Thursday 28th of May 2020

The Scene At The Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct.

The scene at the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct.
Unarmed Black and Brown folks getting tear gassed by the police for protesting the murder of a Black man by the police. Vs. Heavily armed white people being allowed to take over a state capitol because they want haircuts.

Non-violent protesters in Minneapolis: rubber bullets Protesters with an AK-47 & confederate flags: nothing.
Change?.?org: The Minneapolis Police Officers to be charged for murder after killing innocent black man - Sign the Petition!
University of Minnesota just broke a bunch of ties with the Minneapolis Police Department.
Keep in mind the Minneapolis police left their posts at a Minnesota Lynx game because they were upset about the t-shirts the players wore in remembrance of Philando Castile. Just imagine what might be directed at the University of Minnesota now.

LOOTERS ransack shops as Minneapolis descends into chaos after police killing of black man DETAILS.
Thousands Of Protester Took To The Streets Of Minneapolis To Call For Justice For George Floyd, An African American Man Who Was Murdered By A Racist Cop In Uniform.
This man swings an axe multiple times at a NYPD officer this month & they retreated. No arrest. George allegedly wrote a bad check. Murdered. Armaud jogging. Murdered. No trial. Just executed. Presumed guilty. Don't talk to me about looting in Downtown LA or Minneapolis.

"All the officer had to do was just take his foot off his neck and it would've never happened." Hundreds of protesters are demanding JusticeForGeorgeFloyd in Minneapolis. He died after a white police officer kneeled on his neck even after he said, "I can't breathe.".

Why did police in Minneapolis calmly murder a man on camera? A man who was NOT resisting arrest? And was already in handcuffs? There was NO NEED to do what they did. Pressuring the carotid artery to deny blood to the brain for that long? This is sickening & so disturbing. Murder.

What I know is this. Had George Floyd not been lynched in broad daylight by the Minneapolis Police, while he begged for his life, while people begged police to People wouldn't be ransacking Target right now. People have been pushed too far - for too long. Period.

Protesters clash with police in Minneapolis for second night in a row.
Minneapolis right now.
I just want people to know undercover cops have been setting fires across Minneapolis during the protest.
My brother is missing following the Minneapolis protests. Please retweet & share. My family is very worried and distraught.
Deadly shooting near George Floyd protest as looting, arson grip Minneapolis.
: Minneapolis Responds To Police Murder of George Floyd.
White people have been looting for when a football team lost, a baseball team won, a hockey team won and a whole bunch of other stupid shit. Looting is trending because a few people were looting in Minneapolis. People are protesting because innocent lives are.

Minneapolis Releases Names Of 4 Fired Police Officers - WCCO - CBS Minnesota.
Surveillance Footage Shows George Floyd Moments Before Killing, He's Not Resisting.
Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota and North Dakota looking at Minneapolis in Minnesota like.
The people hit target so hard because that target funds the Minneapolis police department. They also denied service to protesters when they needed milk for those who were tear gassed.
Snapchat map of Minneapolis is absolutely insane right now.
Mfs in Minneapolis.
I do believe that the cop in Minneapolis should go to jail for the horrible crime but i also believe it was out of the fact that he had poor training, not from any sort of racism.
BREAKING: Suspected looter reportedly shot dead by pawn shop owner during riots in comes after hours of ongoing mass-rioting and looting in the city.
This is the ONLY GoFundMe for George Floyd, the man killed by Minneapolis cops a couple of days ago, that's confirmed by the family's attorney. All funds will go directly to the family. Please donate if you can, and only to this one.

Andy, you wouldn't dare leave those hellions alone in the apartment. It would look like a tornado or a Minneapolis race riot went through it.
My homeboy who lives in minneapolis caught the whole looting of Target. They goin crazy out there got damm! ? The Mannequin tho ?
If you out Minneapolis I got $150 for a PS4 ??
Breaking: Multiple structures are now engulfed in flames as riots continue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Looting is now widespread in the city, with reports of looting miles away from the original protest location.

Protesters clashed with riot police firing tear gas for a second night in Minneapolis on Wednesday in an outpouring of rage over the death of a black man seen in a widely circulated video growing limp and lifeless as a white officer knelt on his neck.

Petitions to sign: to donate: if you have more links please add them.
Minneapolis police officer at the center of George Floyd's death had been with the department since 2001. During his career, he was the subject of a dozen police conduct complaints; he was never disciplined, records show.

They are still live here.
Riots and looting- never an answer. The destruction of property and especially the looting have nothing to do with justice for the death of Floyd.
The minnesota police force recruited the American Sniper??? he bouta send everyone to the gulag.
2020? It's like something out of the 1960's Good ol' same ol' USA ???????? Minneapolis GeorgeFloyd AhmaudArbery BarackObama MichelleObama - speak up!
The building set on fire at the BLM Minneapolis riot is collapsing now. It looks like the city is just letting fires continue. Firefighters were attacked when they responded to the auto parts store engulfed in flames earlier.

While the riots happened in Minneapolis the police stood in front of the home of the killer protecting him ?
Change?.?org: The Minneapolis Police Officers to be charged for murder after killing innocent black man - Tandatangani Petisi!
Please share the WHOLE story. This 46-year-old man known as the "gentle giant" by his family and friends. A son, brother, father was murdered by four Minneapolis police officers for writing a bad check.

Minneapolis is on fire tonight after second day of protests.
Minneapolis really playing targetcraft right now.
This is minneapolis right now!
: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey calls for police officer involved in George Floyd's arrest to be charged; Floyd died on May 25 after a police officer kneeled on his neck while he was handcuffed on the ground - ABC.

A homeless nigga in minneapolis yesterday vs a homeless nigga in minneapolis today.
>rioters in Minneapolis rn.
Manager of the Minneapolis Target getting ready to clock out for the night.
Just out for a jog in Minneapolis.
Lake Street Minneapolis Footlocker wiped clean.
New Leaked Call of duty warfare map "Minneapolis.".
It's what they deserve! Don't let them twist the narrative. These folks ARE HEROES We stand in Solidarity with Minneapolis. We stand in solidarity with BLACK LIVES.
Just google Minneapolis ? WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!?
Bank is being looted. Rioters are trying to smash open the deposit machines. Notice the graffiti.
Police in Minneapolis fired tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets at protesters demanding justice for George Floyd, a Black man who died a day earlier after officers kneeled on his neck during an arrest.

Sign the petition.
If you hear about anyone being arrested in the protests in Minneapolis, please let me know and we at the Minnesota Freedom Fund will get people bailed out as quickly as we can.
Violence again rocks Minneapolis after man's death; 1 killed (from AP).
For everyone asking why Minneapolis would lead to a big protest on the 101 freeway in downtown LA: there are a LOT of reasons for protesters to be mad at the LAPD, but people are still mad about this incident in boyle heights (TW: police brutality).

If there is one thing I was sure would happen before the night was over in Minneapolis, it was that Andy Ngo would take a video of people responding to a crazy person attacking them with a deadly weapon and edit it to make it look like the attacker was an innocent victim.

We understand that emotions are running high in Minneapolis; however, looting businesses in your community is not the way to bring justice to George Floyd!
Minneapolis MN is fa sho idk about LA tho.
Some context for people who don't live here: Target HQ is in Minneapolis. Lake St. Target, which got looted tonight, is literally Target's experimental site for loss prevention & surveillance policies geared toward poor people. Very few people in the neighborhood like that Target.

What You Really Think

The police are the devil's incarnate.

Black people need to protest with open carry arms.

Walls at.

I will never ever understand Why even racist people exist??? We are all humans, why would the skin colour matter??? Also why is THE POLICE so fckn racist?? It's so.