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Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Mitch Mcconnell

society could collapse and McConnel will still consider the confirmation of judges to the rubble of the burnt out husk of a country the most pressing issue of our time.
A major historian of the Nazis has compared to Hitler enabler Paul von Hindenburg, calls him a "gravedigger of democracy.".
After giving hundreds of billions to Airlines and other big corporations, McConnell insists states should declare bankruptcy. How dare he! is a corrupt, slimy creature of the Washington swap, a grotesque abomination..
Mitch McConnell would rather states file for BANKRUPTCY than give state workers vital aid to fund their pensions. Mitch had no problem giving corporations billions, but unlike corporations, everyday Kentuckians dont have lobbyists..
Maybe a better person to ask would be Mitch McConnell who sits on hundreds of bills he refuses to put up for a vote.Do everybody a favor and resign..
GOP Rep. Pete King also rips McConnells suggestion that states go bankrupt. Calls it shameful and indefensible..
*Mitch McConnell doesnt want to give more money to states hit hard by .*He thinks they should just declare bankruptcy.*Gov. Cuomo calls it one of the saddest, really dumb comments of all time..
And there it is: McConnell announces he wants to use the COVID19 Crisis to force blue states and municipalities into bankruptcy to force elimination of state pensions..
(1,2) With news of essentially telling states like NY and NJ to drop dead, it is time to tell McConnell that his Senate career needs to come to an end. Mitch, your days of leading the Senate are about to die..
Speaker Pelosi just blamed Mitch McConnell for delaying the latest relief package. Seriously? The Speaker literally congratulated Senate Democrats for blocking the bill last week!.
So, the question remains. Why is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dictating what is best for the United States? Why does Mitch McConnell have dictatorial power over the other 49 states in the nation?.
is too ignorant, lazy and malicious to ever be anything but the failure he has always been. We all suffer because of Mitch McConnell..
Lets be clear what Mitch McConnell is saying to our firefighters, EMTs, police officers, teachers and other public servants: youre expendable. This is shameful. We must fight this, and we must win..
Mitch McConnell would rather blue states go bankrupt then help. Why not help to get rid of the invisible enemy instead. Hes a traitor like Trump. Feeling safe with them in charge???? Maybe he has bone spurs..
Senator Mitch McConnell,of Kentucky said states should consider declaring bankruptcy rather than looking to the federal do not have the ability to declare bankruptcy, but McConnell raised the possibility of letting them do so..
Mitch McConnell Warned The American People, He Plans To Block Absolutely Everything If Trump Loses In 2020.
This why we need to support and donate to She will take care of kentuckians! is a washed out greedy lawless satan. Mitch McConnell to states: Drop dead.
Mitch McConnell would rather let states declare bankruptcy than receive more federal aid.
To Senator McConnell:Our states are united.Americas governorsDemocrats and Republicansare demanding help. Firefighters, police, sanitation workers, teachers, and more will be laid off if you ignore them.Stop being political. Wake up to the problem..
Mitch McConnell says he favors allowing states to declare bankruptcy instead of a bailout.
. Mitch McConnell vows to leave no vacancy behind as he plans to confirm more judges beginning May 4th! Hes not going to let a little pandemic get in the way! Hes in it for the long game as he wrote about in his book!.
Mcconnell and the Republicans have no problem bailing out corporations, but think state and local governments (which pay for schools, firefighters, police) should go bankrupt. When they show you who they are, believe them..
With 22 Million Unemployed, Mitch McConnell Abruptly Halts More Coronavirus Aid1 in 3 Americans are struggling to pay their bills, but the Mitch sees no reason to act after he passed tax cuts to millionaires and a $500 billion fund for large corporations..
Mitch McConnell for saying he wants blue states to declare bankruptcy..
This is what Trump will continue to do, at least until he, Mitch McConnell, and Bill Barr figure out how to open re-education camps..
After giving hundreds of billions to Airlines and other big corporations, McConnell insists states should declare bankruptcy. How dare he! senatemajldr is a corrupt, slimy creature of the Washington swap, a grotesque abomination..
What Mitch McConnell Really Meant When He Said Hes Going to Screw Over the States.
Mitch McConnell Floats Creating Bankruptcy Process for States.
Mcconnell thinks its okay for Democratic states to go bankrupt by not receiving anymore federal funds. However not even his own party members are laughing at this last suggestion.
mitch mcconnell literally.
McConnells plan to let "blue states" go bankrupt is getting slammed from within his own party..
Some states would rather see Mitch croak from Coronavirus than get re-elected!.
Mitch McConnell would rather let states declare bankruptcy than receive more federal aid - CBS News.
Right now, it sure looks like Mitch McConnell just wants the country to burn, writes.
Thanks to Mitch McConnell for telling New Yorkers and other American citizens in blue states to drop dead from coronavirus. Isnt it good to know that if youre not in a red state, then the GOP thinks youre valueless. Maybe then, we dont need to send the feds our taxes..
A leading world economist looks at the US and sees a 3rd world country: If you leave it to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell we will have a Great Depression. If we had the right policy structure in place we could avoid it easily..
Mitch McConnell has to GO. He is an abhorrent human..
State and local finances are a disaster. Mitch McConnell thinks bankruptcy is a solution..
Nancy Pelosi this morning: "Mitch McConnell likes to say that we delayed the bill. No, he delayed the he was the one wasting time."Pelosi two days ago admitted that she was the hold up for more funding for the .Pelosi cant rewrite history..
"Its politically repugnant," says about leader McConnell suggesting bankruptcy, not more federal money, might be best for state and local governmentsvia.
Mitch McConnell will have to walk back his comment about states bankruptcies from Kentucky to Washington the Capital of WALKBACKS..
And while Im hardly a Peter King fan, this headline made me spit liquid beverage across the desk..
Mitch McConnell will rot in hell for ignoring what Robert S. Mueller III told the nation and refusing to remove this traitor from office. Mueller and his colleagues did their level best only to be betrayed.We now sit hoping for an unredacted report..
.Am I the only one picturing Mitch McConnell jumping up and down with joy at the loss of nursing home residents to Covid-19? Less people on Social Security and Medicaid the less people who would be irate when he cuts it again..
Mitch McConnells Kentucky ranks 44th in health care and 38th in education, which along with lower showings in fiscal stability and the economy, sank the states ranking into the lower third. Only 14 percent of Kentuckians 25 or older have a bachelors degree..
Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, said states should consider declaring bankruptcy. Unemployment is set to soar again. The discovery of an early death rewrote the timeline of the outbreak..
: Look at the language of Mitch McConnell: Im not bailing out blue states, they should go bankrupt. Really? Really? How insecure is he in his own race in Kentucky to have to resort to that pathetic language?.
How Mitch McConnell Became Trumps Enabler-in-Chief.
GOP Rep. Pete King Shreds Marie Antoinette Mitch McConnells Bankruptcy Plan - HuffPost.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he favors allowing states to access bankruptcy protection over giving them more federal aid in midst of coronavirus pandemic.
Shit. Mitch McConnell is still alive..
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday blasted as completely and utterly irresponsible Mitch McConnells suggestion that states facing financial disaster during the coronavirus pandemic declare bankruptcy rather than rely on federal assistance.
GOP Rep. Pete King Shreds Marie Antoinette Mitch McConnells Bankruptcy Plan.

What You Really Think

CBS has absolutely zero credibility as a news source..

Better yet ... expose their deficit before the corona and have them be responsible for the sameNO FREE and then help them for pandemic related..

Sure hope his family has to declare bankruptcy and loses everything. Would serve Moscow Mitch and his thieving witch, wife, right..

26 Trillion in debt at the Fed level. USA is in the bottom 10 of Debt:GDP in the world. We need responsible governance! It has been 25+ years of governance with Pols being solely focused on being re-elected as opposed to ensuring a strong functional enduring country/state..