Thursday 25th of June 2020

Meek Mill And Trey Songz Had a Lil Beef Here!

Meek Mill and Trey Songz had a lil beef here!
JUST IN: 6ix9ine calls out Trippie Redd, Meek Mill, Future and more for not have a No. 1 song.
Meek fans every time they see him trending.
Meek always In his feelings ?
Ballerific Comment Creepin ??? Meek Mill, Trey Songz.
Meek is goofy af.
Trey songs : I challenge you to give back to the commun.... Meek mill .
Meek Mill & Trey Songz go back and forth on IG ?
6ix9ine clowns rappers in the industry, calls out future, meek mill, gucci mane and every ny rapper for never going number one does he have a point?
I know Meek pissed lol he almost signed a rat ?
Trey Songz: I challenge you to give back to the community Meek Mill.
Watch how you talk to me.
All he did was challenge him and others to do sum rn to help with whats going on im pretty sure everbody done gave back to they community before, but true once meek said sum they couldve dm each other about it.

Meek actn like a hoe.
Meek been weird since his whole prison reform shit.
Trey Songz : Donate and give back to your community Meek Mill :.
I always stay in class till prep over o hmm?
I can't believe y'all let Meek rebrand as a civil rights leader for a year just for him to get upset about asking to help out his community even more ??
Pull your skirt up. Meek done nutted in you.
I miss free that nigga lil meek.
Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Meek Mill, Justin Bieber, and Billie Eilish are among the hundreds of entertainers who have signed an open letter supporting the U.S. House of Representatives' Justice in Policing Act of 2020.

Meek sensitive af.
The hate train really went from nicki to all over meek im crying.
Meek mill is soo sensitive always in his feelings on social media.
Trey Songz : challenges rappers or continue philanthropic efforts in their city Meek Mill .
S/o JerseyProvider for helping start the jersey collection ?
They said Meek really mad about Lori Harvey & I can believe it. ?
Snow white.
Dam what they mad at meek for now Lmfaooo.
Trey Songz: I challenge my boy Meek Mill to the FeedYourCityChallenge! Meek Mill.
??? bro all trey songz did was ask that man to accept a challenge fr meek blow everything to try and sound thurl just say misunderstanding and keep it pushing bro.
Meek needs to shut the FUUUUUCK up.
Meek handled trey appropriately cause that was corny lol.
Meek x Roddy Ricch - Marble Floor ??
All jokes aside I hope meek respond to this ? He got bodied lmao.
Trey also challenged Fabolous and he just accepted it. Meek poo poo'd his pants and cried.
Meek be in his feelings abt everything.
And wayno doesnt for meek or jay z.
Has any artist ever prevailed on a lanham act false endorsement claim in these circumstances?
Meek is back to being a pillhead and been wildin.
I can still smell it now onions hung up and jars of pickled onions, beetroot and jam.
Meek really can't win.
Stolen from tl but what animated character or princess do i look like.
Quilly ruffled them feathers now meek just gon snap on trey??
Meek does too much and he confirming my opinions about Taurus men.
Meek so weird.
Meek Mandela strikes again.
So meek mill is upset trey songz challenged him to the feed your city challenge ???? clown.
Some of y'all are saying Trey's delivery to Meek was different from Fab's
Trey literally said he had called Meek Mill and even dmed him but Meek sensitive, bitch ass trying to start twitter beef instead of picking up the phone...
Meek Mill getting ready to fight Trey Songz...
Were they presenting it to the winners ???
Meek mill annoying.
Meek mill act like a BITCH.
Meek Mill takes offense to Trey Songz tagging him to take part in the FeedYourCityChallenge as a way to give back. Thoughts?
Social media is really not for Meek ?????
Meek after Trey challenged him to do more for the community.....
Can they put meek back in prison.

What You Really Think

This emotional nigga again lol.

Shit funny lol.

Meek sensitive af.

I think Meek isn't hip to internet 'challenges'. Like, I think he actually thought Trey was tryna son him on some "look what I did for my city, where YOU at Meek?". At least that's the only way I can interpret how Meek thought being tapped for a challenge was shade lol.

Trey shoulda kept his motherfucking hand to himself.

In his feelings, bruised ego.

Donate some tasers and ammo.

The chances of you listening to my song is 1 in a million... But like MJ said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take... So I'm shooting for the stars... ??

Meek is a diva frfr.

I understand where each of them is coming from.

I just love how trey held his own.

Meek is so fucking corny.

Trey need to challenge himself.

Meek boutta get bodied again ?

Y'all just found out meek always in his feelings.

Meek Mill always in his feelings, real bih . Smh lol.

6-4 out here wildin.