Monday 19th of April 2021

I Knew Id Seen This Before! I Drink Your Milkshake!

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Its a hoax. Its an elaborate spoof. There is no other sensible explanation.
Please tell me the milkshake video isn't real.
Morrisons consent video is absolutely Morrison to a tea. Not only does he make consent a bit of a laugh and wrongly imply a little bit of line moving is OK (none is OK), he also puts the woman is the villain frame. Its so wrong on so many levels. Its so him.

The Milkshake video makes complete sense when you consider it was written by a confirmed misogynist that is highly trained in empathy.
What the governments consent video SHOULDVE looked like courtesy of kailaswild.
Never fear, Scomo has just announced a milkshake rollout to combat serial sex offenders in the Liberal Party.
This was just a simple misunderstanding, he said "can I get a salted caramel" you must have misheard.
Well I think its nice that Scotty put all that effort in to make a little video for Christian. Going a bit more his pace.
I just watched the Milkshake video with a highly respected mental health care professional. She: "It's clunky, confusing won't get it, they'll make fun of it, risks trilising sexual abuse." Me: "I just thought it was another Morrison clusterfuck." She: "That too.".

When we watch this scene, how can we even contemplate Morrison having a go at consent education?
. Are we supposed to gather from this- if you are being sexually assaulted, yell "I don't want your milkshake or pizza." Now thats sure to get your view across. The perp will understand & leave.
Just logged on to see what this Milkshake thing is all about.
Me at the simply awful Scomo govt Milkshake ad.
I just showed my mum the new consent ad. Her response? Its like when I was a child they used to say THE CURSE when a girl got her period, making it taboo and dirty That hit hard. LNP have failed us, our kids - again.

I thought stoner sloth would be the worst.
Metaphors are not good enough. One of the principles of protective behaviours is to teach kids correct anatomical names for their genitals from when they can talk. Using milkshakes and sharks is confusing and patronising. Enough of this puritanical BS!

Talk about confusing - can this government get anything right? apart from their ideology.
Smells like rancid.
Why is this really strange dancing clip on the end of the 'Moving the line' milkshake 'consent' video? It appears just under a minute of black screen after the full video finishes.
By 1:09 I stopped watching I was so damn confused. Can the government not give our kids credit that theyre a hell of a lot smarter and deserve better than this?! This is just laughable. Who on earth okayed this tripe?!

OK chaser You may have fooled a few people with fairybread but no one's going to fall for this Milkshake thing. Fess Up!
I wish I could get vaccinated Like they are in the USA the UK NZ Ect ect ect ect But I live in Australia No vaccine available for most Aussies till maybe the end of the year? Older aussies roll the died on AstraZeneca We get werid ads about.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Milkshake video is EXACTLY how Morrison will be explaining sexual consent to his girls.
Ok i have seen the Milkshake and Taco ads What The Actual Fuck . please please please dont let these be a thing.
Bloody hell auspol It seems in the interests of mental health safety there will be no more milkshake for me.
So the milkshake is jizz and the guy's face represents someone's desk?
Who produced this Milkshake crap? Hillsong ? We're talking consent, they're talking food fetish in a 50's milkbar with a pinball machine? WTF? The aggressor is a women while 97%of sexual assault offenders are men. Typical Scumbag gaslighting. .

Eating raw onions Trump, Hawaii. We transcended satire a time ago. Now we're in political freefall.
Maybe instead of milkshake ads, the govt could just pay for her speech at the press club to run on prime time. That should do it.
The "maybe zone"? The "maybe zone" is a "no zone" when it comes to sex and consent.
This Govt couldn't know less about consent thats obvious. They also are so out of touch I can't even. What kind of unimaginative trash is this?
I spoke to justinel_h about how the problems with the government's GoodSociety website go beyond the milkshake video.
Baileys pros list is horrible. Is this a hidden Easter egg or no respect. There are issues there that need addressing. ALL the messaging is way off in this monstrosity.
My money is on there being a religious connection to the production house who made of this train wreck of a Milkshake movie.
Yes I absolutely agree. Thought it might be a late April Fools prank. It needs to be pulled immediately.
There have been some ordinary comms from government over the last decade, but THIS is something special.
This tea version is far better than the pathetic milkshake version the Australian government just served up. Why did it need to be so complicated?
It's taken me all day, I think I've worked out the Milkshake ad... It's really a cryptic analogy of what happened in the lead up to the infamous "Engadine Incident".
Ad: If a relationship is fundamentally disrespectful, you have even more difficult choices. Should you still try to repair the relationship, get help, or just walk away? You mean like the relationship between ScottMorrison and EVERY WOMAN IN AUSTRALIA?

To your question regarding "The Good Society" (Who thought that one up?) it is definitely DESA headed by none other than StuartRobert & Just as appropriately??? AlanTudge. The right people to be offering sexeducation & or Consent.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard And they're like it's better than yours Damn right it's better than yours I can teach you but I'd have to charge I know you want it The thing that makes me What the guys go crazy for They lose their minds.

Seriously feeling for all of the teachers who will have to explain this video & field questions from teenagers & somehow get them to take the content seriously.
No sex just milkshake. What is this load of rot?
Is this how the Hillsong happy clappers regard the issue of consent? Something to blame on females as the aggressors and to make fun of?
We have nothing to add to the commentary on the milkshake video beyond but here's a series of infographics our Young Dems team put together on what young people actually want from us elder folk in government...

And AlanTudgeMP reveals that he has shares in a Milkshake franchise...
Ok, so Im currently on some hormone meds. Am I hallucinating or something with this milkshake shit show?
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There is SO much wrong with the auspol Milkshake consent education series False info about where how to report sexual assault Says it's a norm that "males enjoy sex more than females" Only shows opposite sex couples.

Who did the Government consult on their consent video? Did they consult experts? Teachers? Any women? Maybe they should have consulted with someone like Kate_Jenkins_ or TamePunk. Or any of the many women who have experienced sexual assault.

People on Twitter watching the Milkshake video.
My Yr 11 & Yr 10 daughters are outraged by Milkshake they cant believe that such a serious topic of consent is treated as a parody and how inappropriate for Morrison to have the woman as the aggressor.

For real? Isnt this subconsciously referencing My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard And they're like, it's better than yours? Theyre bloody sick, the antinomian-pentecostals in the Federal Cabinet.

Have you seen these consent ads? The government is copping plenty of criticism over an attempt at sex education using "tortured metaphors" of milkshakes, tacos and sharks, samanthadick00 and JoshButler report. What did you think of them?

Maybe the production company put everything they 'know' about young people through an AI program and let it write the script because surely no human could have written it. Also explains the voice over.

The milkshake consent ad is an embarrassingly inept and opaque hot mess. What were the creators thinking?? While it uses the s-word (probably against LNP govt policy), try the Tea and Consent video for clarity.

Let me explain consent to you, son. One day at the milkshake bar I tried to harrass a lady, and she shoved ice cream in my face. Now, I did not consent to that, so I had her fired.

What You Really Think

The Milkshake! video was brought to you by the same team that gave you Nozin Aroun!

Eek. Where is that from. Its horrible.

Well spotted! (Great flick, too!).

Boys were just rocking up to my yard... I didnt realise they didnt like it!

The Good Society (Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.(c) 2021 Commonwealth of Australia).

What's crackin Biggie Briggs?

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