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Monday 22nd of June 2020

Someone's Hungry For Action! The Next SmashBrosUltimate DLC Fighter is The Noodle-loving Min Min From ARMS. ?

It's ramen time! Hailing from the legendary Mintendo Noodle House, Min Min joins SmashBrosUltimate as DLC fighter 6! Min Min, Spring Stadium, & music DLC arrive 6/29. Purchase the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 to obtain Min Min immediately following release!

For years, people have said my company's $70k min wage would kill my business. We process payments for other small biz. We just had the worst 3 months for small biz in a century. We had 0 layoffs, 0 fee hikes and made a small profit - all because of our excellent employees.

Def Min to seek equipment for Su-30 fighter jets, T-90 tanks, warships urgently from Russia Read ANI Story.
To all the homies I haven't seen in a min.
All for Lee Min Ho.... Someone even called him "Chukwuma".
Man I can't wait to see these Min Min "0-death" combos on a motionless DK in training mode next week.
To be honest, I can respect the logic "we picked Min Min because the producer said 'I would like Min Min in Smash'" more than "she won the popularity contest last year".
Who Told Lee Min Ho he can look this good ????
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"Happy birthday Lee Min Ho my wahala baby" YOU GIRLS ARE MAD!!!!
When min min is on the battlefield, captain falcon takes over her shift at the noodle shop captain falcon: leave it to me!
The fact that the homie captain falcon covered Min Min's shift just so she can join smash is the purest thing i've seen all year.
What human rights are at the top of your mind this week?
If I were to actually play, I would be a Min Min main.
>Min Min is the next Smash Ultimate character Somewhere in the afterlife, Etika is smiling, knowing that his favourite character from ARMS got into Smash?
Every zoner when Min Min releases.
Ok but have you considered: Min Min.
Min Min from ARMS joins Super SmashBrosUltimate as a part of Challenge Pack 6, releasing 30/06!
Min min huh.
One Min To Go Just Start Refresh ( open Our Id) ??
I mean, Joker's was obviously better hype wise but animation quality wise, Min Min's blew Joker's out of the water.
Lee min ho is not that fine ?
Min Min mains after killing me half stage with their command grab.
Congratulations to Min Min on getting into Smash! Fighters with range are all the..range heh ???
Wait so min min was originally a spirit HE STILL HAS A CHANCE!!!
I will Back with in 30 min.
Who's Lee Min ho ?
Happy birthday Lee Min Ho oppa ?? for always putting a smile on our faces, we love you ? God bless you baby???? stay blessed????
Lee min ho got this all from his Nigerians crushes.
You are 1 min away from the.
Min Min's Smash alts (1/2).
Min Min Fighter Overview - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho, our king, legend, and everyone's first love in kdrama world?
I want to be min min.
Just saw the reveal for min min and it started off with a fucking bang.
Alright just the fact that you can move and hit things simultaneously makes me like min min a lot automatically.
All I got to say about Min Mins ledgetrapping/edge guarding capabilities: RIP Terry!
Idc who says min min isn't better than twintelle. She just is. It's just facts.
I don't think Lee Min Ho knows about the fanbase he has in Nigeria ?
So Min Min is also a spirit in Smash Ultimate... this means that Rex/Pyra and many more Xenoblade characters still have a chance!
Inkling makes a cameo in the official ARMS artwork celebrating Min Min coming to Smash! ???
You know what, it's better than nothing. i can totally see everyone camping and zoning with min min ??
Min Min from ARMS with palette 13! Suggested by DSimphony :D I wanted to draw Min Min for so long! ?
A proof that lee min ho is loved by many. im glad you enjoyed your day yesterday ?
Everyone: twintelle would have been our first minority character min min.
Oh hell yeah, they look fun, cool snazzy, you name it, I'm hyped for Min Min, even though I don't really like Min Min in ARMS.
Lee min ho?
If Min Min is the arms, I will make one free header and PayPal EVERYONE who s this post $20. It's not happening. Twintelle is coming.
I'm just waiting for the "Arms character reaction in March to Reaction in June" Meme to pop up all across my twitter feed XD cause you know a lot of people weren't excited for Arms. THEN we get Min Min. *shakes head* So much for Nintendo doing a "bad move". Idk XD.

Lee Min Ho .Ft Rock star?????
Black people when min min got in instead of twintelle.
Here's all of Min Min's alt costumes, renders taken from the official SmashBros website! First 4 here are her alts from ARMS, and the next 4 (in the next tweet) are new! Which one is your favorite?
In 30 min, we will be able to vote for the Soribada popularity award on the choeaedol app! If you haven't created your account already, use INTLOONA as your recommender, we will receive 1000 hearts that will be used for Loona! Let's win this for the girls!

Lee min ho's instagram update ? he's really loved by his fans ??
I haven't played Smash in like more than 8 months but Min Min is a great choice.
Min Min Final Smash.
The pace of writing a movie and song is very different. For a song, you have to do that under 5 min. Young K noticed that songs are getting shorter and he knows Jae has been posting songs that are under 2 min LOL. So he's very careful with the choices of words he uses in lyrics.

You do birthday your babe upload you for WhatsApp and allowed only you see it on privacy settings. She don upload lee min ho for everywhere today. Including billboard for third mainland. Like they say You have a lane Dey it ??

Precis min tanke.
Min Min renders for Smash Ultimate (More in Replies).
If we gonna talk about manliness, that Lee Min Ho is taller and muscular than you so..
Lee min ho trying to blow the candles ??
"Your fighter can't get in, he/she's a spirit" BOOM!! Look what just happened! Since Min Min ripped that stupid rule to pieces, these guys chances have just skyrocketed.
Anyways this is a Min Min stan account now.
Min Min Releasing on June 29th! Music List Revealed!
She'll keep you six feet away at all times.

What You Really Think

The art is amazing.

I love noodles!



I was really hoping for my boy Misango, but hey MinMin ain't all that bad either.

Thank you Nintendo!! ?

*Sad Helix noises*.

Eeee. only reason im happy is for etika, rip legend.

Atleast we got one good mii costume to go with it.