Monday 14th of June 2021

Morata After Miss Against Sweden.

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Morata after miss against Sweden.
RESULT Morata fires wide; Gerard Moreno denied Berg scoops over from close range; Isak effort deflected off upright Fair result?
Morata still running the beta version of iWerner.
Perfect player club. Team with Ramsey JMedical.
Honestly watch Juve players like Morata,Bentancur, Szcezny more Ronaldo ruins Juventus.
Timo Werner there missing both Goal king better strikers Miss King distant brother, Morata never striker..
" Rodri will control midfield while Morata will handle the attack ".
Too bad man. Ill still pick morata above others.
Alvaro Morata Highlights Suecia BEST Striker EVER??? David Villa? Welcome Real Valladolid.
Very happy Morata is not Aspas or we would be looosing!
Spain struggling front? Alvaro Morata goals Spain: 19 Sergio Ramos goals Spain: Thats say.
Morata: No one wastes chances like me. Berg: Hold my beer.
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Werner watching morata.
Morata wearing David Villa's number ffs, they might well burn live
Morata when he gets in front of the goal.
morata hilarious.
There time that smart thing these streets that Morata more intelligent than Lukaku. disagreed, then modern football left behind support national team.

Alvaro Morata against SWE. Best skills and tricks.
Morata actually makes Werner look like best striker world. least Werner miss chance, starts running more more it's Morata, it's good night, he's done, just him.
Marina told Atletico Madrid that Morata reformed goal scorer sold them PS60M
Thats the Morata we all know.
sure Morata been watching Timo Werner's videos don't understand managed miss that chance.
Morata good until joined Chelsea. Werner striker until also joined Chelsea. hope Erling Haaland watching.
Shouts to betway_gh Im stocking my fridge tonight! Thank you Morata BetwayAt5 V.
want know what Cristiano Ronaldo goes through Juve look Demiral,Sczesny Morata gotta feel him.
Morata nothing!!!
Morata watching videos of Werner? Huh e check like you no know Morata. So he dey.
Turns Kurt Zouma better finisher than both Morata Werner.
Morata just twin brother Timo Werner. Missing sitters their daily food.
Morata long lost twin brother Timo Werner.
Luis Enrique: "The work coach help players, protect them. very happy with fans chanted Morata's name, like feel loved. Alvaro played very good game, others chances too. nice whistled.".

Morata tortured never forget those days. least Werner assist, works hard actually likable.
From David Villa Alvaro Morata what downgrade.
Lindelof pocket Miss Morata
Chelsea have ruined more Strikers careers than they have Trophies. Look Morata Werner.
Eiii what miss inspired Morata.
Imagine Timo Werner Morata same team.
earth morata scammed career playing Real Madrid, Atletico, Chelsea Juventus.
least McKennie named Best Player Tournament CONCACAF Nations League. Morata missed total sitter, just liked many Juve matches this year.
Nah man that Morata miss gave me PTSD.
Morata trying score goal.
Guarantee Arsenal signed Morata PS50M 2017, he'd still club right now.
will waste energy that agree fine Werner better than Morata even miss chance offer something different apart from goals unlike Morata .***.
Even off the field Morata did not hit the target.
Chelsea spoil Players Just look Morata tue.
remain baffled Morata their main striker. Least ruthless think striker.
Spain nkwasia team ruff aaah. whole country like Spain Morata your striker coach.
Morata Spain version Timo.
came full circle CGtwelve_.
Morata doing best Werner impression.
hate morata such santrafor cost 1000 euro bet.
Another Bayern reject. should have bought like years now...
Honestly watch Juve players like Morata Szcezny more Ronaldo ruined Juventus.
Morata trending? what miss.
New CHURRRRRRRROS y Tacticas Podcast! - Stereotypical Lucho game - Starting XI - Morata - Llorente - Encouraging signs - Subs - Adjustments - Much more. For access: .
Allegri thinks Morata score goals that Ronaldo scores they verge renewing Morata mess striker.
Morata offside goal bingo for tonight? Im going minute 44.
Alvaro morata fucking wank tonight Spain were fucking shocking some team from David Villa Nino Alvaro Morata Gerard Moreno.
blame Chelsea Morata played today.
this rate CR7RapRhymes will before Morata scores goal.
Should have had 2 pre assist if not for morata and Olmo.
Chelsea fans pissed. signed Shevchenko, Pizzaro, Santo, Sturridge, Torres, Lukaku, Bamford, Demba Eto, Remy, Falcao, Pato, Morata, Crespo, Batshuayi Flopped Nicely Salah, KDB, Quaresma Cuadrado honorable mentions.

Who can miss this ? a. Morata b. Werner c. Torres d. Yakubu Ayigbeni e. None.
Spain were inept that half looked completely toothless until Thiago came that miss from Morata first half? Absolutely hopeless.
But some niqqas get fine shoddies lyk dat ... bigs ups brodas.
Morata Timo Werner when they meet holiday after euros.
Pls look up farce footballer read about that guy and find the difference between him and alvaro morata.
thing missing from their team striker cause Morata isnt gonna give tons goals.
dont know mind Morata pretty good then thing with Spain strikers they arent given long enough team, they dont impress straight away they rotate which also isnt good rest team.

Nobody: Werner After Morata missed.
Werner watching Morata missing open chances Spain like.
Timo Werner watching Morata play.
Werner Morata when Spain Germany meet the.
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What You Really Think

Reminds me of his time in London.

Werner taking notes.

You could have posted Messi's picture. After all, Barcelona is in Spain..

Still better than timo Werner.

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