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Wednesday 15th of April 2020


toni morrison when interviewers asked her why all of her books were about black people.
The fix is in! Although Duttons Border Force is jointly responsible with NSW for Ruby Princess debacle, Murdoch maintains his Morrison/Dutton protection racket. Gladys takes the hit instead. Very subtle, boys. Dutton, the border-security tough man, stays in Witness Protection..
The is a calamitous debacle that has had real, horrendous impacts on the public health of all Australians.The one boat Scott Morrison didnt stop is now shutting down our hospitals and hes trying to pretend like its not a problem.A thread.
For a man generally happy to dodge responsibility by saying its a state issue, Morrisons suddenly real keen to weigh in on sending kids to school - which actually *is* a state issue..
Morrison appears to have no understanding of the way public schools work in the current pandemic - schools are using on-line learning but are also open with supervision for those children who need it - they would do the same content as those learning at home. Schools are not shut.
ALP have to start poking Morrison in the eye or the game is.
Time to stop treating Morrison as if he has gravitas & credibility. He doesnt..
If Morrison is so desperate for teachers to go back to work, perhaps he should also consider reviewing his decision for Parliament to remain shut until August. Its pretty hypocritical Morrison to demand teachers go back into a classroom when you wont go back into Parliament..
BLACK PANTHER (2018)Cinematography by Rachel MorrisonDirected by Ryan Coogler.
Was asked: "Why attack Morrison? Hes doing a good job."Despite all the smarmy pressers he is still weaseling away.Billions unaccounted for.No oversight in place yet.No ICAC.Vulnerable "ineligible" workers miss JK and JS programmes.So lets balance this - whats to like?.
Morrison wont permit parliament to sit because of health concerns (so he says, I have my doubts about his motivation) yet he wants kids & teachers back at school?.
A report warning the was ill-prepared for a pandemic and urging the Trump administration to better protect the against a global health crisis was met with silence and even resistance, according to the head of the research center that produced it..
The news articles are there for everyone to readMorrison favoured economy over lives; states forced moderation. Happy medium prevailed.
Anyone now doubt the Morrison Governments plan is herd immunity by stealth?.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued an urgent appeal for parents to send their children back to school..
Morrison says hes worried about parents being forced to choose between their kids education and putting food on the table yet he has abandoned international students and other temporary visa holders, casuals, gig workers, disability support pensioners, carers, homeless people.
Parents should not be worried about their school-aged children missing out on some study amid the coronavirus crisis, says the head of a teachers union..
Morrison monstering Dan Andrews. Instead should go back to work himself! All hes doing is appointing commissions and others to do all the actual work. What a shyster! Tells oldies to stay home, but moves his own into The Lodge with him. Mmmmmm..
It is not the Parliaments job to serve the interests of the Australian Government. Its job is to serve the interests of the Australian people..
Scotty from Marketing didnt give a rats posterior about the education of poor kids when he transferred funding from public to private schools. He as a nerve shaming teachers into risking their lives..
In a video on social media, Scott Morrison says "the education of our children hangs in the balance" as he urges teachers to help keep schools open..
Despite what PM says or what wont say the catastrophe isnt going to go away.The growing list of questions about the one boat Scott Morrison didnt stop, and spread coronavirus across the country from it, cannot go unanswered..
Jim Morrison-Orange County Suite via.
Everything Scott Morrisons Medical Offices tell you to do - just make sure you do the complete opposite. Thats the policy..
Morrison also wants everyone to move on from finding who was accountable for approving passengers from the Ruby Princess to disembark which is now responsible for many deaths and multiple cases & clusters. Would we really trust anything says?.
Calling all GLEEKS! You dont want to miss tonights w/the cast of Glee! Tune in to at 8:00pm for the reunion..
I swore Adam Morrison and Jimmer Ferdette was gonna be walking buckets in the NBA.
correct morrison, im a twitter whore.
Not to be overshadowed by Uhlmann and the I P As call to sacrifice the elderly, Morrison continues to want you to sacrifice your kids and their teachers as well.Hes a bastard..
George, I like your work but I agree with PVO on this one. Same goes for his religion, Morrison uses it to promote how wholesome he is but gets annoyed when people ask if he went to the Hillsong convention on the w/e before shutdown. ?.
the allegedly de-politicised un-ideological statesmanish prime minister has chosen facebook to tell five straight minutes of lies about why he wants to force school-aged kids to absorb the health risks of his economic priorities..
After attacking Trumps coronavirus-related China travel ban as xenophobic, Dems and media have changed tune.
Scott Morrison calls for greater transparency from the UN body.Youre wasting your time, PM.What more does the and UN have to do to prove what lost causes they are? Just defund both and invest the funds into getting Australia cracking again..
pretty extraordinary watching Morrison, who has shut down Parliament, with MPs on full pay hiding at home, begging parents to send their kids to schools, so teachers can get infected, and parents can go back to work and get infected .. can he hear himself?.
Reflecting on Toni Morrison w & Vanessa Willoughby for .Her legacy as a writer and a person is about centering Black women, always. All ways..
New Zealand vs Australia.The Ardern Communist New Zealand approach.The Scott Morrison democratic freedom approach.
Has anybody seen the movie Six degrees of separation? If kids are sent back to school so parents can go to work. The networks of possible exposure that would create are quite incredible. Morrison is pushing the corporate agenda..
A lot of what Mr Reich is saying here about Donald could be said of Scott Morrison too..
Dear 1. Are your kids going back to school, or are they still sick? 2. Will you provide testing to all students and teachers? 3. Education is important, but is it more important than staying alive?.
Morrisons bullshit excuse parents are being forced to choose between putting food on the table & their kids educationreminds me of his bullshit excusewomen who play sport are getting changed in cars or behind treesIts spin.
Herd immunity. When you hear Scott Morrison demanding kids go back to school you know "herd immunity" is his policy.And at same time, listen to an epidemiologist. "When I heard about Britains herd immunity coronavirus plan I thought it was satire.".
Morrison is & continues to be the biggest threat to Australia. His indifference to the deaths & suffering caused by his policies indicative of his contempt for believe that he takes his script from Trump , his spiritual advisors of the same many similarities..
Who is Chris oh wait isnt he that pretend nine news Or at least thats what he calls Morrisons lackey is probably more.
You mean , ( aghast ) .. Morrison comes to us from the permafrost ? A nasty Trump like virus set loose to destroy our planet?Vision of Howard in mad scientist outfit , playing with dishes ...
Photographers with less than 1,000 I want to help you get your work in front of more people.Drop your 4 best photos and retweet..
And he used his kids as the excuse for going to Hawaii. Then used sending THEM to school as the example for keeping schools open and for other parents to keep their kids at school. Morrison has set the rules here!.
So Morrison 1) Shuts down Fed Parl; 2) Excludes from Nat Cabinet; 3) Removes some of our most senior public servants; 4) Appoints s barrister to head enquiry; 5) Shields ; 6) Refuses accountability on ANY matter. at serious risk..
I think its pretty unfair of to implore teachers to open schools. The teachers are working extremely hard to adapt to an uncertain situation. They dont get to make the decision about whether to teach in person or not, the states do..
I think teachers should go back to working in schools when parliament is sitting again:.
Short answer: Fuck NO!!Im not allowing Govt to monitor me 24/7 - everything they do is a clusterfuck! Morrison cant even monitor his own Ministers effectively!Hell, he cant even find Spud!No, no, no via.
Yes my daughter-in-law would like to know that Morrison govt live by the same rule, or order Didnt Morrison say it was a state matter, or has he changed his mind about that again.
Is this just Gladys admitting that asking the NSW Police to investigate the Federal Govt is a waste of timebecause of Morrison and the Pentecostal Mates Group??.
Australia perfected the coronavirus fight, they had the correct balance of business & productivity as well as the lockdown.As for New Zealand we screwed our economy screwed our business, screwed over our people by locking them away.Australia and Scott Morrison I salute.
Morrison you are a disgrace !!! Bogged down? ? Australians have died because of your governments negligence. DIED. Stop the cover up. For once have the backbone to be a leader..
Scott Morrison doesnt care about childrens safety.Dan Andrews does..
We cant even provide basics to hospitals to keep staff safe. Schools are just not considered rationally. Morrison keeps talking in tongues. I dont understand him..
Because its up to the teachers whether schools are open or (or something in between like in Vic). Teachers have no choice either way..
How about every student and teacher Morrison forces back to school has to be tested first.Not but a start..
Until Australian parents can see actual photos or videos of Morrisons children in their school uniforms sitting in a full class of students, we should ignore his demands to re-open schools. Do as I say, not as I do is no way to lead..
Calling all GLEEKS! You dont want to miss tonights with the cast of Glee! Tune in to at 8:00pm for the reunion..
Grant Morrisons Bat Mite is pretty good. The story he came up with as to why a crazy character like that would be around, made me love the character. Also, cant leave out Tom Kings Kiteman. Hell yeah..
The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jimi.
Billie HolidayNina SimoneVan MorrisonKaren CarpenterKate BushPrinceJeff MangumJoanna Newsom.
Can we please now stop with the false praise for Morrison. He has not got our communitys best interests at heart. He will always let us down. Hes not been placed in his role for us. Every single one of his actions requires scrutiny & never matches the headline.
The points to most reasonable arguments regarding Mr Morrison are moot his decisions are via the mirror of his Evangelical beliefs--and protected by the holy blood of I accepted long ago that irrelevancy is my forte-That is no threat to.