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Wednesday 15th of April 2020


GAL OF THE DAY! doing Simply the.
midfielder Amr Warda: "Salah is better than Messi and Ronaldo."Not because he is the best, but he is a very dear friend, so I will support him in this comparison."Thanks for that, mate.
A carved out figurine of Lionel Messi! Art by (IG-taocixiansheng).
i dont get how some people say hes not on Messis level, top 2 greatest players of all time imo.
"Everyone expects from Paul like they expect from Ronaldo at Juventus or Messi at ".
Only nine of the 98 TEAMS in Europes top five leagues have scored more goals from outside the box than Lionel Messi this season.
If you search Messi on Twitter, you would see Messi fans posting Messi iconic moments. If you search Ronaldo, you would see Ronaldo fans comparing Ronaldo and Messi. You would see fake stats and them dragging Messi relentlessly. Messis 6th BallondOr really broke them!.
I agree they are both incredible. But I always see fans completely discredit Messi with the same lame excuse of not winning Argentina. He led them to 3 finals and Olympic Gold in 08 ..
After you dash me one sobo just now whyning someones pickin he had a better year than Ronaldo that season , when Messi retire lets see where Barcelona would be though I cant wait!.
The only better dribbler than Neymar is Messi .. you cant tell me Nothing.
Messi, constantly disappears when we need him most.
Messi/Ronaldo will continue to win them for the next 2-3 years at least by that time neymar will be 31.
Mauricio Pocchetino: When we talk about Messi, we talk about the best in the world. Anyone who understands only a little about football knows this..
I think this works:OblakKoulibalyMaldiniVan DykNevesGiggsLampardNedvedMessiLewandowskiMbappe.
Are you a lefty? Ive got Messi, Maradona, Giggs & Brunt so far need a fifth.
A doctor in Spain nailed it when he said,u pay us 4000$ / month and to Messi,Ronaldo u pay millions of $ ,now go and get ur cure from Messi and how stupid our world is.
Lionel Messi shows Filipe Luis no mercy with this savage nutmeg.
From to Leo to the back of the net!.
Camp nou applauding Messi after his best tackle in history of Football on dogmos.
The latter, I go see Messi later make e chill..
I have a good team but I cant succeed. My players: messi 100 utoty- sancho 100 sbc- reus 96.
On top of all that CR7 has these advantages over MessiHe is better goalscorer.He is not a system player.He has won for his country.He is much better in UCL which is the best club competition.He is much more compete forward, left foot, right foot, Ronaldo > Messi.
Quick test:Messi is the GOAT?.
Wether he has or not, he wouldnt be forgotten in history of football has a whole!, his phenomenon seasons at Madrid and Manchester United and juve especially his record with Portugal, barcelona wouldnt forget Messi football wouldnt forget Ronaldo.
iniesta , kaka , the list can go on but we can stop there.
Hello dear Messi, I love you..
When Messi and Ronaldo played in the same league, La Liga Ronaldo :Games - 292Goals - 311Ratio - Messi :Games - 474Goals - 438Ratio - If Ronaldo started his career at Real Madrid he would have scored 600+ goals by now..
Ask any player that has played against Lionel Messi who their toughest opponent is and theyll say Lionel Messi Inigo Martinez is no different.
Barcelona fans, your fav guy and Messi superfan is here. And oh, he loves De Gea too..
But messi is better than ronaldo.
That pic, Messi goes, i grew up on other 3 and witnessed Messi career, He. Still. Goes..
But it makes the challenge way better and its only right him and Messi are in because its the best 11 in your lifetime that havent played for same club or country.
Since 2009/10 seasonIn Champions LeagueLionel Messi Games - 108Goals - 97Goal ratio - Title wins - 2Cristiano Ronaldo Games - 117Goals - 113Goal ratio - Title wins - 4Ronaldo has outplayed Messi in the most elite club competition..
If we are talking about individual prime CR7 best individual years were from 2007 to 2013,in those years CR7 use to score,give assists and dribble. From 2014 CR7 started to convert more into a goalscorer and rely on his teammates more..
Thats most probably because RONALDO IS AND MESSI !!!!! On the other side, Messi won a header against Ronaldo.
And it gets even worse for MOTMMessi - 166Ronaldo -93Overall ratingMessi - Ronaldo - DribblesMessi - 1373Ronaldo - 523Key passesMessi - 681Ronaldo - 509ThroughballsMessi - 156Ronaldo - 42.
NigeriaFRSCChinalagosDugbeChelseaDrakeiPhone 8PogbaBabaLil WaynePeruzziGhanaZlatanWhatsAppMessiCorporate Affairs CommissionView Twitter trend insight.
No one:Absolutely no one:Messi against Manchester United in 2009 Champions League final:.
Lionel Messi without Barcelona70 goals Iconic penalty miss Saudi Cup winnerCristiano Ronaldo without Madrid275 goals Euro winner UNL winner UCL winner3X PL winner Serie A winner Ballon dOr winnerGolden boot winnerRonaldo is the GOAT..
if youll let me off an imbalanced midfield oblakcafuramosvidicalabade bruynegerrardreusmessimbappedel piero.
So what are you using to measure success that has made you conclude "hapa ni Messi".
Bruno Fernandes: "Everyone expects from Paul [Pogba] like they expect from [Cristiano] Ronaldo at Juventus or [Lionel] Messi at Barcelona. Everyone expects this from Paul in Manchester, because they know he has the qualities for this." [mu].
Hummels (Borussia): "Messi is the best football player I have ever seen.".
And obviously vvd went up against messi, Suarez, Ronaldo, mbappe in the champions league.
Put in Messi for Ronaldo.
La Liga when Ronaldo was at Real Madrid (2009-2018)GoalsMessi - 329Ronaldo - 311AssistsMessi - 122Ronaldo - 86La Liga championMessi - 6Ronaldo - 2Top scorerMessi - 5Ronaldo - 3Player of the yearMessi - 5Ronaldo - 1Messi outplayed Ronaldo in La Liga.
Salah LFC vs City 4-3 Messi 2011 CR7 (cuz we needed someone with winning mentality like him).
Whereas people will always be obsessed with players like Ronaldinho, Maradona, Messi etc.
I guess you one of the few who believe Toyota is a better car to BMW because it can also work well in the mountains and also in mud ..Im just saying ..we think different bro .. until another player does the things Messi does he will forever be the greatest there ever was.
Easy. All best itw at their peak. Messi R9 RonaldoZidane Gerrard IniestaMaldini VVD Vidic LahmCech.
Youre a Man U fan so i understand your pain, but dont ever point fingers at Messi, hes bigger than all your club greats. No one is even close. Bye.
Which would you stay in?: Ratatouille : Pizza : Paella : Fish&Chips.
Forget Glo 4G|Simi|Arya|Wizkid and Davido|Seyi|Kano|Pogba|Between Messi and RonaldoWho is your favorite?Retweet for MessiLike for Ronaldo.
Messi needs Barca as much as Barca needs Messi. All Ronnie needs is 10 other footballers. Thats the difference..
Messi, Ter Stegan & Martial Team Of The Week.
So because he costs that much, does it mean he has the same quality like that of Ronaldo and Messi?.
Who is better Messi or Ronaldo.
Finally messi head don catch youNow Kindly follow back.
i never put myself in a position to argue with chizzy I know deep down he knows messi is the.
Premiering now - HH Reacts to Messis 91 Goals via.
Just thanking God I love both Messi and Wizkid.
Messi. As great as he is on tv seeing what he does in training every day is really out of this world and very inspiring. The Best Ever!.
Ive conclude that Nigerians think in opposite.You say, "I love Ronaldo!" he asks, "are you trying to say you hate Messi?"You say, "Yoruba people are very smart!", he says, "are you trying to say Hausa people are daft?"Its so frustrating, I dont even bother 1/.
I think it depends on how you measure success. Kama ni no. of goals scored, trophies won, etc. whatever works for you. Everyone wins! But hapa ni Messi hehe.
With his Barcelona team, barcelona plays to attack, he played with great players already, CR7 was just playing with new faces even at Madrid he couldnt grow with any!, yet he did well, na Argentina vs Nigeria Messi Dey shine.
Shouldve been LW neymar CAM messi RW mbappe S Ronaldo. So easy.
OblakLahmVVDJTMaldiniGilberto Silva Naingollan David SilvaMessiMbbapsCR7Think that works? Will take it.
cheers mate!Getting on now for at least ........0!!!Sterling getting a few hits mind!!...unintentionally of course meant for Messi.
For the 1000th time I am a Messi fan and Ill always say this. Never you say "Messi is better than Ronaldo". Just choose your preference. They are both great players ffs.
Lionel Messi, is that you.
Sorry mate Koeman and Messi both played for Barcelona you best start again lol.
What does going through a training session with Leo Messi feel like?.
OK here goes: Higuita; Srna, Sergio Ramos, Aldair, Maldini; Keane, Scholl, Nedved; Messi, Mbappe, Shearer.