Monday 5th of April 2021


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What ice cream flavour goes best with the wooden spoon flavour?
I like biting on it until it feels bad in my mouth.

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I'm litterely biting a wooden ice cream stick at the moment.

I get goosebumps when i do that and just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable.

I once got a splinter in my gum, so I don't do that anymore :(.

Idk what to call it, but i have this cring inducing hate towards wooden popsicle sticks/wooden spoons like this. I don't know if i should call it a phobia or what, but they freak me out bad.

Are you me?

We have common interests.

What kind of psychopath are you.

I gave u the silver award because ur username is funny.

Hell yeah me too.

Even reading this made me grimace.

I was just thinking about how something about those spoons (and popsicle sticks) fuck me up in a sensory kind of way and you had to go say that. Now my day is ruined.

No, that's the best part.

Stepbro I'm stuck.

RIP tastebuds.

Stepwood im stuck.

With the bubblegum at the bottom? That was such a good reward.

I'm from The Netherlands and I hadn't thought about those in years! Best ice cream ever!

No we had those. My favorite was the snow cone rainbow one.

Im from England so I cant really answer this but screwballs are amazing, and although the gum is cheap its fun. also that ice cream with the ice lolly stuck in it is amazing.

The ol two-ball screwball.

Confused asian here, what is a screwball? to my ears it sounds like some sort of weird slang.

From the US. I had one every chance I could make it to the ice cream man. It's been years now.

If its anything like a bubble o bill then maybe.

Raspberry ripple!

Irish here, we had them iswell but I never liked them.

Every day we stray further from god.

YES. It's like nails on chalkboard, except a mouthfeel. I feel the same way about popcicle sticks.

It's all coarse, and rough, and irritating.

Yes, I always much happier when they gave a plastic one.

I don't know if they could sand it enough to make me feel like I'm not going to get a shard in my tongue.

My favourite part is the part with no wood.

Yup, tongue depressor at the doctors are the worst, at least popsicle sticks are semi-avoidable as far as licking/biting them.

I can feel my taste buds sliding between the cracks and getting ripped off like it was just yesterday.

Racist much?

Its a space station.

Don't worry about the vase.

I have. From one of these spoons.

Spoon, all the way. I like scoops.

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