Thursday 19th of November 2020


Yup, none of my professors this semester seem to care enough to implement the browser lockdown so I'm riding 3 A's and a B.
Hey, I'm not alone.
It's how aced my online Marketing class. After test 2 I realized ALL of the test questions/answers were on Quizlet. The answer was always in one of the top Google results, anyway. The final was repeat questions from past tests. Easiest class of my college career. Learned absolutely nothing, but my degree wasn't marketing focused, sooo *shrug*.

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Weirdly enough, Quizlet always goes over their heads, but when it comes to Chegg at my college, they wont even hesitate to report you for cheating.

I got cocky about it in my chemistry class senior year. I used my windows tablet and Microsoft one note instead of a notebook and turned in most assignments either by email or sending them to the teachers printer over WiFi. Most of the worksheets I just sent him that page of the answer key pdf with my name added to the top.

It applies to work training too! Its insane how much I was never taught during "training" but quizlet has my back.

The only project for my online botany class was to propagate and grow a succulent and document it, I stole an imgur album of someone from the r/succulent subreddit who was just documenting their process.

I only took one online class in my life back when I was in college, and it was insanely easy. For test answers they were online, even in the ratemyprofessor reviews they say the online tests have all the answers posted on Quizlet. Nothing ever changed to combat this, and the class has a reputation of being just a filler for an easy A. I might have spent 5 hours on the entire class all semester, where as other classes would be 5 hours a week or more.

A buddy of mines professor wanted to expel him for using quizlet. He fought it the entire way up to the head of educational development in the state (state run university). The lady sat him down and said Look, what you did was *cheating* because its specifically searching out the answers to the test and thats worthy of expulsion. However the way I see it is when you are out in the real world you wont have everything memorized and its a vastly more superior to have someone that knows how to research a problem than it is to have someone that memorized just the correct info to pass a test. That teacher was totally pissed.

Yeup that checks out.

I had an accounting professor that didnt know what a debit or a credit was. She would just lecture using the book provided PowerPoint. If you ever had a question, she would tell you to reread the chapter.

On the other hand, why should every teacher make their own teaching material when so much good material already exist? People say this and then complain when university professors assign their own texbook.

Professor here, can confirm.

I definitely plan to plagiarize this comment.

But in all seriousness, using other people's questions for your school quiz is not plagiarism. It could be copyright infringement, but who cares.

This. Its because theyre teaching and youre supposed to be learning.

I love textbooks!

Sure but any teacher giving assignments/exams from a book that has Quizlet answers is doing a lot to enable non-learning.

As a professor I relate so much to this... especially during covid. *I want to quit teaching* Shutdown. Oh, I have a week to transfer all of my in person lessons online? Got it. Oh, reopening schools now for some reason and allowing students to join lectures remotely and in person? Cool. I have asthma but I still need to go to campus to teach even though campuses in my state are riddled with Covid cases? You got it. You need me to monitor the online students, and the students attending in person while ensuring theyre wearing masks and social distancing while teaching my content in person and via zoom without a TA? Cool. Asynchronous classes? Got it. But students dont seem to complete those lessons... yes. Obviously my fault. *cries in professor* I had a long day teaching and Im like two glasses of whiskey in just chilling with my cats... I want to quit. Edit: three glasses of whiskey in now.

Are you writing from experience?

And even if they do make a lesson plan, some kid uploads the entire thing to Quizlet, perpetuating the cycle?

Yes, Im a teacher and I have no time to even feed myself without someone shoving food before my mouth so please excuse my occasional plagiarism.

Not a prof or anything but I just really appreciate your comment. Thank you for that.

Right, and I never claim someone elses work as my own ideas and my plagiarizing students who Im trying to assess do.


You weren't supposed to do that.

Teacher here. I fucking love my job and it's a great career if you live someplace that values education.

I'm curious why this is so far down. This is the answer lol.

Right? Even if teachers create their own lessons from scratch, theyre going to reuse it year to year and theres nothing stopping the students from posting it online.

Quizlet or the kids?

But if you're learning about it, it's not original. You're just reiterating what you learned.

Science teachers often have a much higher number of standards to get through, so this makes sense (at least from my experience teaching both math and physics in NY).


Yup. I'm humble enough to know that someone has probably made a better lesson activity than I could have on some topics, so why not put the best method of instruction in front of my students? Nearly all of the writing strategies and tricks that have clicked for my students are ideas I've adapted from someone else.

My lifeline!

Care to explain?


Really depends where. In California, specifically OC teachers cap at 113k a year. Do that for 30 years and you get 60% of your highest salary as a pension.

Yeah. the teachers are the ones not even trying.

But even if a teacher created their own lesson plans from scratch they are going to reuse them year to year. Theres nothing stopping your classmates and people from previous years from putting it online. Basically impossible for a teacher to avoid.

You do realize that its the students taking past assignments and tests and putting that info online and *not* teachers taking material off of fucking chegg and designing their course around it, right?

Im assuming they dont mean failing to cite but rather literally taking stuff online to submit. I dont agree teachers should do it as the core of their material but supplementarily it can be beneficial. Students shouldnt either but thats a given.

Humans haven't been original in decades.

It's almost as if the country in which you reside doesn't value education... Don't pay for classes if the professors don't challenge you. That means the college doesn't value what students learn, but value the money taken in. Also, don't blame the professors. They definitely aren't compensated based on their abilities as educators.

I never cheat, but i still get high grades. You're on a good road to high grades.

Found the teacher.

Well no because this is a screenshot of a tweet, not anything personal.