Monday 2nd of November 2020

Some images From Prime Minister Narendra Modis Rallies in Bihar Today! Just Shows The immense Love And Adulation People Have For Him.

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Kate Bingham, heads Britains vaccine task force. No experience in that area. Shes a venture capitalist. Married to a Tory minister. Dido Harding leads Test & Trace. No experience in that area. Married to a Tory MP. Mike Coupe, head of COVID testing. No experience etc etc etc.

Pakistan Minister Fayazchohanpti challenged me to a debate. I accepted. republic contacted him 3 times in the last few hours. He refused...gave several excuses. Then he stopped responding and ran away.

Pakistan Minister Fayyaz ul Hasan Chohan challenges me to an open debate. Chohan sahab, challenge accepted. Someone from republic will get in touch with you shortly. Dont back out. Just you and me. Lets see what you are made of. Your skin will make good shoes.

Last week the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education posted photos of an unmasked photo shoot with 40 friends. This week the Minister of Education posted a photo of young children *without their parents' permission*. How can we trust these men to protect our kids?

Watch the LIVE broadcast of the Inauguration of Ayur Sanjeevani Kendras for Poshan Abhiyaan in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh by Smt. smritiirani, Hon'ble Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development, today at 12 PM on .

Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI announces provisional provincial status for Gilgit-Baltistan.
Semi-religious household and spent much of my childhood and a bit of my teenage years in church youth groups and related after school clubs. Michael, although no longer religious, is still considered an ordained minister and held his faith very close to his heart when he was.

The Hauraki-Waikato MP will be the first woman to take on New Zealand's foreign affairs portfolio.
Remember how nervous woozi was before an ode was released, he had no idea that after an ode things will get better and they will have a daesang, become million sellers and get prime minister's commendation after a year, I'm so proud of him and.

With support from EU_Commission, UNDPsuriname launched Phase 2 of the Global Climate Change Alliance Project. EU Ambassador, Minister of Spatial Planning & Environment, Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Public Works, attended with stakeholders in our on-line event.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended free speech on Friday, but added that it was not without limits and should not arbitrarily and needlessly hurt certain communities.
The most appalling aspect of this is not who made it up? But how did Taylor & his staff not do any basic maths? Its not even plausible that 10 councillors could spend over $1 million on domestic travel every month. Yet, somehow hes a Minister.

Just about every character in this yarn, other than the Daily Tele journo, is paid by the taxpayer. The staffers, the Minister, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Sydney City Council. What an utter waste of public money.

Maharashtra's NCP minister Patil : Marathi speaking areas of Karnataka will soon join Maharashtra. .Maharashtra's goonda politicians are bent upon causing language unrest with Karnataka. Clowns can not administer existing areas properly. What would they do with more areas ?

Also a rally outside Planning Minister Stokes Pittwater office in Mona Vale 7-9 am on Fri Nov 6.
A great Stance by our prime minister Imran Khan. He clears the world that Islam is a peaceful religion.
A woman wins an historic third term of government and the Prime Minister congratulates her. He could not even pick up a phone to call her. He sent a text yesterday morning. This appalling apology for a human being has absolutely no class. Well done Annastasia.

India is doing great under present dispensation. For some who had unreasonable hopes to become Governors, Ambassadors, Cabinet Minister, the Govt has become a punching bag.We support our PM.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern named a new cabinet focused strongly on the economic recovery.
In Denmark, the forest is the new classroom "When many Danish schools reopened in April, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen urged teachers to allow for as much time outdoors as possible, as a precaution against the spread of the virus." by.

Hi majorgauravarya sir pakistan minister is saying republic channel is Raw funded channel and here in Mumbai bhai and party want too shut down republic channel too do you think any link between pakistan and Mumbai sajesh hai.

ACT Chief Minister ABarrMLA says that more must be done in ACT politics to engage multicultural communities and in partnership with The Greens they will endeavour to do that in this term.
Having a Maori MP as Minister of Conservation is promising in terms of changing the DOC policy of resisting the return of conservation land to Maori and in terms of recognising Maori environmental leadership. Congratulations KiriAllan.

France Church Attack: French Interior Minister says attacker came to Nice 'to kill'.
Arjunsampath Request! Save Hindu Girls!support HJS signature campaign! Namaskar today Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is conducting online protest and memorandum submission to the Union Minister urging the Government to make stringent laws to stop love jihad.

It seems more and more we have come to expect less and less from the chief minister.
I know there's a lot going on right now but we can't ignore the fact that there is now a song that exists that is credited to "Busta Rhymes ft Minister Louis Farrakhan" this, to me, is what art is all about.

Congratulations EF_Fellows colleague DavidClarkNZ for being named Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs for NewZealand!
Angus Taylor v Clover Moore: WhatsApp messages reveal panic as minister's staff realised figures were wrong - attack a bit messier than wed hoped.
Ironically, BREXIT beat Corbyn twice. Without the Madness and chaos of BREXIT, he probably would be Prime Minister.
The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, has revealed that Ashanti Region alone has recorded countless kidnapping cases in...
Day by day, I saw a lot of donation from people n not from the minister. Bfore pilihan raya, they keep on talking about what can they do for the community but when we are facing with problem they just gone. If you all still vote for them for next PRU. You must be the stupidest>nulb.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission and embedding important attitudinal changes toward crime and justice issues are really significant achievements as Justice Minister. He was a good one.
It is the responsibility of Prime Minister Imran Khan to take practical steps instead of making verbal statements on blasphemy. Asadullah Bhutto.
Ex Prime Minister Rudd, Leon Black & Epst*in.
So, in summary, energy minister Angus Taylor knew the slurs against the Lord Mayor of Sydney were made up but he did nothing to correct the record.
WHO chief in self-quarantine after contact tests positive for Covid19. Other updates: Mexico registers 4,430 new cases Britain's Prince William contracted virus in April Brazil's health minister back in hospital with virus For more.

"The people of Bihar do not expect the Prime Minister to lie. He does not have the dignity needed for the Prime Minister's post," said RJD Vice-President Shivanand Tiwari.
Just inThe DG of the WHO Dr Tedros is now quarantining after close contact with a COVID19 case. Nobody is completely safe if numerous world leaders can get exposed or infected. Ps. Former Belgian Prime Minister was even **hospitalized in ICU** for COVID last week. Shes 45.

Idk about u its extremely insulting to have a federal minister who cant even bother spelling Kuching right.
As many as 90,000 children have enrolled at government schools this year, said Primary Education Minister nimmasuresh.
"If in Italy, Mr. Salvini had remained Minister of the Interior, the 3 beheaded French would still be alive 3/5 nulb " They try to make us believe that it is not possible to prevent migrants from entering, but Salvini did.TrumpHongriePologne do it!

If you were calling for a Royal Commission into News Corp, you would probably want it to look at a journalist and a minister colluding to publish a document about a political opponent containing information that the minister knew was false.

Brandon Pendergrass, 29, youth minister, beloved son, family member and friend, Cutler, IL critically ill with COVID19 on ventilator in the ICU, developed blood clots and renal failure. Wishing for a full recovery for Brandon!

Roadkill: Episode 1, Tonight at 8 on KUAC TV Having just seen off a libel case, UK government minister Peter Laurence faces a pair of family scandals. Could the embarrassment derail his political career?

After SC stay on Maratha quota, minister proposes full fee refund Mumbai News - Times of India.
Including ex-politicians. Whatever happened to the Liberal's sexual harassment investigation of a defeated Alberta M.P. and ex-Cabinet Minister?
The power station in Menihek, Labrador is not functioning due to ice build up. It means folks in Matimekosh and Kawawachikamach have been without power since this morning. Indigenous Affairs minister says a hotel is being made available for those who can make it to Schefferville.

Respected Prime Minister, I suggest the following options to the Government to combat the terror of 'Love Jihad': 1. Uniform Civil Code 2. All inter-faith marriages must be solemnised under Special Marriage Act. 3. Special Law for Love Jihad.

Why is Rahul Gandhi always held accountable and answerable for the duties & obligations not fulfilled by Prime Minister Modi ?
My congratulations to NanaiaMahuta, our countrys first woman Foreign Minister. Its an important time internationally and youll be great.
It's November 02, 2020 at 02:00PM and the current Australian Prime Minister is Scott Morrison.
All of the (undeniable) Islamophobia in the West doesnt come even close to what China is doing to Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. China is a close ally of yours, Mr Prime Minister, so maybe write them a letter instead/as well?

Saddened by the demise of Minister in the Tamil Nadu Government, Thiru R. Doraikkannu. He made noteworthy efforts to serve society and empower the farmers. Condolences to his family and supporters in this sad hour: PM.

NZ socialist govt appoints a gay deputy PM "because it's important for younger New Zealanders that there is a gay Minister so high up in Government.".
Self Goal spotted again . Your former Minister & speaker said that Imran Laden don't even came to meeting and Chief of army bajwa was so scared of india attack , At other hand PM Modi ji was strongly & Aggressively addressing people here about Balakot Airstrike.

Kenya has stopped issuing work permits to immigrants. Listen to their Minister unlike our clowns Kenya protects their jobs for Kenyans.
Liberal Minister of Procurement says revealing hundreds of secret government contracts would threaten Canadian lives.
It was actually referred to as "the Victorian wave".
Mr. Railway Minister please start local train in Bengal ASAP. People are suffering here..
The people of GilgitBaltistan have equal rights of citizenship and granting status of province to GB will bring the people of the area into main stream: Minister for Science and Technology.
Winston Churchill's leadership of the United Kingdom during World War II gave us a number of powerful speeches. Prior to becoming prime minister at age 71, Churchill had carefully studied the art of speechmaking. He believed there were five elements to great oratory.

The Devil's Amongst Us: An unethical temptress devises an arrangement to depose the minister's red hot, straightforward spouse and become first woman.
Defence Industry Minister Melissa4Durack has presided over a handover ceremony at austal headquarters in Henderson, Western Australia, delivering a Guardian Class patrol boat to the Kingdom of Tonga.
The prime minister pledged the Cabinet's commitment to achieving a balance between freedoms and the needs of the national security.
French Prime Minister sounding off tonight: "An enemy has declared war on France... This enemy is known as political and radical Islamism... To fight against this enemy, first it is necessary to clearly identify and name it.".

Greedo is moderate on minister.
Analysts believe one power-move that could help the Muhyiddin keep his head above water, albeit temporarily, is to agree to Umnos demand for a deputy prime minister to be appointed from their ranks.
A joint effort by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and QUICK_PR, this webinar will explore the Japanese equity market under a new Prime Minister, and provide a deeper understanding of the Japanese economy. Learn more.

The flow-on effect from the Governments Connections irrigation project for local communities has been huge, writes Victorias Water Minister LisanevilleMP.
"The Beyond Live of Super Junior is the best concert ever held on the Internet." Korean Minister of Culture.
'GIVING INTO SCIENTIFIC ADVISORS': Boris Johnson is accused by a former leader of his Conservative Party after the UK Prime Minister announced a lockdown for England following weeks of warnings from the experts.

Carmel Sepuloni Minister for Disability Issues. Lots of talk in the disability community around needing a separate Ministry, and frame work for rare disorders too. There is a lot of work needing to be done in that space. Hopefully this term.

Telangana Pillar of Strength for India: Minister KTRS The State's Contribution to the Central kitty was a whopping Rs 2,72,926 crore since 2014. Whereas the Centre has released to Telangana is Rs 1,40,329 crore.

Renaud Muselier, current president of the PACA region, has been a running dog of the CCP since 2002 as minister of the government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, whose appointment formalized the collaboration of the French state with the CCP.

This clown is Australia's minister responsible for tackling climate change -> Angus Taylor v Clover Moore: WhatsApp messages reveal panic as minister's staff realised figures were wrong.
Hi-tech industries, including artificialintelligence machinelearning & cybersecurity are a focus at LotFourteen under the plan for SouthAustralia to become a globally recognised destination for these industries by 2030. Join Minister DavidPisoniMP for the plan launch today.

There are serious concerns another Australian export could be tied up in a trade war with China, after lobsters were held up at a tarmac in China, says Agriculture minister David Littleproud.
"I think I've been incredibly proud of the work we've done to date," says Jason Kenney's Health Minister. That's great Minister. I'm glad you support the chaos you've created. The problem is almost no else I've talked to does.

Going from Buhari to Elrufai will be a major major disaster.. Don't know how we will ever make it out alive as a country. He did well as minister of FCT, so far 5years down the lane as governor he'd performed woefully. Such a disaster don't fit a president.

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For what cheating common people?

Where were this leader at that time?

Sample 1.

Maal paani BJP4India waale de rahe h ki nahi,kyonki laayak toh ho nahi,kisi kaam ke bhi nahi ho,bas bojha uthaya jaa raha h,kisi neta ke ristedaar hoge ya lagua Bhagya,lage raho.

Covid19 toh khatm hogya ??

Percentage of voting matters sir as usual no doubt our Respected PM is star campaigner people's across having immense faith and trust but on the d day states and local issues plays key.

Tum logo ab ye halat ho rush dikhanai bhi mazboori ho gyi hai..ab bhi time hai..kuch kar lo..kabhi congress mukt kartai kartai ..bjp mukt bharat na ho it IT Cell head..

Promote social distancing.

Truth be told Ninth failoffspring of Jungle rule herdinheritedstained wealth from kidnap business & now fake promise to cheat Bihar, Cheat runs in blood of scammerMy Bihar votes for NitishKumar continued development & will disseminate Pidi.

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