Thursday 13th of May 2021

People Aged 40 to 44 Now Eligible For Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines.

Social Media Says

regulators calling Pfizer Moderna provide additional data related companies COVID vaccines potential link heart inflammation. TheDefender: SUBSCRIBE TODAY-->.
cdcgov us_fda generaldynamics appear adding jnjnews side effect reports into VAERS database quickly possible While delaying publication reports about pfizer moderna_tx vaccines. proof data.

developed Moderna covid vaccine KizzyPhD will TheLastWord vaccination special Wednesday 10pm. (President Biden will first word.).
Moderna says early data shows Covid vaccine effective teens
Vote Kizzy 2021 "Service America" Finalists. Co-Inventor Moderna's COVID19 Vaccine VOTE every single through July 2nd.
Will remove pandemic health orders, except those nursing homes assisted living facilities, June This will give anyone vaccinated time one-shot vaccine first dose Pfizer/Moderna well immunity.

We did not need Moderna...even Sputnik V, SinoVaccine or Covishield would have been enough. & of-course the central govt ceded every reponsbilities to the state (even where they dont have jurisdiction) and just did nothing.

sellers over social media tonight BILL GATES very busy selling LIE.
Huh? second Moderna dose February
surprising. Same thing when they stopped using evaluate clots didn't stop evaluate Pfizer Moderna with similar worse numbers. Push, push, push those mRNA vaxes that have long-term study data.

both shots. Pfizer. whoop, just sore that went away within day. moderna, developed grade temp, after day. taking vaccine doing your part.

allergic both. Moderna shot problems other than common mild side effects (fatigue slight fever).
second took down days. Pain much worse injection site swelled became hard. energy, headache just slept. Just lots water, acetaminophen rest anything crops well, team Moderna! XD.

Moderna testing version COVID19 vaccine that wouldnt require ultra-cold storage. Learn more from TIMEHealth here.
Dear Roy, 1) realize that global vaccine production April 2021 stood ~1.5Bn doses/yr? 2) know that pfizer moderna_tx have been unable fulfil European commitments till date. 3) know nobody else capacity could use?

p.m., there will mobile vaccine clinic Isla Vista Embarcadero Mar. clinic will providing doses Moderna vaccine, will return June administer second doses.

sneak first dose Moderna today! Feels good home stretch this virus.
"Pfizer states Moderna efficiency.. really ? And Pfizer 0.71% Moderna 1.1%... would still jab? What does really means?" Absolute versus relative risk explained.

imagine chaos vaccine buying states Maharashtra negotiation million Moderna vaccines. Suddenly Moderna gets call Tamilnadu, Andhra then Karnataka within hours. Imagine sellers delight such fragmented buying India!(contd).

Calling SaintJohn residents have availability Moderna COVID-19 vaccination clinic happening Friday, clinics appointment only. Book your spot here.
around neck just case crowding longer face outdoors thanks God. CDCgov NIAIDNews CIDRAP GetVaccinated everyone else please. (First shot Moderna late April.).

Been SCREAMING this, they only want mRNA vaccines available to public!
Moderna... Company NEVER Made Safe, Effective Vaccine Before Tied Billionaire Pedophile Bill Gates. Throw That Junk Sea.
Finally PrannoyRoyNDTV please stop kite flying with such statements which make practical sense just serve create confusion. You need responsible bringing truth here without conjecture. Also waiting first dose .

keep repeating vaccine about money this biological process which done delicately takes time. If money could solve XiJinping would gift India world millions doses become global hero.

Because economic "formula" Biotech M-C(MP L)...P...C-M, please, "non-profit" vaccines Cuba* AstraZeneca Moderna. Public vaccines, "fake" non-profit. Fantastic Science behind these vaccines, good fair clear...*under embargo.

<-- Moderna kick butt nearly two. Slept lot. Didn't have fever felt like cold coming sore which didn't happen during first.
know making Covaxin even tougher with only BSL4 Labs global similar facilities India slow arduous process speed up. 7) know this zero error process merely creating pressure without logical solutions counterreactive .

case have haven't been vaccinated yet, 'green book' guidance been updated again including advice Pfizer Moderna vaccines. The mssocietyuk good summary it..
President realDonaldTrump announces that Moderna vaccine entered Phase Three clinical trial "record time,"
moderna. depends which direction wind blowing that
Moderna announces million doses their COVID-19 vaccine Australia this looks like vaccine have.
find this mysterious research! Moderna refuses disclose their research.
Australia secured million doses Moderna coronavirus vaccine after deal struck between federal government pharmaceutical giant.
problem with sore Dave did. both received Moderna vaccination well.
These Magnetic Moderna Mami's think shit sweet.
Moderna Delivers More News.
only 1000Mn doses need expansion capacities which underway. 5) line covishield "Growing human kidney cells AstraZeneca process takes eight weeks. virus takes then days replicate inside these cells.".

Moderna says million COVID vaccine doses bound Australia, doesn't have approval yet.
Morning mail: Gaza Strip violence, Moderna Australia, internet comedy gold.
Pfizer Moderna even delivered their friend Canada. Know family work health waiting their jabs. This propaganda ONLY fulfill Terms pay-checks they receive. will that doses air.

Leading nation re-opening?!!! WTF? just read report yesterday that said pace last state nation fully re-open!!! Nice try.
Good morning, early birds. government made deal receive million doses Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, Josh Frydenberg drawn election battlelines with Labor over $130b phase three cuts. It's news need know.

Health orders (other than those nursing homes, assisted living facilities) will lifted weeks thats June Governor says will give people chance Johnson Johnson dose shot first dose Pfizer/Moderna, example.

Also first shot Moderna Vaccine today greeting from Germany take care Jake Water.
Pfizer vaccine /HAS/ cleared Phase clinical trials. Moderna. AstraZeneca. idea these vaccines havent finished their trials Fake News. standard practice safety monitoring continue post-approval. That doesnt mean trials havent completed.

Ontario, Canada suspends AstraZeneca. experiment, they still unsure what extend short term adverse effects guess work what medium long term adverse effects will be.

Just joined club Moderna.
Also news have clearly protected Pfizer Moderna over J&J, least European media.
still recovering from second Moderna from last Thursday. Holy smokes. this indication body would have been taken over COVID, glad shot.
Chief Medical Officer Canada's highest pop. province banned Astra after 850k rare blood clot. admitting: you're better risking COVID then risking 8/850,000 chance backfire. dangerous COVID again?

refusing COVID19Vaccination know that prevent nano trackers from getting your body when around vaccinated people have wear mask wash them your hands hourly? Keep yourself safe from Pfizer moderna infected people!

Moderna says signed deal with Australia million COVID vaccine doses. word from government (Scott Morrison just wasnt asked about it).
Here's financed Chinese research into coronavirus genetic engineering. also holds patent inputs Moderna vaccine. name Anthony Fauci, biggest liar government. still listening him?

Given profholden called paying obscene prices accelerate vaccine procurement, should address this GregDore2. governments vaccine strategy relies critically doses Pfizer Moderna arriving this year. Without that, totally screwed.

Want your first dose Moderna vaccine TODAY? Like right now! Eligible your dose? Waukesha Community Vaccination Clinic vaccine available anyone come served. Waukesha Expo Center, 1000 Northview Waukesha. Arrive pm!

COVID changing? busy weeks update with increasing rates- milder disease side effects Moderna change incidence methodology mins.
Since took shots with Moderna entries?
confirm side effects Moderna hope relief.
Got my second shot of Moderna.
Ironically, both Pfizer Moderna have more reports blood clots governments vaccine adverse event reporting system.
Moderna Announces Supply Agreement with Australia Million Doses COVID-19 Vaccine.
Stella Kyriakides signed Moderna deal with which quite advantageous company (does have guarantee binding effectiveness "vaccines" does have prove safety itself) same some pharma millions.

were grateful chance visit moderna_tx's Norwood facility today learn more about their work with innovative mRNA technology that production their COVID-19 vaccine incredibly short period time.

Moderna says signed deal with Australia supply doses Covid vaccine.

What You Really Think

People with disabilities whose health would be severely compromised with covid need to be made a priority. This rollout has completely ignored this group, hugely unfair!

I am a physiotherapist working in a private clinic. My friends over 40 working from home are getting the vaccine before me. This doesn't make sense. People working in banks, grocery stores, other clinics and me should get vaccine as priority. Please give me the vaccine.

Yay I guess? I still havent been able to book my mom (52) for a vaccine shot because the mount uniacke pharmacy has no new bookings and she cant leave the town so we are currently SOL. :/.

How about fully vaccinate Frontline Healthcare workers.

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