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Thursday 16th of July 2020

This is One impressive Tornado. The Amazing Shot From Melanie Lorraine Metz Near Dalton, Mn 7/8/2020.

BTS Fans Accuse Songwriter Of Taking Credit For Vs Sweet Night.
OPINION It's time for white people to be part of the healing process and to listen when people speak about their experiences, writes Melanie Verwoerd.
Melanie Walters & Kayleigh-Paige Rees Board UK Indie Pic Faulty Roots About Teen Mental Health.
Honestly, I hate this girl. Melanie really needs to get her act together and realize she did the BARE MINIMUM on every song she helped with. BTS dont, and never needed her for their success.
Melanie : what if I tell on you to the members ARMYs.
No but how melanie was getting flowers for writing the lil oh my my my but pdogg not getting one interview always trying to link bts music quality to white people.
Melanie Fontana still takes credit for boy with love when Namjoon once said in his vlive that her lyrics did not work for the Korean language so he rewrote every single word.
Melanie Foltana and songwriter husband Lindgren are currently under fire for hypocritically claiming to have written every single word of BTS V hit-single Sweet Night on their own despite credits and old IG captions showing otherwise.

Melanie: I would like to speak with BigHits Manager!! Army.
Next melanies going to take credit for shooky shooky milky shooky.
K-armys reaction to the Melanie Fountain situation: a very satisfying thread.
Let's forget about melanie and let's talk about our queen adora who has work with BTS in multiple songs.
After the serious claims being made by Melanie Fontana & Arschtritt Lindgren, We have no choice other than report this matter to BigHitEnt. Taking full credit for the work of a team is disrespectful! please use this template to report this issue to bighit.

Melanie: omg armys are so mean to me bts.
So karmys, international armys, jarmys AND Arab armys are all aware of Melanie now ...
Wait that Melanie fontana girl wrote the sia part of on ft sia?! LMAO BYE.
Yall notice how melanie fountain and her nobody husband have never tried to take full credit for the songs theyve made with WESTERN artists but when its for bts they do?? yeah. that doesnt sit with me right. not at all.

Melanie said euphoria is her song LMFAOO i must fucking laugh.
Melanie outside bighit begging for forgiveness when they lock her ass out for good.
Melanie fontana and why ARMY does not like her an informative thread.
Melanie : I have been receiving hate just wait till I tell the members ARMYs.
Bisexuals who hate melanie are valid.
Taehyungie waking up, seeing that some irrelevant bitch disrespected his babies.
Melanie: Why are you so overprotective, they don't even know you? Who's gonna tell her I'm bff's with them.
But wait why is melanie being asked about the songwriting of bts songs while bts themselves are stuck with the collab question and "what's your favorite english word".
If I were taehyung I would simply tweet who the fuck is melanie fontana and shut off my phone.
Melanie fountain is coming for my twitter acc,, just want to say ily all !!<33333.
The way melanie is trying to turn this into a "women in the industry" debate as if the issue wasn't a poc artist getting discredited for their hard work in a white dominated industry come on now.
This makes me furious. how is melanie fontanas husband going to say she and him wrote EVERY single word in sweet night when taehyung HIMSELF said that he worked hard writing to express his emotions and that he wrote the song abroad.

Pdogg has credits on half their discography and has NEVER taken or given full credit for their work yet miss melanie got a whole article written about her after the success of bwl when all she contributed was some Ooh aahs like come on now...

So to sum up the thing with sweet night, melanie is saying she cowritten the song but doesnt mention that in the comment under Universal's ig post, her husband says they written EVERY WORD and manager that they translated it to english from KOREAN CANT EVEN COLONIZE IT RIGHT.

Let me go read further about this melanie thing before I jump her.
A thread of adoras hidden vocals in bts tracks since melanie cant stfu.
Melanie: imma tell bts yall hate white people bts: do not inbox me i already know. they got it from me.
21st century girls coming on shuffle, i love when bts support women except you melanie this one aint for you.
There there, milini melani or whatever your name is you will get something precious in a few hours or in a few days. Until then, stay strong ok? Thankyou for starting all of this tho melanie.
Melanie: jungkook and i had the euphoria connection jin: ]coughs] pretty sure it was ewphoria.
Nulb After the serious claims being made by Melanie Fontana & Arschtritt Lindgren, V UNION is compelled to step in and report this matter to bts_bighit. Taking full credit for the work of a team and appropriating the success that has been wholly driven by Taehyung is unacceptable.

So melanie's and lindgren's manager doesnt even know th language the songs they write are in dhsndhdnddh this is getting better and better.
Just found out that Melanie Fontana wrote the ft.Sia part of ON ft.Sia .
Melanie at the next bighit zoom call.
Melanie has the nerve saying stupid sht like "why u protect people that dont even know you" while bts themselves literally.
Aw melanie fontana made her twitter private. try not being a clot chaser that writes english lyrics that dont even really make sense then we will stop pointing out literal facts.
Hi bts_bighit please do not work with Michel Lindgren Schulz nor Melanie Fontana for BTS music ever again, armys r disgusted by these two who always put down the credit and hard work of bts members. Michel and Melanie have a history of racism and Melanie has used BTS brand to.

When melanie said you are being protective over someone that doesnt need your protection does not sit right with me. bts still get mistreated in the big year of 2020, their talents get overlooked, they still dont get the recognition they deserve. ofc we will be protective? gtfo.

Fuck Melanie, stan the unproblematic adora,.
About BWL Melanie: "I did it without tbe help of anyone except my own pen & my husband who co - wrote it with me." Joon: I was a writing bot. I wrote 80-90% of the album (with the exception of the other rappers parts). Writing Korean lyrics to BWL was difficult.

Melanie really thought she was getting away with it.
I find the fact that bts, a group of 7 songwriters and producers, get asked about who ther favorite american food and melanie fontana writes "text me oh yeah oh yeah" and gets articles and interviews about songwriting interesting sounds xenophobic to me.

Gn if melanie opens her mouth spam me.
Obviously, usually ARMY takes no issue with collaborative artists/producers/etc. BTS works with many different artists and people in the industry. the problem with melanie is shes a credit-claiming clout chaser with a proclivity for being rude and selfish.

Melanie and her husband: wE wROtE aLl oF WHiTe bEAR bighit melanie BTS_twt taehyung.
Armys chasing Melanie Fontana to kick her out of BigHit.
Trans// melanie seems like the type to lay down the cutlery and say oh, i planned this party.
My whole timeline attacking melanie fontana.
Txt at the meeting where bang pd announce melanie will no longer work for them.
Melanie also came up with the name Bangtan Sonyeondan with her husbands help who added the yeon.
Melanie coming in bh building to cry over us bts in the hallway.
Fuck melanie can we all talk about how adora is our queen shes unproblematic, talented & absolutely beautiful stan adora.
Youd be surprised by how much they contributed to bwl no, idt i would. melanie fontana lied to the media that bwls lyrics were mere korean translations of her english words. this white woman REPEATEDLY misrepresents her involvement at the expense of bts artistic integrity.

Imagine melanie fontana actually showing the boys that sum army called her a cracker and tae starts giggling.
Melanie Fonta... : Taehyung look what armys are saying about me Taehyung .

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I thought the first few photos I saw of this were fake - its so perfect!

A thing of nightmares. Whoa.

Its... beautiful.

Wow, that thing is huge.

This is out by my family's cabin!

Beautiful (and scary) photo!

That is a very cool tornado & wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing!

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When you finally meet the perfect tornado.

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This leveled my aunt & uncles home and threw their cars in multiple directions. Thank god they survived with only scratches.

Midwesterners be like.

Whoa ...its like a wormhole to another dimension ..

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