other than a covid test that's free even at the point of use and everything. even with good insurance other health stuff always costs money.

Not even an appointment you can just go and get one now if youre eligible. In my state they rolled it out to different groups and ironically people in the weed industry were included in the first group eligible.

Yes, and starting today I believe an appointment isn't necessary. You just walk in. At least where I live in NY.

Yea, we got this one right for once lol.

Yup, to be fair to the Americas they are fucking bossing this vaccine rollout. I think they did 3 million doses a day for more than 2 solid weeks just now.

It depends on your state. I'm in Washington and vaccines opened for everyone over 18 on the 15th. They are free, unheard of in this country. I just went online and scheduled with the pharmacy down the street. Get my first one the day before my birthday!! Seriously the best present I've ever gotten. Other states not so much. Definitely depends on if you're red or blue, just like literally everything in the US.

Yes. At least in the western states you just set up an appointment online. Not really any wait either.

I have some relatives in the us and from what i have heard its like that.

I live in Massachusetts, which I believe was doing fairly well with the rollout. I pre-registered a week before I was eligible, got texts every week that I was still in line for 2 weeks, and had a shot in my arm one week after being eligible. I do have to drive kinda far away to get it, but I would have had to wait a couple more days to get an appointment in my town.

Im 22 and had a doctor's appointment for another issue, the day before my appointment i got a call asking if i wanted the vaccine while i was there lol so i was like sure. Now i got both my vaccines.

Even in February I got online and had an appointment the next day. Im only 22 but a food worker.

It was for me in California. Im a college student and I got it 3 weeks ago. Only took a few minutes online of refreshing the page to get a better appointment location (2 miles vs 4 miles).

Its so widely available in some places you can just walk in and get one. Friend of mine in the states has had both doses and heres me in the UK waiting on my first.

I booked mine maybe 20hrs in advance. And Im in Southern California. When we got there, there was like 5 stations for vaccinations but we were the only two in there. They even accepted walk-ins.

Many places in the US are now opening up to no appointment needed. Walk in mass vaccine clinics in huge sports complexes.

Yeah its easy af to get the vaccine in the US. Its what happens when we have a competent leader.

I got mine at CVS and it came with zero requirements.

Pretty much. Its available to everyone over 16 in my state as of a few days ago. Im waiting to get an email to set up an appointment.

Now, basically yeah, but a couple months ago? It was pretty hard, I was able to get mine like 3-4 weeks before my much older parents.

Its really close to that point. I was able to just walk in and get it, the line was only like five people. And this was at one last Saturday afternoon.

Yes lol.

I had to camp the website at midnight to get an appointment for like a week out as soon as appointments opened for that day but basically. Took me a few tries though.

Yep I wasnt in a rush but I was looking at appointments a few weeks ago and the next one was an hour from then so I went and got it then. It was nice given how much of a shitshow the past year had been.

Where I live, you just walk into the clinic and get a shot. The supply is actually exceeding the demand at the moment.

If you know where to look you can get it within a week.

Yeah when you are the biggest economy and you don't export any vaccines it's expected.

I believe on the 19th, they opened up vaccinations for everyone over 16.

In the UK I got a text from my GP on a Thursday saying an extra clinic was available. Went online and got my first shot booked for the next day. I was hoping things would be running like that everywhere but friends in South America have said it's not so good (to put it mildly). It needs to be a global effort or it's not worth it. It's alright that Jeff and Karen are vaccinated so they can go off to Marbella in the summer, but there's a whole world out there.

I didnt even have to fill out paperwork, I just called my health care provider and booked an appt via phone (it was like a 2 minute phone call). I told them I wanted a vaccine, they asked how I was eligible (since technically it wasnt until a few days ago that everyone was eligible to book) and I made up a white lie that I was a grocery worker (which isnt untrue, I had to quit/was let go because of COVID). They gave me an appt time the very next day, no further questions asked. I did not have to provide any proof or anything at the center either, I just went there and they asked for my name and date of birth. The wait time was nonexistent; within minutes I was vaccinated with my first dose of Pfizer. After they injected me, I was monitored for like 10 minutes to see if I had an adverse reaction and then I was free to leave! My second dose is in a few days. It was a super speedy process, personally.

We had to drive 2 1/2 hours each way to get my and SOs first shot. It turns out we had family in the area so made a fun weekend out of it staying with them (until I felt sick af the next day). Got my second shot on Sunday only a 15 minute drive.

In Houston, TX and you can just show up at some locations.

In Cali, yeah. People are getting 2 shots with ease.

A month ago there was a 65 and older first which took a couple of months then it opened to Frontline worker like paramedics, cops, firemen and almost instantly 50 years then the next day 40 and a week or two later anyone above 16 years old, now I read many States have no appointment just show up, either way now anyone can get it but if they live off the grid far out in the boonies they may have to drive a distance, but metropolitan areas tend to have mass vaccination sites that are very efficient and not leave your car, the turnout is decreasing sharply, so those extra doses will be sent to countries in need asap according to the admin, hopefully that will be at a higher amount soon as these will need to be used before they expire, we've sent millions of doses of J J to Canada and Mexico already, I'd expect some shipments of the others soon too, possibly in the EU also - hang in there !

From the US. Getting my vaccine today. I made the appointment on Monday and I had a lot of time slots to choose from. There was also an option for me to schedule my schedule my schedule shot before leaving.

Yeah, feels good to actually be the greatest for once.

Same thing in Zurich. Available for everyone older than 18.

Where do you live that it's not?

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Is gummie the nickname for an illegal drug?

Oh, you should def go for it, as it is extremely ez. I got an appointment for the very same day of the date booking.

Took me like 3 minutes in Texas you just have to give basic info on a website.

I'd do this just for the novelty of it and the gummy.

Too lazy to get a vaccine during a global pandemic? Wow dude come on...

Honestly you dont need an appointment, just ID. The appointment is so they dont schedule more people than there are doses, but even in california I just walked up showed my CA license and got jabbed. Vaccine centers want as many people as possible and they arent gonna turn people away unless they're at max capacity.

Weed,coke,shrooms Plug is another term for dealer To quote urban dictionary "A person who got everything u need".

Do you have their number by any chance?

All I had to fill out was my name and personal info and a few questions on if I was allergic to anything. It took me 2 minutes, i dont know why anyone would pay for that.

Thats for the gummy.

You call dealers "the plug" not sure where it came from its just slang. "The connect" is another name.

The "plug" is a dealer. It's a slang word, for example, they have a "connection" to a drug dealer. When you connect an electric device, you "plug it in." Another slang word commonly used is "the connect".

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Anybody knows what the plug is for? English is not my first language. Edit: ~~Someone else asked and the answer was speed for meth.~~ More like supplier. Thanks guys.


Its not that deadly, in most cases, if youre healthy, but it is extremely infectious, and can be deadly to those who are not healthy.

I'm assuming they're talking about a thc gummy candy, an edible.